On July 31, Athele was able to go to the Betshabelo Community to distribute blankets.  She and Estelle returned on August 11 to deliver over 70 more to the children.  See and read this incredible discussion here.


 On July 1, Athele drove all the way out to Clarens to distribute lots of blankets.  Not all of the children could make the designated time, so Thomas distributed the leftover blankets at a later date and recently sent KAS the photos.  You can see how happy the children were to be wrapped in KAS warmth.


This month our theme has tempted our taste buds with Freckles, Zoom Ice Lollies, Rhubarb and Custard Sweets, Skittles and Sweet Mice.  If those do not interest you to reach out for some sweets, how about Sherbet Lemon Sweets, Fudge, Turkish Delight, Black Jacks, Rainbow Drops, Gummy Sharks or Liquorice All Sorts.

Out contributors have been making squares and blankets that represent these sweets and more.  

Please look into this discussion here.


Post is arriving from the UK.  Knit for Life has sent ten large boxes filled with goodies.  Karen Gordon and Chris Chiplen both mailed parcels in July and they have arrived.  Please visit this discussion HERE .


   We are so excited that many of you are participating in our Tally Rally.  These are just two blankets that have been added to the tally, and we now have over 7,300 squares accounted for this year.  Some of these squares are on their way to The Barn, too.

Check out the discussion today, and please add your squares to the tally.

July 28, 2020 – Mandela Day and the Soweto Gospel Choir

In the first half, Leanne reports on the effect of COVID-19 in various areas around Gauteng. Ronda reports on six different Mandela Day activities that took place on 18 July. We hear about how the work is continuing during lockdown.

In the second half, Sandy McDonald and Debbie Posmontier share their memories of Knit-a-Square’s partnership with the Soweto Gospel Choir to provide blankets for the children at Nkosi’s Haven in 2010. Many of you will remember this amazing venture, but if you are new to Knit-a-Square, prepare to be delighted and inspired!

August 11, 2020 – Twelve boxes of squares on their way!

In this week’s episode, we hear from Cath Riley of Liverpool, a long-standing member of Knit-a-Square who has used her crocheting skills and community connections to send hundreds of blankets’ worth of squares to South Africa. She chats about her choice of shipping method and describes the process of gathering the squares ahead of dispatch.

We also hear from Vivienne, a volunteer living in Soweto, who talks about her involvement with the children at a local community outreach project and how they are managing during the lockdown with the closure of schools.

Podcast Link


Have you been following the Knit a Square Knit Along?  Well, they are on their 9th square design, Irish Moss Stitch.  Rebecca Price has been hosting this discussion along with the August Theme. She is doing a great job of multi-tasking.  

The contributors that knit are knocking out stunning squares.  Please check out this discussion.  It is never too late to join in the fun and learn a new stitch.


ABC and 123 is our theme for September hosted by Karen Gordon.

Plain Janes (solid colour squares) in paintbox colours, letters, short words, numbers, appliques depicting short words. e.g. dog, cat, fish, car, sun.

The JULY 2020 Squares List is available.


In JULY we recorded 71 parcels containing 4,467 squares,

equal to 127 blankets.


NOTE:  As you will notice in the squares list, we are receiving bundles of squares and other items locally at the moment and some parcels from abroad, but with the post coming through slowly it is a fraction of the normal volume.

You can find the list here.


Is waiting to send your package to The Barn driving you up a tree?

We are happy to report that items from the UK mailed in July have made it to The Barn.

Australia is now able to send items to South Africa by Sea Mail.

Canada has Express Mail available, but it tends to be expensive.  Sea Mail is not an option at this time.

You can check out this website for Canadian updates:

The US still has suspended service. 

Here is the USPS link for updated information:

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Thank you - as ever a newsy and fun synopsis of the month's events.  Great to read!

So good to hear mail is getting through again. Lovely to see pictures from recent distributions too.

I was really excited to send a bundle of goodies last Wednesday (19th Aug). It was the largest parcel I have ever sent, almost 9 kilograms! It contained 8 complete blankets, 47 pairs of hand warmers and 7 hats. I couldn't even lift it when it was wrapped. I had to slide it onto my Mothers walker and take it to the post office that way!

It will probably take some time for it to arrive, but hopefully it will make it before the end of the year (sea mail is rather slow).

What an incredible package.  It must feel good to get it out of your house.

I would have loved to see you pushing your mother's walker loaded down with KAS goodies.

This is a super edition ... again ... Amy!  Thank you for pulling all the latest KAS news together into one spot for us.  How very clever of you to add the video :) ... xo

This is a stunning edition! Love the video and the poem. Thank you so much Amy for all the work and effort you do with passion and love. xo

Another very informative edition of KAS Snippets - thanks!

Thanks for the update on everything and particularly who can mail and who can't at this point in time.  I will compile a package over here in Canada and hope for sea mail to begin again sometime.  Meanwhile I'm delighted to see that our colleagues in other countries are making such marvellous contributions and you are getting squares and blankets again.  Yaaay for all our KAS angels!   Thank you for all that you are doing.  So much love, so needed...thank you!

Thank you Amy for this edition of Snips! I loved the video and I thought your two quotes were so apt for our kind, loving KAS members.



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