The Knit-a-square program has inspired volunteers in more than 60 countries to knit and crochet more than 1.5 million blanket squares, hats, hand-warmers and toys. Your efforts are helping to keep the children warm but to keep this operation running every day, we need to extend your love and support.

Your donations are the backbone of financial support for the operations on the ground in South Africa, making it possible for them to continue.

Whether it's helping to pay the rent, a stipend for the gogos to sew blankets, fuel for the KasVan or to cover postal charges of $3.75 US per parcel, you make it possible to keep striving toward warming and comforting the children.

Our goal is to remove the monthly deficit that Ronda and her team have to deal with.

You can:

1. Make a donation whenever you are able.

2. Sign up for an ongoing monthly donation (subscription).

3. Shop at the KasShop!

Please follow this discussion for monthly updates, current financial reports and ideas on what we can all do to help.

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Welcome to the KAS Finances discussion for 2019! Kicking things off with a bang, here is the KasShop report for January.

The shop figures were $522.55. I'm happy to report that $122.53 of this month's taking has been allocated for yarn! The Pay the Customs Fee item also continues to be a big hit. I'm glad we can help ease the financial burden Ronda feels every time she has make a pick up from the post office.

Andrea, thank you for the updates you have posted in this discussion.

One of the easiest thing we can do to support our team in South Africa is to sign up for a monthly subscription (see square at top of right hand side bar on every page) By donating even a small amount each month, we can give KAS financial stability and allow Ronda to budget for the coming months. It is so simple... just sign up and forget it, and once a month you receive a notice by email that your payment has been made.

It is also very exciting to see our KAS Shop doing so well. Purchases from the Shop help to make up the difference between the ongoing subscriptions and what Ronda needs to keep us going each month. Whether it's a KAS item like Pay the Rent, or a Personal item like a mug or a set of note cards, it's all the same - 100% of the proceeds from the Shop go directly to supporting KAS.

Speaking of the KAS Shop - we have some new items slated to appear over the next few months, so keep checking in.

We are also always looking for new ideas for things that you would like to see in the Shop. Whether it's an idea for a KAS item or a Personal item, we can produce almost anything you think might appeal to our members, as long as it's a 'downloadable' product.

Please post any ideas you might have in this discussion. We are anxious to stock our shelves with new items.

Andrea, thank you for starting 'afresh' in 2019 and giving us an update on January so promptly.

WONDERFUL to see the shop so well supported in January, when many may have felt the 'Christmas crunch'.

Well done Everyone!!


Every month, Ronda faces several non-optional expenses like rent, customs charges, and fuel for the

KASvan and she needs to know these are covered so she can balance the budget.

Even a small subscription like $5 per month makes a huge difference in her planning and gives

financial stability to our operations in South Africa.

If you are able, please consider subscribing to an ongoing monthly donation.  While it may seem

like a drop in the ocean, it makes a huge difference in our ability to keep wrapping

our blankets around vulnerable children.

A great reminder, Anne.  Thank you!  If each of us does a little bit, together we will accomplish a whole lot ... xo

So true, Glo.

I posted a photo of the 'drop in the ocean' in the Photo section to remind readers of this discussion.

Arlene Guerin posted under the photo "Maybe our monthly donations could be increased by a few dollars? If we all increased our donation by a little bit, it could make a big difference too ! How about a "Two Dollar Challenge" - everyone try to increase their donation by $2 ? "

What a great suggestion, Arlene. You are correct - if every $5 subscription was increased even a little bit, it would make a huge difference.

The financials have been updated above. That pesky red line has crept above the blue, but only slightly. Hopefully future efforts will pay off and beat out the red line for the rest of the year!

A note from Ronda:

"The bank balance is maintaining well, around the R100,000 mark.

Our gratitude to everyone contributing.

I received an email from Anne Powell about her good suggestion to contributors to up their monthly automatic payment schedules by USD2.00 !

It seems to be a popular suggestion and is working well, please thank her from us.

It does make me a tad nervous when people make changes at Paypal – we have had several contributors kicked out as you know, for no apparent reason, and it takes ages to sort out…

…However, perhaps I should not be alarmist, it seems to be working so far, and we are most grateful to everyone for their ongoing generosity and willingness to keep things going well in SA.

They are our life blood !!

Just one thing …

I don’t think Leanne will be able to write to everyone who is going along with Anne’s suggestion. She normally writes thank you letters for individual payments, and at the establishment of new automatic payment schedules, but in this case it may be difficult for her to find time. She is also struggling with a bad cold this week so will not want to be sitting at her computer."

I've emailed Ronda to tell her not to worry about Leanne sending emails and that Anne has been great at thanking everyone as they increase their subscriptions.

In addition to the monthly financial updates, I've started to track the breakdown of expenses. Here is the breakdown for January.

Andrea I've just taken the  $2 challenge and upped my regular donation. I'm glad it  is a hit with the supporters. I had a long chat with my mum and sister in law re KAS today explaining I'd rather send fewer parcels and larger donations. They were HORRIFIED by the postal charges. My mother is champing at the bit to send out teddies and needs squares to hide them in the parcels... I will get her the squares soon.

Thank you for joining the $2 challenge, Mary!  I have posted your response here

Thanks for the pie chart, Andrea. It puts things in perspective  I find myself wondering what 'volunteer expenses' and 'Outreach expenses' are.



The Donate button provides 2 options:

  1. One time donation
  2. Monthly subscription               [click the box]

Because of PayPal/banking fees, KAS asks that your donation be 5USD [or more].  Anything less, means your donation is eaten up with fees.  Thank you!


Our goal is to remove the monthly deficit that Ronda and her team have to deal with. You can:

1. Make a donation whenever you are able.

2. Sign up for an ongoing monthly donation (subscription).

3. Shop at the KasShop!

Please follow this discussion for monthly updates, current financial reports and ideas on what we can all do to help. Click link : 



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