Every now and then some of us have the chance for a "meet-up"  This discussion is a place to store memories of these special times.

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Well the KAS supporters of Purton certainly know how to raise funds, their coffee morning runs like a well oiled machine! Clearly there had been a huge amount of planning and organizing by Louise, Jude and team.

With a variety of stalls that icluded Judes amazing 'guess the number of hands' and her great tombola stall, a bric-a-brac table, a table of nearly new and  new items, a yummy cake stall (Andrew's fabourite stall, Jude had to reserve him Bakewell tarts), a fantastic raffle with so many lovely prizes (I won a beautifully made patchwork bag for my crocheting), and last but not least a name the rabbit competition!

Louise also had interesting display boards about the work of KAS and MNCP with lovely photos of the children in SA, alongside a table of beautifully crafted work ready to be shipped to SA.

A memorable, fun morning but more importantly a successful one for KAS and MNCP :)))


My husband is a saint,....at times.  He indulges me visits with KAS sister on trip, and now that is getting to be a normal trip plan.

When planning our trip this year, we decided to stay on this side of the world.  He was moving back to the US after two years living in the UK.  We were very fortunate to travel to lots of places on the OTHER side of the world.  Something closer to home this year was on the docket.  Neither one of us have done the northeastern seaboard, so we thought we might catch some fall foliage a some light houses.

I had visited Chris Chiplen in 2016, Sharon B in 2017, now I was planning on visiting Gloria Grandy and the RJSK  ladies.in 2018.  Visiting KAS sisters if just a great time filled with laughter, stories and, of course working on a KAS project.

Nova Scotia Canada, Maine and Boston here we come.

We landed on Gloria's doorstep in Dartmouth, NS, and were greeted by Gloria and Don on the front porch.  Of course the ladies giggled and laughed, while the men shook hands and did their thing.

We sat down and visited for awhile, took a walk on the boardwalk, sat down, again, for fabulous chili and then I got to work learning TC from Glo.  Boy can we talk while we work. The men stayed on the porch as it was a spectacular day outside and visited about their jobs and travels.

This is us representing this month's theme Beside the Seaside.

Richard and I hopped in the car with fond memories and stories to share, then headed to spend the night in a railcar in Tatamagouche, NS. This is right near River John.  Quite cozy and very close to the RJSK meeting place, the River John library.

First stop in the morning was the Lismore Sheep Farm, a very big supporter of the RJSK.  We bought lovely wool, from their very own sheep, incredible handcrafted birch wood crochet hooks and other gifts.  We got to go to a barn and pet little fluffy lambs.  Richard, in his very younger days, judge lambs and wool for 4H, got a kick at this.

I arrived at the River John library a little late, but the ladies could not have been more welcoming.  I was greeted with love and lots of questions.  Everyone in the room was working on some sort of project, whether it be squares or items that they sell to raise funds for postage.  Did you know that in 4 1/2 years this group has sent over 12,000 squares to SA? That is a lot of fundraising.  They had sandwiches and snacks for me, too.  (Yes, we drove away with the tray and snacked on it all the way to Maine).

Some ladies are just there is the summer months, others drive through from summer houses to winter houses and drop off their squares, and others live this this lovely town.  We met on Friday and Joan (red long sleeve top) had just become a great-grandmother for the third time (if I remember right) that Wednesday. 

There were two large boxes of donated yarn in the meeting room.  I donated some to the cause and of course walked out with some, too.

Other than sharing funny stories, and information about KAS, I learned some very interesting and new terminology for selling items at craft fairs.  Know your customers.....our KAS hand-warmers...for the younger crowd, call them texting gloves...for the older ladies, call them clothesline gloves.  I am sure there are other names we could come up with, also.

Precious Gwen is taking this photo, and some of the ladies had already left. 

All these ladies have hearts of gold and a true passion to help keep the children warm in SA. I will always remember my time in Nova Scotia with fondness, and all these ladies hold a very special place in my heart.  

Richard picked me up at noon, and we headed of to Maine....to spend time by the seaside.

Aww, what a lovely, lovely time you have had, Amy. So nice to see you all.  :))

My goodness, how time does fly. It seems like only yesterday that I had read on the forum 'somewhere' that he was headed to the UK for work. 

Amy, what a lovely account of our visit!  We really did have a fabulous time ... laughing, talking, TC-ing, talking, eating, talking, walking, and talking.  You're right!  We do talk a lot :))  Such a lot of happy memories ...

I agree that the RJSK ladies are fabulous!  It was reported that they thought you were pretty fabulous, too :)))

I meant to tell you before you left to grab some of the eyelash/novelty yarn from the box in the corner at the library.  I hope you did.  If not, I'll dig through it on my next trip up and send you some for your stuffed animals ... haha

Amy..thats a lovely report! Thankyou for coming, spending a few hours with us. It WAS a fun morning we will all remember. Thankyou for the kind words also for the yarn you donated. The yarn I took home is used up!! Do come again.
Gwen...from RJSKnitters.

Thank you for sharing your visit with us Amy, it sounds like you and your  KAS sisters in Nova Scotia had a great time. 

I think back fondly to meeting you and Richard in 2016, I'm sure Glo and the River John ladies will have fond memories of your visit too. 

Thanks for the great description of your visit to NS.  I almost feel like I was part of it.

Several years ago, my daughter Wendy, her family and another couple rented a farmhouse in NS for their vacation, near Tatamgouche, I think.  Of course a visit to Lismore Sheep Farm was on the agenda.  The kids loved the animals and Wendy brought home heaps of Lismore yarn which is now turned into squares and warming some kids in SA.

Can we persuade you to consider a trip to central Canada next year? Toronto is a fun city with lots to do,  Niagara Falls is not far away, and our capital Ottawa is only about 4 hours away. There is a possibility that Jude and John will be in Toronto about this time next year. What fun if we could have a meet up.

What a lovely report Amy I was so sorry to have missed you but it was lovely to meet you on Skype in Gloria's lounge!  I had such a brilliant time at Gloria's Anne telephoned me, met you through Skype and I had already been to the Market and bought Glo some blue wool from the Lismore Wool stall, result all round.

We hope to be in Canada again next September if we could all meet for a KAS meeting it would be great you all know the routine, laughing, talking, eating a bit of crochet endlessly laughing I will of course bring some eyelash wool although some people didn't seem to need it! lol xxxxx

This September brought a bumper crop of KAS sisters to my door! After Amy and I had our incredible day together, I was privileged to welcome Jude to my side of the pond :)))

On Saturday morning, I greeted this lovely lady at my door. My morning drink of preference is coffee, but Jude’s is black tea. Oh dear, you may think … glo does not buy black tea!  Not to worry.  On the shelf beside my kettle was an envelope that had been mailed to me earlier from the UK with two teabags inside. Jude thinks ahead :)))

After tea, coffee, and muffins, we settled in to chat. And chat we did.  If you have ever wondered what a couple of KAS crafters would find to talk about, I’m here to tell you there is never a lapse in conversation … except for intermittent giggles and lots of laughter.

We exchanged ‘gifts’ … betcha can’t guess what they were ;)  I know Jude to be extremely thoughtful in all she does, which is why I was so surprised when she pulled out an angel she was making for me. I was horrified to see that it was … wait for it … yup! … pink!!!!! Oh well, even I was forced to admit that this particular little angel is adorable.  She more than made up for that, though, with all the gorgeous blue yarn she brought me!

I had been asked to call Anne in ON so Jude could ‘meet’ her. From the l-o-n-g conversation they had, it seemed they must have known each other for years!

When Anne hung up, Amy Skyped in and she and Jude had another one of those “it feels like I’ve known you for years” conversations. That’s just the way it is when KASsisters meet.

Much too soon, John arrived to take Jude away from me. However, two things happened that were extra-wonderful.  

One … she told me she is planning to come again next year.

Two … she took the eyelash yarn home with her! Thanks, Jude … tee hee hee … xo

Wonderful to read and see all these goings on.  Love your hat, Jude.  Glo, do you really wear blue all the time?

Oh no, Mili!  Only when I'm not sleeping ... or when I'm not awake ... hahaha ... xo

It is a very pretty colour of blue.



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