Knit a Square, with the help of others has been able to get blankets, toys, beanies and hand-warmers to children this month.

Here are photos from resent distributions that Athele has been able to get to us.

Please note, it takes special permits and permission to be able to get items to people.  South Africa is still in lock down mode and things are still very restricted.

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These first photos are from a distribution on June 6.

A note from Athele:

Hardcore lock down lightened by these heartwarming pictures just in from our first Knit a Square distribution since lock down. Huge thanks to Courtney who collected from me and delivered 50 blankets, beanies and cuddly soft toys into the caring hands of Judith a community “Mama” in Diepsloot extension 2, today. She started with these 26 of the most vulnerable children who now are just that little bit warmer and hopefully knowing that their lives and well-being matter to us tremendously. Thanks to all the loving hands that knitted and crocheted the squares, the generosity in coming up with the postage and funds to keep Knit a Square costs covered and the hands that laboured to sew the squares together and in some cases (like all of Estelle McLeod's blankets!) also crochet borders to them. I can’t claim any of the above in this set, I was just a conduit and so happy to be able to facilitate for this little drop of good in an ocean of suffering at this time.
Judith has given us pictures that are touchingly authentic and so much more than I hoped for. Pictures really do inspire, don’t they  Beyond grateful to her for these and making it all happen. She doesn’t follow Facebook but I’m sure Courtney Greene will pass on our deep gratitude to her for her amazing efforts on our behalf.

Lovely! The little baby in the last photo looks so sweet, all cuddled up in the blanket.

More from June 6.

And more...

So many lovely blankets, especially loving the red & white crocheted one.

Another grouping of photos from Courtney on June 7 with Athele's help in getting them to us.

Athele write:

Another day of hardcore lock down, the same as all the others before pretty much, except today we have this from Judith who lives in Diepsloot ext 2 informal settlement, who sent Knit a Square these pics of another six very vulnerable children who received our gifts of care in blankets, beanies and soft toys to help warm their lives just a little. We do care and we are so grateful to Courtney Greene and Judith for making this distribution to fifty children of this desperately impoverished community happen. And all the loving hands that continue to come together from all over the world, in an outpouring of love and generosity.

Some stunning photos from a distribution on June 10:

Athele writes:

Unrelenting hard lock down, made so much brighter by these images just in from Courtney Greene who kindly took 34 bundles of loving care from Knit a Square, each square in a blanket, soft cuddly toy and beanie representing a long chain of love from around the world with the circle completed today thanks to her and her team who added our goodies to a distribution of food into an exceptionally impoverished, unsupported community on the west Rand called Fleurhof. 17 of the 34 blankets given today were ones I made during lock down, the other half from Estelle and her marvelous tea, so that makes this one extra special for us.

What a marvellous effort made by everyone at this difficult time to make these distributions happen. The pictures of these vulnerable children wrapped in their blankets are truly heartwarming.

Thank you all for ‘going the extra mile’ during these very difficult times.

Do you see your blanket on the edge of the pic Chris? 5th from the bottom.

Thank you Estelle, I had missed it! It was from the February theme, it must have been one the last parcels I sent before lockdown. I’m so glad it is already keeping a little one warm :))

Makes all the knitting, crocheting and sewing so worthwhile.   Thank you for this article + photographs.



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