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Glorious Greens and Reds

Hosted by Susan Gillman of New Zealand

and Debbie Posmontier in the USA...

global friendship and cooperation through KAS!

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Thank you KASfriends for your support of and participation in the July theme!!


Time to search your stash for REDS and GREENS and also


Even though it is summer in the northern hemisphere and Christmas will be in the summer in the southern hemisphere, it is time to think about wreaths and trees and Santa and elves and reindeer and Christmas balls and traditional celebrations. 

Did you know about Santa Mandela?

After 27 years in prison, Nelson Mandela was freed. The same Christmas that the folks up by the North Pole declared him International Santa Claus of the Year, he began an annual ritual of personally distributing presents to children in his home village of Qunu. The number of kids grew every year, to 2,000 or more, likely a record for a Santa Claus of any persuasion. -

On July 18th we celebrate Nelson Mandela's birthday by giving 67 minutes of time to a good cause.  I wonder what KAS folk are going to do?

Perhaps we can start a "Christmas in July Sit and Knit" in our home towns and cities across the globe! Proceeds in squares and donations will benefit KAS, of course.

Here are some squares from around the web to spark your creativity...

Pattern found here:


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A chunky Go-Over in warm 'Christmas colours'. 

Thank you Debbie and Sue for this month's theme!  This is a wonderful intro to a month that will be "merry and bright" I'm sure!  I just love Christmas ... whenever it comes :))  

Here are my first Christmassy squares.  One yarn ... three squares.  The one on the left is knit in garter stitch ... the middle one is linked double crochet ... the one on the right is Tunisian Honeycomb.  I find it very interesting how the colors fell in almost exactly the same place in each of them.  The only difference is with the Tunisian one.  I ran out of yarn and had to substitue a different (very close match) red to finish it :)

I found the photos on the web. Some had links to patterns so you can search, "Christmas squares," or "wreath squares," or "bell squares" and see what you can find. I'll try to post directions this weekend.

My PJs in Christmas colors! Still working on getting them to be "square!!"

Christmasy Sparkle African Flower

Royal Blue Sparkle Snowflake

Christmas Tree in the Forest

Candy Cane Square ...

Purple Sparkle Wrapping Paper



We talk about giving “67 minutes for Mandela” every July 18.  Could we make it a donation to Pay the Rent this year instead?

Looking at the July, August and September Pay the Rent calendars we see more green (unpaid days) than pink (paid for days).  Ronda really needs our help over the next few months.

I know many of us are a bit short of cash right now, but if you are able to donate $10USD  (or more or even less), please sign up and become a  MANDELA MAMA

Please mention your donation in the Pay the Rent discussion at

and when you send your funds through Paypal, mention in the message that you are a “Mandela Mama”

Instructions on how to make your donation can be found here

This team will be open until July 18, but of course latecomers will always be welcome!

We have 6 Mandela Mamas already - that's one day plus some.....  we've booked July 18..... and now we're on our way to DAY #2......  please join in and become a Mama if you are able!

Don't Open 'til Christmas

Christmas Stripes



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