March14 "I'd Like to Teach The World to Sing"

What a wondrous world we live in. Full of intriguing and interesting landscapes, both natural and manmade. From the mountains to the seas, from the newest cities to the oldest civilizations.This month we will take a trip around  the world, discovering new and/or interesting sights....from the smallest flower to the largest structures. We can explore the many things that make our countries unique.

    March 2014 Challenge - Around the World in 31 Days

March14 Kokeshi Doll  March14 African Rainbow  March 2014 Challenge - Around the World in 31 Days    January 2016 theme - Desertscape - Cactus Garden  MARCH 2014 CHALLENGE - Egypt  


Our special events this month include Mandela Day, when we honour the late, great, Nelson Mandela.......

Mandela Day 67 minutes  Mandela Day square

July 2013 Mandela Day square

and the gathering of the world at the Olympic Games.

A Safari Through Africa  Go For The Gold - July 2020  

Our Colour of the Month (CoM) is BLUE. I had many colours in my stash that were a questionable blue, but on googling 'blue' I discovered a site listing 144!! I'm all good.  :)) Here is a little sample from the site. I'm sure we all must have a little in our stash.

Please remember the importance of our Plain Jane squares in the blankets that are created. Perhaps make some in blue or a colour/s inspired by something in your landscape or somewhere you have visited. Have fun...and please share with us.

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Hiya Bev, super intro!    Can I get the ball rolling with this set of 10 double strand hats, all different colours but based around the use of some navy BLUE wool.

Gorgeous hats, Karen.  And my goodness, they do look warm!  Well done ... xo

Thank you soooo much for getting the ball rolling with these SUPER hats!!

LOVING ALL the colours that you have combined the navy with......now if only I could find my ball of navy...I have looked and looked.

Bev, this is going to be fun!   Your introduction has lots of great ideas for contributions this month.   And all those shades of BLUE!   WOW!

Karen, your collection of hats is fantastic!   Every single one is a treasure.   I just don't know how to pick a favorite.   Great work.

Wow, Bev, what a super intro!  I sincerely hope I will find time this month to create something ... in blue, perhaps!!

I know it's how rough it's gonna be for you, but hang in there, girl.  I made it through PINK so I know you'll make it through BLUE.  Just focus on all the loving stitches and incredible creativity that will be appearing here and your mind probably won't even notice all that "other colour" ... haha ... xo.

Fabulous intro Bev.  Now it is time to get out my thinking cap for a trip Around The World.

Lots of countries have Red, White & Blue in their flags so this blanket can represent all of them.

What a thoughtful idea Patricia.    Beautifully made blanket too.    Major kudos ♥️

Spot on, Patricia!! I LOVE red, white and blue together. LOVE your addition of striped ones...extra pizzazz!!

You are so quick off the mark...amazing!!

I have knitted squares for June, finished, just not embellished.

Thank you Karen and Patricia for getting this month off to a flying start.  xo

My favourite colours in a blanket Patricia and such a lovely pattern- stunning! 

Fabulous blanket, with a very smart border.

You are right that so many flags are red, white and blue. 

This blanket is a winner.

Beautiful blanket ! I love the colours and and their combination too.



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