What a fantastic opportunity this is for our UK knitters.  The well known clothing chain, Jigsaw in the UK has partnered with KAS and knit-a-square for an autumn/winter square drive.  During that time UK knitters (and crocheters can bring their squares into any of the UK stores and they will send them to South Africa on your behalf. 

This initiative was bought about, because their head of marketing, Liz Sowden found knit-a-square online and was greatly touched by the work you are all doing. She thought it was the most perfect fit to launch with 'Wool Week 2011' in the UK and for the mothers who shop for their children and their own clothes in their stores.

Let's think about what other wonderful 'fits' exist out there in other countries to organise a similar opportunity.

Everyone wins, especially our children.   Look forward to your ideas everyone.


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Have posted it elsewhere but the Nottingham branch of Jigsaw were very welcoming.  The whole organisation appear to have embraced the cause with much enthusiasm.
I have about 30 squares ready to go and my mother-in-law, who lives just outside Chester, is staying with me at the moment.  I'm hoping she'll be able to take my squares home with her tomorrow and my sister-in-law (who works in Chester) will be able to drop them into Jigsaw next week.  She'll love it if they give her a huge welcome!
I'm sure they will Elaine.   I handed mine into the York store last weekend and I was made very welcome by the staff there.   I'm busy with the next batch so I can drop some off at the Glasgow store.

I found the Chester Jigsaw....close to the now departed RKM wools and across the road from Crabtree and Evelyn. Again, WHAT a welcome! The staff had squares on the counter, including one where anyone could do a couple of rows while in the shop (couldn't resist!). They gave me a pile of their excellent fliers. They were so keen, and while we were chatting another customer piped up "I can knit!", took a flier and set off to spread the word.

I must admit I've been doing some tops and hats recently but this has really made me feel I want to get as many squares done as possible because in 2 days I've met such enthusiastic people who are trying so hard, and just one square is really difficult for them as they've only just learned to knit. So who am I to sit back?! Squares it is!

There is only one problem with going into the Jigsaw Shops - the array of lovely clothes!  I'm being steadily seduced by a rather attractive cerise coloured jumper - don't think I can hold out much longer...........
you could knit one instead and then send it with your squares!!!!! :-)
Sorry Jane, sadly I can only manage squares......sewing & cross-stitch is my first love.  Tried knitting, but kept forgetting to decrease or increase resulting in much frustration and the ugliest jumper you ever saw.  But thanks for such a good suggestion!
Pam...have a look on Ebay in the Fashion Outlet section there are several new Jigsaw jumpers in there at the moment.They are mostly odd sizes that they have been left with. I bought an Editions silk /cashmere blend one from House of Fraser in the outlet section last week it should have been £95, which is out of my budget, but it was for sale at £19.95. It arrived yesterday direct from House of Fraser and is fabulous...happy hunting ! 
I think I may be in danger of that too Jane!  I give in so easily to temptation!  Went into a new knitting shop yesterday to perhaps buy a bargain ball for squares - and came out with two books - one of fantastic neck warmers and similar things great for presents - and another of knitted wild animals - irresistible for KAS children!  Oh - and a ball of wool for squares too! :-)
Well at least you didn't forget the ball of wool Pam!

Ha! No, that salved my conscience, but now I need to buy more to knit these presents and lovely animals - too many nice things to do, too little time.

Thanks for the ebay tip Julia - will have a look.

Went shopping today with mom and Harrison. First stop was the Glasgow Jigsaw store where we dispatched 6 blankets of 5 by 7 squares. The staff were very friendly and seemed so pleased to recieve them. Thanks Jigsaw, you have saved me a fortune in postage this month. Check photos page for Jigsaw pic.





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