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The lovely Carolyn Steyn

Over the last two weeks we have literally seen knitting and crocheting become the new “in thing” around South Africa and everyone wants to do it!

“Why?” you ask – well, because of a lady by the name of Carolyn Steyn.  Carolyn lived in the United States for ten years and in England for five years.  She was nominated as one of the “Most Exciting Women” by the Beverly Hills Sheet in 2004.  In the US she studied at the Beverly Hills Playhouse under acting guru, Milton Katselas, along with fellow students, Kate Hudson, Giovanni Ribisi, Jeffrey Tambor, Tony Danza and Doris Roberts, amongst others.  She had roles in the television series Melrose Place and Babylon 5, and appeared in numerous plays in Los Angeles, such as Harold Pinter’s Betrayal, Private Lives, and Shadowlands.

In South Africa, Carolyn completed a BA (Dramatic Art) Honours at WITS as well as a T.L.S.D. through UNISA, performed for PACT Drama for several years, notably in the production, Poppie Nongena, which ran for an entire year.  Carolyn then joined a local radio station, where she became a familiar voice, reading the news and co-hosting the weekend breakfast show.

Carolyn currently co-hosts a Radio Today show called “Whispers with Carolyn Steyn and Michael de Pinna”.  She also serves as a Patron of the Joburg Ballet, Patron of the Auto & General Theatre on the Square and is a Naledi Theatre Awards judge and ‘Arts Angel’.



To read the full Report, also discussion comments : please click here

Other recent reports : Our Visit to New Generation and A Home of our Own...




 Much to everyone's relief the new offices are getting organised and can function properly! Thank you to the support of KAS Members Knit-a-Square can move forward and work in a professional atmosphere in order to ensure that the squares and other goodies reach the parentless, deprive and vulnerable children of Africa. The appeal raised US$ 2,479 which ensures we have enough rent for the next 3-4 months!

 Getting organised, with plenty of blanket packs ready for the wonderful teams of Gogos to stitch!


This is Blythe who contacted us via Facebook. She is doing an assignment as part of her degree and needs to learn a new skill - she has chosen knitting and sewing, and, we hope that she will be getting a group of friends together to help sew blankets - then join us on a distribution.

Shirley lays out her very first blanket - to sew up! 


David, the maintenance man, kept his promise to wash and buff up the KasVan

- what a star!

David gives the KasVan given special treatment!

To see more the the recent photographs in Sorted in Africa

 please click here !




This challenge is going to take us around the planet whilst reaching great heights & piles of squares - 178,000 to be precise, in order to reach the top of Table Mountain, Cape Town in South Africa!

We are going to need 50 squares for every foot climbed!

Since we left Switzerland last month we have bounced across to Egypt, the USA several times, then India and currently we are in London at 30 St. Mary Axe. This building was instantly nick-named The Gherkin by the public and it has stuck!

30 St Mary Axe from Leadenhall Street.jpg


Here is the link to KAS Reaches Great Heights for Children



We still have a surplus of hats and beanies - they are being sent by contributors who do not receive KasSnippets and therefore are not aware of our stockpile!

However, the good news is that the Hand-Warmers are fast becoming a favourite replacement! Here are some of the pairs recently posted by members

2014-03-22 03.56.29 Variegated Hand warmers (2) Jan's First Handwarmers  Hand warmers in White Gum Wool  Handwarmers 3 Variegated Hand warmers 1st 3 handwarmers  mauve mittens  KAS mittens First handwarmers  March14 Handwarmers Hand-warmers 2 March 2014   Hand Warmers 1-6 Hand Warmers 1 Handwarmers March 2014

The Hand-Warmers are now in the KAS Pattern Book, here are the links :

Knitted Hand-Warmers

Crochet Hand-Warmers

Andrea Palmatier has written a blog about the hand-warmers

Heart Warming Hands

Last night I tucked the boys into bed and casually checked my email, where there was a March KASnippet waiting for me. I began reading about Hobby X and the move to the new office space (YAY!) but the Hand-Warmers stopped me in my tracks. I’ve always thought I needed to send a hat with a batch of squares but there’s been a surplus of hats. The perfect solution is Hand-Warmers! ‘What a fantastic idea’ was my first thought. ‘Think of the possibilities!’ was my second – the colours of the South African flag, a rainbow, adding a flower, adding a butterfly, stripes, a diagonal pattern… the possibilities truly are endless.

To read more of this lovely blog click on KasBlog or you can find it anytime on the menu bar that goes across the Forum.


Dobsonville distribution 18th March 2014   Dobsonville distribution 18th March 2014  

The KASvan was loaded with "67 blankets for a Mandela Day" project !!


 First Knit-a-Square distribution in Transkei ... with the help of my friend Isabel !!


You might also enjoy reading a report from Mama Ntombi Community Projects



Comment from Mama Ntombi : 

One of our faithful partners made up and donated 14 Wonderboxes. She paid a visit to the MNCP project yesterday and said: "Thank you so much for including me in your outing to the Ezinketheni (Matisons) Settlement this morning. I was overwhelmed by seeing all that you do and the love that you give to these poorest of people. It was a truly humbling experience. If the wonder boxes work for them and there is a demand I will gladly make as many as you need." 

Joycle Dlamini demonstrated how the Wonderbox works by explaining and cooking a phutu and chutney dish. The community then tasted the meal cooked in the wonderbox.

The children were on school break so Solomon Qadi, our Community Development Worker did a programme for them as well as for the Teenagers.

To read more please go to KAS Forum Facebook page



The Blanket Room Collection - this years collection is growing rapidly and we have added a large quantity of blankets that Wendy photographed for us!

The most recent batches have been beautifully stitched by Ursula.


The JBay Recycling Project for Children

& Stitch Witch News

The children still collect and bring every week, except during school holidays! This young lad must have something special in mind with his load!

 Another young boy reaches his target and get his much wanted bicycle!

Please click here for more photographs JBay Recycling Project for Children

If you are a member of Facebook, then do check out the Stitch Witch page to view some of their recently created blankets and meeting session.





Pam Johnson & Elaine Jones of the Knit for Life Group, will be reporting very soon on the Inner Wheel National Conference

where they were invited to run a fund-raising Tombola event in early April. The event was attended by 2,000 women - so we should find some extra knitters in our ranks!


 Still to come the 


18th, 19th and 20th July

This year, the show's Woolcraft committee has generously donated a space in the community area for a dedicated 

KasCare Sit-And-Knit!

To read the full discussion Please click here


You can read more about the Sheep and Wool show here:


Or read more about Australian Woolcraft, who manage the community space we will be in, here:


KAS at the Cafe..... literally!

UK member, Heather Mensah was recently travelling in Canada, and was able to meet up with Canadian members Andrea, Anne and Wendy!

To read more of this special occasion, please click here!


April 2014 Challenge - Colour Collision

Lead by Elaine Jones (UK)

This has proved to be a great Spring Time challenge, members have scrambled through their stashes to bring together colours that clash, but somehow, for KAS, they look absolutely stunning! Here are some of the beauties received so far. Please click on the title above to trawl through the challenge itself!
Lizard Ridge colour collision Apr 14 April 2014 - Rainbow Diagonal april squares bright  April - Cro-Knit Square - Canola Field  April 2014 Challenge - scrap yarn square Multicolour granny April 2014: Colour Collision APRIL 2014 CHALLENGE - COLOUR COLLISION    April Challenge: Colour Collision. April14 Diagonal Color Collision Neon Color Collision 10 Squares and a teddy    Colour collision for April  Mitre square Plain Janes
Here are some of the Colour Collision garments!
  Rainbow Go-Over      No sew Go-Over for January - April challenge      Garment and Colour Collision-2 challenges in one !     Jan-April Challenge
The May Challenge - will be Mellow Yellow
lead by Sue Gillman with help and support from Debbie Posmontier (Sue is likely to be in the middle of house moving!)


2014 Challenge Themes

Here is the list for the rest of the year! 


MAY - MELLOW YELLOW - Sunshine, flowers & all things yellow - Sue Gillman





OCTOBER – FAVOURITES – favourite yarn, patterns etc - Gloria Grandy 


DECEMBER - UN-CHALLENGE - time to relax, have fun, and get ready for the holidays - Susan Haines





No-Sew Go Over for January - April challenge April 2014 Challenge Colour Collisison March 2014 Heather's Winter Warmer 35  A few fun squares! KAS Hand-Warmers April 2014

The Square Lists for February and March are now available!


2008 October to 2014 March- KAS has received 684,375 squares ! 

In 6 short years, 19,553 children have been wrapped in warm blankets thanks to the generosity of knitters and crocheters around the world.  [Probably more, because in the early days the baby blankies were not included in the square count!]


In March KAS received 10,289 squares, 526 beanies, and,

321 tops!

Linda has put together a series of graphs comparing 2013 and 2014. In this one you can see the rise & fall of members square output!

Linda will be updating the graphs each month, to see our progress on each graph please check them out on 

2014 Monthly Square List


by Linda Maltby


Framed Stripes square -  knit pattern by Anne Connor (Canada)

When the photo of this blanket appeared on the Square Circle forum it caused quite a stir with knitters.  The search was on to find the maker of these very striking and unique squares. And more importantly, would she share her pattern !!

The mystery was solved and Anne generously agreed to write up her pattern.  We expect to see Framed Stripes squares arriving in South Africa very soon.

The square has an interesting and attractive centre. It also uses up the small balls of yarn sitting at the bottom of your knitting basket.


Anne offers a variation with 3 colours in the striped centre.  Once you have tried the original pattern you might like to try the variation. 


For anyone new to Intarsia knitting, the easiest way to cross the yarn and ensure that there are no holes when changing colours is to take the strand you're knitting with, hold it firmly under the thumb of your left hand & bring the new colour up over it. 

Here is a YouTube demonstration:


The video also explains the use of bobbins. Bobbins are helpful with Intarsia knitting, but not necessary.  

 The Framed Stripes square pattern

is one of the many patterns to be found in

The KAS Pattern Book

If you find another pattern in the book you would like to try,

please do !



Edited this month by Pam Antink

The Square Heart Award for April 2014 is for Maureen (Maudie) Anne Bryan - Tasmania - Australia

Maudie , seen here, promoting her book Wool-Girl and the Balls of Wool


Maudie joined Knit-a-Square in November 2011 and has been a consistent and strong supporter of KAS and its aims of helping the vulnerable children of South Africa. Additionally, she encourages the rest of the membership with positive comments on the Photo tab.

The front cover of Maudie's book

Here are some of the characters featured in the book and other events!

Wool-Girl in a wool ball Wool-Girl and Tweedie go in the sleigh Yarn-Boy hits the jackpot Hiding from MaudieMonday Moment 10 Wool-Girl book launch Monday Moment 8 Monday Moment 17 Monday Moment 20 Hippie-Girl Monday Moment 25 Oceana Girl Lu bakes a Christmas Cake Monday Moment 50 - Yarn-Boy places the deck planks Zep and the Yik Yak Bird Monday Moment 57 - A new cousin for Wool-Girl

As well as developing Wool-Girl, Yarn Boy and a host of other characters, Maudie does create squares and goodies to send to South Africa! Here is a selection :

First squares for the next parcel December squaresSam admires the squares A Bunch of Birds Squares for Africa November square September parcel photo 1 of 2  Happy-Fish checking the sea temperature under a sunny sky. Square with yacht Squares with 10 row stripes

You may also go to Maudie's Page and click 'View All' to see her complete body of work 

Linda Maltby mentioned : Last year I met Maudie in Ottawa when she was visiting her son, daughter-in-law and darling granddaughter. I met Wool Girl and Yarn Boy in person !  She has a table at many fairs in Tasmania, has promoted her books to wool shop and bookstores [a few have taken the books to sell], and a number of other ways in order to sell the books to raise money for KAS. 

Maudie also sends squares for a number of knitting groups in her area.  She is very passionate about KAS.

To read the development story of Wool-Girl please visit Maudie's  Forum Blog 

To read the rest of the award, please click here





Doll-Girl 1 
We have received an additional 140 Likes on the Facebook page so far during March-April taking our total to 7,182 !    We also copy the messages etc received on Facebook to the Forum for anyone who is not a member of FB.


Recently Kerry posed the question : I have a bag of small soft teddies that my 4 year old daughter would like to donate. They are all in excellent condition, as new. [Kerry asked if she could send them with her squares.]
I had explained to her what I was knitting and she was very keen to help out, so I am immensely proud of her sudden decision to give away much loved friends! 
Here is Kerry's daughter with her donated teddies - now packed and on en route to South Africa and another child's arms!


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I had hope to post this edition of KasSnippets over the Easter period, but was staying with my brother Nick in Leominster and only had access to a laptop - which rather got the better of me! Therefore, I had to wait until I returned home to use my trust desktop Mac!!!

Thank you for another great Snippets Pam. The Wonder Box and the Wonder Box story are truly fascinating. What an extra-ordinary idea.

Kerry's daughter's gesture is truly heartfelt. It will be great when Kerry spots a toy in the hands of its new owner.

Maudie :)

Pam I like this idea of giving us all the links and a smattering of photos so we can hop off to the reports that interest us most.  You have probably done this many times however mentally I'm only noticing it now!  :P  I blame it on our long winter!  So much to look at, thanks for so much positivity in one place on one page.  One question...is J-Bay still short of knitted and crocheted teddies for their kids?  Do they get given some from the KAS stash or do we send to them directly?  Just wondering.   

This is a super report. Thanks so much!  A true feast for the eyes.

love, Jeanne

The Stitch Witches held a teddy challenge last year and produced their own for the JBay kiddies Jeanne.  It looks like some of the group are continuing as the 'teddy & knitted dolly box'  refills regularly!  KAS is in Jo'burg which is too far away to supply JBay.  However, I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you sent some direct - best check out their own Facebook page for details.

A great read Pam it must take a lot of effort to this together - thank you x
Wonderful report Pam!! I love seeing the pile of squares with Africa on top! Thanks so much for all your hard work, keeping up with all the many aspects of KAS and putting it together for us!

Tried to access the knitted hand warmers pattern but it says this page cannot be found

Hi Fatima, I think something went wrong and all the patterns had to be re-instated!

Please try this link : http://www.knit-a-square.com/sites/default/files/Knit_Hand_Warmers.pdf

Hopefully it should work from here!

Thanks Pam, did get the pattern now



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