KAS Christmas Challenge 2015


It’s that time of year again – can you squeeze in a square over the Festive Season? Who’d like to join the KAS Christmas Challenge for 2015?

This is a mini, ONE-SQUARE challenge to run over Christmas and the New Year.

The ‘Rules’ are as follows:

  1. The challenge runs from today and is open until the 3rd of January. There isn't a deadline for finished squares, although it would be lovely to aim for the end of January.
  2. I'm the first participant. The next person to join me (second participant) will nominate a 'theme' for me to create one square by posting their challenge in the discussion thread below. Once I've made my square, I'll also post a picture of it in the discussion thread.
  3. The next person to join (third participant), will nominate a theme for the second participant, who makes a square with that theme, posting a picture of their finished square and so on.

The challenge theme is up to you! – Colours, holidays, nature, flags, seasons, past themes, future themes… anything!

Once you’ve completed your square, you can rejoin the challenge as many times as you like.

I will close the mini-challenge on 3rd of January by posting a theme for the last joiner.

We made some beautiful squares last year, enough for a whole blanket – here’s a link to the album if you’d like to take a look:

So please, whatever you’re doing, have a lovely Christmas and New Year.... ...and who will start things off by challenging me?

Find our KAS Christmas Challenge 2015 squares here: http://forum.knit-a-square.com/photo/albums/kas-christmas-challenge...



1. Karen - animal square (challenged by Amy)

2. Amy - flower square (challenged by Robin) 

3. Robin - cute smiley (challenged by Karla)

4. Karla - a square with sparkly yarn (challenged by Gloria)

5. Gloria - a Tunisian or illusion square (challenged by Sharon)

6. Sharon - a Christmas diagonal (challenged by Linda).

7. Linda - a square of your choice from Member's Patterns in Xmas colours (challenged by Gloria)

8. Gloria - Cro-Knit variegated square in Christmas colours (challenged by Robin)

9. Robin - a bird themed square (challenged by Karen)

10. Karen - a Christmas Lizard or corner-to-corner (challenged by Anneke)

11. Anneke - a Christmas face or miter square in holiday colours (challenged by Amy)

12. Amy - an alphabet square (challenged by Valerie)

13. Valerie - a Christmas fruit square (challenged by Jill)

14. Jill - a plain jane in any colour you wish (challenged by Gloria)

15. Gloria - A blue square (challenged by Louise)

16. Louise - A green square (challenged by Robin)

17. Robin - a snowman, Father Christmas or Christmas tree square (challenged by Louise)

18. Louise - a Christmas candle (challenged by Jill)

19. Jill - a red and bright square (challenged by Paola)

20. Paola - Christmas in Italy (challenged by Amy)

21. Amy - a Spring square (challenged by Karen)

22. Karen - a teddy bear square (challenged by Susanne)

23. Susanne - a square with a little boy's Christmas present (challenged by Gloria)

24. Gloria - a square with a star (challenged by Valerie)

25. Valerie - an owl square (challenged by Karla)

26. Karla - a flower square (challenged by Linda)

27. Linda - Circle in a square or Christmas colours spiral square (challenged by Louise)

28. Louise - a New Year square (challenged by Jill)

29. Jill - a square to represent warmth & love (challenged by Karen).

****Challenge closed**** - see you all Next Year! 

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Christmas Monster Smiley

Here is your flower Robin.  A poppy.

Sharon, you asked for an illusion square OR a Tunisian square.  Diana, you favored the Tunisian Square in Christmas colors.  I promised a surprise ...so here it is :)  


X-mas snowflake. I have finally found this silver yarn in my stash  and it´s a bit sparkly.

Amy's challenge for me was an animal-themed square. As it's Christmas, I thought I'd try out this reindeer pattern with Christmas colours in green and red. 

Christmas Blue BIrd

Robin, here is my Cro-Knit variegated Christmas colors :))  I used white as the "other" ball of yarn and did one side in TPS and the other in TRS.  It turned out beautifully and as is usually the case with Cro-Knitting, both sides are equally pretty :)

I decided to "festive" it up a bit more and got creative with my photography ... LOL  xo

Glo challenged me to pick a pattern from the KAS Pattern Book and make it in Christmas colours. I like patterns that start in the centre...much easier to make an 8 inch square :-)

This is the Chain Stitch pattern from the KAS Pattern book. It definitely looks different done in variegated yarn ! The yarn has a silver thread which doesn't show up very well in the photo.

December Christmas

Amy, espeially for you a miter square in holiday colours and silveryarn and I added a Christmas star :)

Hello - I'd like to challenge Valerie.   I'm Jill (also known as Twinge).   I've been sending squares to KAS from myself and a knitting group in Tewkesbury, UK, called K2Togs, for around 3 years via Elaine and co at Knit for Life.  I've just moved with my husband to Brittany (so I'm a bit nearer to Valerie, well, at least on the right side of the Manche (or the English channel)) and it is our first Christmas in France whilst we wait to move into our new house - so lots of knitting being done.   I'd love to be challenged too, but something not too complicated, please!!  I'd like to challenge Valerie to make a square with a Christmas fruit !   Hope this is OK !

Jill, congratulations on your move to France. Elaine told me you were moving but I wasn't sure when. I hope you will soon be happily settled in your new home.

Hi Twinge  (aka Jill). Welcome to France. I'll do my best to produce a square with a Christmas fruit.

Where are you in Brittany? I lived in Saint Malo a few years ago. Now I'm in the Creuse and not very far from Limoges.



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