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As I do not knit very well, I'm going to have to cheat and fudge my way through the June Theme! For this purpose I've been trawling through all the pics on the Photo tab right back to the beginning.  It was a joy to view some of the photos! More from early contributors will be posted as the Theme progresses - hopefully to provide additional inspiration.  

Do hope everyone enjoys our progress through the years and the reminders of the wonderful supporters who have contributed and still do!

Anyhow, please get ready for a daily

'Blast from the Past'

Anneke (The Netherlands) has helped me by knitting some lovely versions of Stitchtastic Stitches, Stripes and Zigzags to get the theme off the ground!

Pattern Link : Diagonal Rib Stitch

Pattern Link : Zigzag Stitch

STRIPED PJ designed for Knit-a-Square

by Anneke (The Netherlands) can be

found in Members Patterns

This pattern

 is from Mary Ann Fellows

and stitched by Anneke and can

be found in Members Patterns :

Diagonal Crochet Square

Below are some more inspiring members squares involving stitches, zigzags and stripes

Andrea Palmatier one of the few brave enough to tackle zigzags


Anne Powell - love this very strong example of a striped square - so effective!

Gloria Grandy - May's inspiring PJ Theme leader, has been largely instrumental in making the Tunisian Stitch very popular since she joined in April 2013!

Tunisian Honeycomb 2014       Cross stitched Tunisian 2013

Rona's Long Beach Wash Cloth     Mandy's Technicolour Stripes

                     2010                                                 2010      


Anne has kindly started a Pinterest Board for Stitchtastic :

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Here are some of the Blasts from the Past!

Some of the earliest squares received in 2009 from Zanny (Sandy's Mum!)

IMG 0506 IMG 0504 IMG 0502 IMG 0475 

Anneke contributed Holland's flag & banner colours to the Flag Challenge in 2012

Anne Lokken's lovely zig-zag baby blankie from 2010

Pam, it sounds like we're in for some real treats here.   What a wonderful idea to refresh memories and create inspiration!   What stunning examples in your intro.  I am really looking forward to this month's creations ... both past and present!

I'll start this month with Tunisian.  I'll probably interject a few throughout and maybe even end this month with some more :))  I love this technique since I've discovered how many different stitch patterns there are :) xo

This is going to be such a fun theme, Pam.  I can hardly wait to see what the members come up with.  I will start off with a pair of fushia and blue with white in Wendy's Slip Stitch Square which is easy-peasy and can be found in Members' Patterns here

My first batch of striped squares.

The one on the left is done in 4 rows of each colour.  The one on the right is done in 4 rows of the main colour and 2 rows each of the 2 contrast colours.

Melissa Langer came up with these lovely bobble squares and produced some bobble blankets - 2009

Rainbow Bobble SquaresRainbow Bobble SquaresCrochet Squares 8 x 8 by Melissa Langer 2009Blanket # 1 - July 2009Purple Bobble Go-Over Sweater

Julie Kempton produced this Giraffe Square known as a 'lozenge stitch' in 2009

Bright stripes

My hsuband's reaction to this square "It is rather gaudy"!!  I like to think it is bright, colourful and cheering.  I too like combining short balls of  variegated wool in a  stripe pattern  - for reason reason I seem to knit this far quicker than when  I do a plain jane. 


Plus rounds of stripes in this granny square.


I hope this works for this month's theme.  Was fun to work on, but lots of tails to sew in.

More FABULOUS knitting from The Students of Cobequid Educational Centre.

We THANK YOU ALL for your beautiful squares, which will bring so much warmth and comfort to the children in South Africa.


Cobequid Educational Centre student knitting

Cobequid Educational Centre student knitting

Here are our striped and patterned squares that we've been stockpiling! We included some with stitched on patterns. There are 90 total - I hope most made it into the photos I uploaded. They covered 2 large lab tables, and I included some closeups! Can't wait to see them as a blanket!

And a closer look......

Cobequid Educational Centre student knitting

Cobequid Educational Centre student knitting

Bev Jeffery did this African Design for an African Theme back in 2012

It looks quite challenging!

From Tina Davis back in 2009

The addition of hearts is delightful!

This is one of Susan Donaldson's first contributions in January 2013 - really striking stripes!

I was amazed when I saw Sharon's post of the work done by her CEC students.  All of it is amazing, and there is one square that stands out for me because it looks sort of familiar :))  I am really wondering if it's Tunisian ... like this one :)) xo

This is my Tunisian zebra stripe square :)

What a treat to have a chance to go back and look at earlier work ... actually a lot of it is from before my time, so I'm seeing it for the first time :))  Thank you, Pam! 



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