In the book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas  by Dr. Seuss, the Grinch stole Christmas from the people of Who-ville. 

In South Africa, disease and poverty stole childhood from millions of children.

Can we displace the Grinch in a child’s life?

Just for a moment?

Christmas gift making is starting early ! 

Ronda requested more time to prepare the blankets before the holiday season arrives.

Besides themed squares, we also need many, many Plain Janes to complete a blanket.  Please do not be deterred by the fancy square.  We would love to see how you are using Christmas colours to warm a cold child.  A square made with red, green and/or white would be quite striking.  Variegated Christmas yarns also make interesting squares

A few reminders: 

  • Please securely butterfly  a 20”/50 cm tail to each square and bundle squares into lots of 5 or 10, to help the sewers in South Africa.
  • Your parcel does not need to arrive in South Africa before the end of the month.   When your parcel arrives in the next few months, know it will be appreciated and that you are keeping children warm.
  • Would you upload your photos to the photo page as well as to this challenge. (Not sure how to add a photo? Click here then scroll to “How do I add a Photo to a discussion” )
  • After uploading your photos, please go to The Drive To Fill Ronda’s KASvan and add to the squares tally.

Marvellous Mary has set up Flickr.  Great place to see all the photos together and spread the word !

Gracious Gitta has set up the Christmas Album. There are so many wonderful squares that Gitta has opened a Second Christmas Album

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Here is my first Christmas square for the June Challenge.  (It is a pair of crossed over candy canes).  
Colour of the square as usual doesn't really look right in the photo.  The actual colour is much richer (not so pale as it looks).

My latest square.

This is my square for today .... now to choose the music.  It can't be Silver Bells, because, well, no silver here.  

How about Carol of the Bells:

(by the Piano Guys, but says "for 12 cellos".  I must be missing something)

Happy Stitching everyone.



Candles # 2

Hi All :)

I see so many beautiful items! All stunning! And I see Pocket squares! Kids will have fune with these too! I am on holiday up till 13th of June, so I don't think I will take part in the challenge. I have taken my crochet hook and yarn of course with me, but I planned to finish two blankets, one during holidays, one at home. Also I have taken two balls of cerise coloured yarn with me, no X-massie at all! Luckily there is WiFi :) so from time to time I can have a loook at all beatiful items :))))


and here find below a picture of how we enjoy our holiday at Terschelling, island North of Holland.

I will delete the pic tomorrow or so because it has nothing to do with the challenge but I just wanted to share this with you :))))


Next set of Xmas sparkle squares... even though you can't really see the sparkle in the picture.

June 2013 Christmas Squares 3

Red and Ivory square.  The ivory has a lovely satiny sheen to it which, of course, doesn't show in the photo.

On the Second Day of Christmas my true love gave to me:   2 Turtle Doves [at least my interpretation ]

Here are some Christmas candy cane stripes with a glittery border.

Just back from vacation and finally did a Christmas square.   This is my first with a felt appliqué.  I was thinking of adding some more to the tree, but actually I just like the simplicity for this one.

I have three other finished squares I started during vacation, which are of nice wool yarn that is not a Christmas color.

I have to take at look at all the other posts on this board with beautiful squares so far....!

2 delightful Christmas trees from Patricia Papamichael.



I found this lovely pattern for a snowflake shown in colors that were very different from the traditional red and green, so I had to give it a try.  

"Let it Snow"  is the only song I could think of, so here's a version by Dean Martin ...

and now I'm hungry for popcorn.




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