In the book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas  by Dr. Seuss, the Grinch stole Christmas from the people of Who-ville. 

In South Africa, disease and poverty stole childhood from millions of children.

Can we displace the Grinch in a child’s life?

Just for a moment?

Christmas gift making is starting early ! 

Ronda requested more time to prepare the blankets before the holiday season arrives.

Besides themed squares, we also need many, many Plain Janes to complete a blanket.  Please do not be deterred by the fancy square.  We would love to see how you are using Christmas colours to warm a cold child.  A square made with red, green and/or white would be quite striking.  Variegated Christmas yarns also make interesting squares

A few reminders: 

  • Please securely butterfly  a 20”/50 cm tail to each square and bundle squares into lots of 5 or 10, to help the sewers in South Africa.
  • Your parcel does not need to arrive in South Africa before the end of the month.   When your parcel arrives in the next few months, know it will be appreciated and that you are keeping children warm.
  • Would you upload your photos to the photo page as well as to this challenge. (Not sure how to add a photo? Click here then scroll to “How do I add a Photo to a discussion” )
  • After uploading your photos, please go to The Drive To Fill Ronda’s KASvan and add to the squares tally.

Marvellous Mary has set up Flickr.  Great place to see all the photos together and spread the word !

Gracious Gitta has set up the Christmas Album. There are so many wonderful squares that Gitta has opened a Second Christmas Album

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Here are the first squares for the Christmas challenge from Robin.  She has been very busy!

They are all so beautiful !!  I love how they compliment each other.  She has also made an adorable hat..June 2013 Christmas Squares Set #1

June 2013 Christmas Squares Set #2
June 2013 Christmas Hat

Oh, I just LOVE  Christmas - even in June!  I checked the KAS basket in our church library a couple of weeks ago, and found 13 beautifully made red and green squares with flecks of glitter.  I don't even know who made these, but here are the first six

Here are the other seven squares from my anonymous donor

These are my first loom knit Christmas squares.  I have used a white glitter thread in the top two which doesn't show up in the photo, but which is nice and sparkly in real life!  I intend to do lots of plain janes as well.

My first Christmas squares.  I could not find locally a dark "tree" green and this brighter shade comes out in the photos more blueish tan it really is.   

Candles # 1

Mary Anne has crocheted great Christmasy squares !

Christmas wreath and flower

 Santa is coming to townsnowflake square

Linda, can I suggest today's song should be Here Comes Santa Claus? 

I see that Mary Anne has crocheted a Santa Claus, and here is one that I knitted.  (This version sung by Gene Autry)

Looking through the stash for Christmas colours, I discovered I have lots of red that will need to be doubled, not too bad on the white but very little green…of any shade !  You will be seeing squares in many variations of white and red with a bit of green :-)  Here are the first four.  The bottom left centre is actually quite sparkly but doesn't show in the photo.

Because I promised myself I wouldn't buy more yarn but use the mountains of donated yarn, I started thinking outside the Christmas colours and about carols, We having been singing/humming a few since the challenge started.   I’ve decided to crochet “The 12 days of Christmas”.

Here is the First Day of Christmas:  A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Here is my first contribution to this challenge - some glittery Christmas tree squares.

Maybe today is Christmas Tree day ... Heather's beautiful group of 4 squares are so bright and lively.   My trees are more along the lines of a Charlie Brown Christmas ... but they are wool so they'll be warm.



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