This page is for events, large or small, that have been organised to raise awareness of the work of KAS.    Our lovely members often organise local events or get-togethers within their own particular groups and no one else gets to hear about! 

It is about time we started blowing our own trumpets more regularly and a bit louder, and, share with all the world-wide KAS membership the steps being taken to raise awareness and recruit more knitters/crocheters/weavers etc,. 

We and our partners, the Ladies of Soweto Comfort Club are team-working to make a difference to the lives of children who are hungry, unsupported and cold, plus many have no one to provide them with that essential ingredient to survival - love.


To get things started I’m going to report on an event that recently took place in London, but only the UK Group were aware of it!   Sorry no photos.........

>>>>>>>Have now added a replica of Robert's square knitted at the event - the original is already winging its way to Soweto!  Wanted to add some colour to this discussion page and red and white stripes add vitality!


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It was a brilliant journey and a big thank you to Pam J for donating it & Rob and Pam A for getting it to me! It was a bit of a shocker how big it is and I must admit that I have no clue where to start! The first job will definitely be to get it all out and see if its possible to set it up. I think that alone is going to take a few days! However the sun is shining and its a brand new year and anything is possible! I'll keep you all updated!

Kerry - the last bit I still have here is a "Stitch locker" - goodness knows what it does but when you piece it all together let me know how important it is and then I'll get it to you.  If you find it all too big please, please let me know and we can Ebay it - I am concerned that it will take up too much room for you  - and thanks to your lovely husband for taking in this big lodger!!  I have another, smaller machine here that I intended to try over Christmas - but it is so much nicer to sit by the fire with just a pair of needles and ball of wool!  I think I will feel more like tackling my machine in the spring.

Don't forget that there is a great YouTube video of how to put the BB together - probably much more helpful than all the manuals.  Keep us posted


I am following this with interest.  I know someone who uses their knitting machines for charity and she says she and her kids can whip up a hat on them (a toque/tuque) in 20 minutes.  Wow.  Hope you find an amicable living arrangement with your new lodger Kerry!  That's super that you could donate it to her Pam. The adventures continue eh?


Y'know Kerry I just had a thought. If you're starting up a B&B you could advertise, mention on your menus, that the knitting machine is sitting there and people are welcome to whiz a row or two while they visit!  People might be intrigued who've never used one before.  That would include me if I lived across the Pond. And hey, one whiz of the machine, another row less for you to do, one row closer to a finished project. :D

Ha ha!  I thought "Kerry starting a B&B - I missed that!"  Looked back at the posts and Pam A referred to the BB - I think this is short for Big Beast Jeanne - we christened it that as it certainly is one!

A bit worried we haven't heard from Kerry - maybe she just hates it!

Please click on the link below to read about the 2,000 squares produced in Yorkshire.  A lovely KAS story-event.


Browns Dept. Stores

Isn't that wonderful! Did Sophie get any further with finding a cheaper way of sending the squares?

Fantastic - what a great contribution.


Please note Connie is taking part in an Knit-a-Thon listed below.  For more details click on the forum Main page, it is right at the bottom of the page in the middle - Events.


Saturday April 9th-10th 2011  Knit-a-Thon at the 2011 Springs River Festival  -  The Circle, Miami Springs

Don't forget to wish Connie well for the  2011 Knit-a-Thon in Miami - hard work, but worthwhile.

I just saw this area today, so I thought I would give you the update from our event:  We had a few people knit, several donate towards postage and leave their numbers to join future events, and I recieved 40 squares last week from a lady who met me at the event.  So, I think this event will reaping rewards for months to come. 

Thanks Connie, it is good for us to keep a record of events taking place on behalf of KAS as it inspires us to reach out to all those unknown squares makers who'd love the chance to join us - such as the lady who came up with 40 squares in two weeks!  This is your 2nd Annual Knit-a-Thon from Miami USA - without doubt it will continue reap and generate for the coming year.  Well Done.



A further update:  I just received a call yesterday from a lady who didn't have time to stop by the booth at the Festival, but did pick up the flyer.  She wanted particulars since she would be watching the Miami Heat game later on and wanted to knit some squares during it.  If the Heat keep winning, we may get quite a few squares from her.  While I was on the phone with her I told her to visit the website, which she did right away, and fell in love with it.  She really likes the cause, so here is another person reached with our event. 



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