Every now and then some of us have the chance for a "meet-up"  This discussion is a place to store memories of these special times.

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Thanks, Mili.  But aren't all blues pretty :)))) ... xo

What a lovely time you all have had in Canada this year. It seems to be the "in" place for 2018.

I'm so pleased that you had good visits Amy and Jude.

What fun it is to meet with KAS sisters!  Always so much to chat about and yarn to share:-)

Oh, my goodness, it's been a long time since we've had news of a KAS sisters get-together!  I can't imagine we've stopped meeting up with each other.  Perhaps we're just too busy talking and forget to take photos??  That's what almost happened when Jude visited me in River John last month!

I was so excited to be getting together with Jude again.  This time, she wanted to meet the River John Square Knitters so she added a trip to River John to her itinerary.  We were thrilled to be able to welcome her to the library on a Friday morning.

Almost as soon as Jude arrived, right after she had presented me with a gift of yarn (no prize for guessing what color ... haha), she was put to work.  We had received a donation of squares without tails, so I'm sure you can guess what Jude is doing here.  She and Doris completed the job in no time!

We had also just the day before received an incredible gift of yarn from Amy!  You can see some of it in the centre of the table.  Thank you, Amy!

It didn't occur to me until after we had all left that I should have had everyone gather on the same side of the table for a group photo ;(  Oh well, here we are - just two different photos.

The RJSK were thrilled to welcome a KAS sister from overseas.  There was the usual chatter and laughs, and we're all hoping she will come back for another visit.

After knitting, Jude and her lovely family came to our humble cottage for lunch.  From there, they were headed for PEI and some Anne of Green Gables research for Chris.

We had to say goodbye much too soon but Jude has promised to come again.

This is Jude - doing a runner before more yarn can be stuffed into her bag ... LOL ... xo

What a lovely illustrated account of this special get together! It sounds like you had fun at the library meeting KAS sisters, chatting, crocheting, yarn and tea / coffee..... what could be nicer? KAS certainly has a way of bringing like-minded people together :))

I will be seeing Jude next week at her Purton KAS fundraiser, so will catch up with her and hear all about her visit to RJSK and PEI........ I’m hoping to visit both next June...... watch this space!

We had a wonderful holiday topped off by visiting the ladies at River John Knitters in the library.  Gloria and Don extended their loving warm welcome to our family including serving a delicious lunch at their holiday cottage but sadly we had to leave all to soon to catch the ferry to PEI (well it got me out of the washing up!).

At PEI I did my research for Chris Chiplen at the Anne of Greengables Heritage Centre, I took loads of photos for Chris to see when she comes to our KAS fundraising event on 26th October.  More photos to follow as we will have Chris Chiplen, Joan Humm and Cath Riley under the same roof! Lol

as Chris said ‘watch this space’. I forgot to mention that we caught up with Val Theroux at a truck stop in Kamloops (Val is one of Bev Jeffreys’ lovely sisters) we did manage 30 minutes with each other, not long enough! I am sure you all understand.

Oh my goodness, I had completely missed this entry. I had 'heard' about it and had seen some photos of Jude's quick visit with my sister.....and now I have the 'complete picture'.

What a fun visit this must have been .......and none of you...including those lovely RJSKs looks a day older.  Is there a fountain of youth in the northern hemisphere that I don't know about???.....lol. If so, please bottle it and send it!

Today was an extremely wet, blustery day, not a day to venture out...... but it was the Purton fund raiser for KAS...... a ‘can’t miss it’ event! So, suitably bribed with the prospect of delicious home made cakes from the cakes stall and a plough man’s lunch and dessert, my son Andrew was happy to drive across the border into England!

The hall was a hive of activity, lots of happy, smiling faces and interesting stalls. we were greeted warmly by Jude and I immediately recognised Cath Riley who had made a much longer journey to be there.

It was lovely to meet and chat with Cath, and see some of her beautiful squares, KAS sisters are so often kindred spirits!

Thank you, Chris, for sharing this lovely account of your meeting.  What a great photo of three special KAS sisters!!!  Hello to you all :))   

It sounds like you had a wonderful time together and by all accounts, a profitable event!  Congratulations and a huge thank you to the Purton ladies for their work on behalf of the children.  Well done, everyone!.  xo

Unfortunately my full account of today was cut short...... so here is the rest.......

The coffee morning was busy, but not too busy for Jude to present Cath with a certificate and bunch of roses to mark her 500 blanket milestone!

Also, Cath was presented with the infamous ‘Perton Perseverance’ cup and medal...... Jude’s fun way of recognising the commitment of the KAS sisters that she meets.

We had a lovely lunch, lots of yarn talk and great purchases from the stalls :))

The weather outside was frightful, but the warmth inside was delightful!

The Purton ladies are a great team, each getting on with their tasks, whilst having fun! The room was full of supporters, and mingling quietly and efficiently.... with a smile and a twinkle in her eye was Jude :))

Thank you Jude and all of the Purton team for the work you do for KAS and enabling others to support KAS in this special way.

I’m sure Jude, in due course, will let us know about today’s fundraising.

Had a wonderful time at the Purton fundraiser today. It was lovely to meet Jude (again), and Chris and her son Andrew, as well as all the other ladies and be able to spend 4 hours talking all things KAS. I was made a fuss of and spoilt and came home with lovely homemade cakes, flowers, a certificate, a medal and a big bag of Aran wool which I can assure you will be put to good use. Thank you Jude and Chris. 

Thank you for all  the support we received at our fundraising today.  KAS sisters visited us and I am delighted to report we have raised so far £939.70.  More donations are promised next week so we have our postage money for next year.  



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