This page is for events, large or small, that have been organised to raise awareness of the work of KAS.    Our lovely members often organise local events or get-togethers within their own particular groups and no one else gets to hear about! 

It is about time we started blowing our own trumpets more regularly and a bit louder, and, share with all the world-wide KAS membership the steps being taken to raise awareness and recruit more knitters/crocheters/weavers etc,. 

We and our partners, the Ladies of Soweto Comfort Club are team-working to make a difference to the lives of children who are hungry, unsupported and cold, plus many have no one to provide them with that essential ingredient to survival - love.


To get things started I’m going to report on an event that recently took place in London, but only the UK Group were aware of it!   Sorry no photos.........

>>>>>>>Have now added a replica of Robert's square knitted at the event - the original is already winging its way to Soweto!  Wanted to add some colour to this discussion page and red and white stripes add vitality!


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Geli of GiftMyTime held an event for KAS on Saturday 23rd Oct in London at the Prince Albert Pub, Coldharbour Lane Brixton. It was a great success with a mixture of experienced and non-knitters. Around 25+ people turned up and most stayed until the 5pm finish. In fact, when I departed at 5.30pm some were still at it! The vast majority of people who came did not know about KAS, therefore Geli has alerted them to the work being done and the KAS-on-a-Page flyers were avidly sort, plus all the laminated ones were snapped up for notice boards.

Most people were from London, but KAS member Robert Hoddy travelled up from Brighton, there were also some lovely ladies from Highgate (North London) and Wanstead (NE London). Plus we were visited by the Pastor of Geli's Church who couldn’t knit, but wanted to add his support.

It was a delightful session thoroughly enjoyed by everyone - plus we caused much amusement and received loud (and I mean loud) words of encouragement from some of the pub regulars. The gentlemen will not forget the day their local was invaded by knitters in a hurry!

The work that Geli put in on behalf of KAS will continue to have a ripple effect - the world needs many more dynamic young women like her, she is a true source of inspiration for anyone who wants to make a difference. GiftMyTime is focused on local people working together to meet the needs of the community. Time and resources are often overlooked when people think about ‘giving’ to charitable causes, but here the focus is on people and individuals giving their time for various projects. Project themes include poverty, deprivation, homelessness, and education. An example of a recent project - the renovation of a homeless centre on 14 August, over 25 people turned up to this event and re-plastered, repainted and cleaned up the whole day centre in one day

Additionally, two ladies who were just visiting took KAS flyers - one to go to Scotland! I made a useful discovery as it was the first time I’d come across people using an 8” cardboard square instead of a ruler, and, I must say, I preferred it as a guide. No more stretching to see if 8 inches had been finally reached........
Saturday the 27th of November from 10,00 to 1,00 , SISTER FOR ALL are holding a Christmas Sale and KAS on the Go in Lytchett Minster close to Poole in Dorsetat the Courtyard; we will be right there in the white marquee kindly lended by the lovely owner of Dylans Restaurant.
We will be selling lots of lovely knitted items: christmas ornaments, fabulous mini stockings, knitted dolls from our fab Joyce and her super knitted Gingerbread House with base, tree and husband and wife gnomes will be on display and sold to the highest bidder, giants Christmas choc. hearts cookies beautifully decorated with multicoloured icing sugar, cakes, choc. brownies, fudge, raffle, haircuts for gents and ladies £5.00 a go, angel paintings and watercolours, Christmas cards, mini Mary Janes in delightful little boxes with bow on top, fingerless gloves of all colours, hats, scarves and so on and we will be giving free crochet and knitted Tuition and show our folder about KAS with all the Pattern we are currently using and a bit of history.
At the end of the sale we will be reassembling in Dylans Restaurant where we usually held our Meetings and will conclude with a Christmas girlie celebration to toast to a successful year and the posting of three parcels for KAS and plan the finishing touches to the one we will send in Spring.
I will be writing the dates of the new Year meetings as soon as we will plan them at the meeting.
In our group we also have children and a lovely boy named Clarke that is only 7 years old and knit and crochet beautifully.
I promise I will post photos on my Page soon after the event.
KAS is our main charity but we also knit for everyone who needs our help, hence the name: Sisters for all.
The members are very gifted and we have a lovely atmosphere when we meet. There is also a lovely lady, Serena, at the Wool Shop in the Courtyard itself and she has been all through out a great supporter and allows our Group to have a discount if we knit for KAS, which I believe is smashing in itself.
Members that lives nearby, please, come and introduce yourself.
My Page tells a bit more and you will be really wecomed.
I will be putting posters in the College, where I will be finishing my Hairdressing Course in April, in the Cafeteria and as in Summer where we held our first KAS on the Go then, putting the poster at the College proved great as customers and students turned up.
See you on Saturday and don't forget to bring your pocket money...and knitting needles or crochet hooks if you need some Tuitions.
Sounds great - wish I lived nearer to Poole...its a bit far to come from Norfolk!
Just a note : Marina is in the process of selling her home and looking for somewhere else to live, so there might be a delay on reporting back. However, despite the bitter cold, the event took place, but I'll leave it for Marina to share the details!
My son and I are off to our school's holiday bazaar this morning, where we have a booth for our Square Circle Knitting & Crochet Club! We're selling mini KAS square ornaments for $2 to help raise money for our club's postage fees this year. Every ornament sold will have a KAS business card attached. :)

We also have handouts - cards and rulers - to spread the word about KAS!

Will post pictures later and report back how it went!
Beautiful easy pattern, nice photo too. Way to go Rona. This is super! Well done! :D
Not an event, but my Sunday School class at Clear Lake Methodist agreed this morning to donate $100.00 of our class
offerings to KAS. The Paypal donation is already off to Sandy. Wonderfully supportive church members. I am
grateful for them all.
It becomes an Event for KAS when such a sum is spontaneously donated! Thank you Helen as you must have raised awareness on a level that touched the children's hearts and that of the wonderfully supportive church members - well done.
Oh, dear, I do need to explain that my Sunday School class is all children. No knitters or crocheters
in the class, but they have followed my progress since I joined KAS in June 2009 and formed the church group in
August 2009 and given me a lot of support. Now for them to give KAS such a sum out of the Sunday class offering
is just wonderful since our church has a host of outreach programs one hundred dollars could have gone to locally.
Not a problem at all, Pam. No apology necessary!

For another good read on an event organised in aid of KAS please go to :

Arches - Crafting for a cause


They look like they are having fun as well!  Please be patients as loading is slow and when you get to the feature headed Crafting for a Cause, click on Full Story to see all.

THE BIG BEAST – Pam Johnson’s knitting machine and its travels!

Back in early September Pam Johnson was given another knitting machine and generously offered it to KAS members.  Where upon Kerry said she wouldn’t mind having a dabble as she recalled her Mum had one once and she enjoyed the whizzing back and forth.

However, the difficulty lay in their locations as the Big Beast was far too heavy to post.  Pam J. resides in Shropshire NW of the UK, while Kerry is based in Basildon Essex which is in the South and she did not have transport at that time.

Pam J. mentioned she was visiting a friend in Warwick at some stage, so I (Pam Antink) jumped in with an offer that proved to be a turning point.    We supply Rob, a market trader with herbs & spices which he collects weekly from our place in St.Albans.  Rob lives near Warwick and readily agreed to bring the said beastie to St. Albans.  In fact, Rob has proved helpful in giving out flyers to his customers who are interested in knitting.  Pam and her friend lunched at a pub nearby to Rob and the transfer took place!

Over a period of 3 weeks Rob transported the various bits of the machine to our place, and with the arrival of each box I began to grow alarmed at the size!  I always thought knitting machines were small table sized gadgets.  Anyhow, I finally managed to trek through the snow down to Basildon to the recently married Kerry’s home on the 19th December.  Thankfully, Kerry’s husband Toby was available to assist with the unloading, and, their cat had a great time examining the various boxes! 

It was lovely to meet Kerry as she has been an early consistent supporter of KAS and I know that Sandy greatly values her  background work and contributions.

Kerry & Toby have earmarked a room for the machine and with Mum’s help they’ll piece it together in early 2011.  Once the BB is up and running Kerry has promised to e-mail a photo which will be added to this tale.

Although 250 miles were involved in the three stages of the journey, however, the real value is in the teamwork
of KAS members working together in order to continue making a difference.   


PS : Pam J has now discovered yet another piece which she’ll be posting to Kerry very soon!



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