What a fantastic opportunity this is for our UK knitters.  The well known clothing chain, Jigsaw in the UK has partnered with KAS and knit-a-square for an autumn/winter square drive.  During that time UK knitters (and crocheters can bring their squares into any of the UK stores and they will send them to South Africa on your behalf. 

This initiative was bought about, because their head of marketing, Liz Sowden found knit-a-square online and was greatly touched by the work you are all doing. She thought it was the most perfect fit to launch with 'Wool Week 2011' in the UK and for the mothers who shop for their children and their own clothes in their stores.

Let's think about what other wonderful 'fits' exist out there in other countries to organise a similar opportunity.

Everyone wins, especially our children.   Look forward to your ideas everyone.


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Oh yes Anne - I remember it well - I was a real craft baby - Copydex and sticky back plastic and felt everywhere!  Will post your Jigsaw news on the UK forum now

I have just put this on my FaceBook Page



Thanks Maggie, spreading the word is so valuable!

Hello all!

I just wanted to share this for any knitters in the Gloucester/Cheltenham area...! When I looked at Jigsaw's website, I couldn't see any stores listed nearby and didn't even realise there was a shop in Cheltenham. However, I walked past one this afternoon and, lo and behold, there was a Knit-A-Square card on the cash desk, along with a gorgeous pile of warm and woolly knitted squares. (Cue a squeal of delight from me and a slightly perplexed look from my husband!). x

Yahoo Karen!!
Hello i havent been in the website for a few months now too busy with work and school but now im ready to be back on track. Can some one tell me what the challenge for september is? or October since we are almost done with the month also what tallie am i suposed to be following? I'm lost sorry :/

Hi, Michelle, and welcome back!  Do go to the main page and read all about "Knit-a-Squillion" as that is our latest challenge for now and the coming months.  There is a lot to absorb about this big push to reach a million squares as

soon as possible to keep the supply going for the prisoners who are stitching the blankets in their tailoring rehab.

They are each stitching a blanket together every other day and Ronda needs squares!  There are flyers to print out

to pass out to friends, family, work associates, churches, retirement villages, etc. to spread the word and try to

seek out as many new knitters as possible to contribute.  KAS is now on Facebook and is reaching new people every day.You also might like to go back and read any ezines you missed.  There is a special tally for Knit-a-Squillion for squares only. Kyla still has a page for the total tally of all items.  So read all about it and join the Knit-a-Squillion excitement!


Everyone keeps saying it - but the Jigsaw staff are AMAZING! I have just found out that there is a shop in Chester - near enough for me to get to - I heard about it through a friend as it is not on their website - so I rang to make sure they knew about it and they were SO excited!  They kept thanking me!   They are all geared up to take photos when I go in - which won't be for a little while as Pam Antink is dealing with my last consignment - but so nice to feel welcome.  Thanks again Jigsaw!
Staff at school said there used to be aJigsaw in Chester...and there still is? Any idea where Pam? Am going to Chester tomorrow as it happens so will do some research. Have 2 half squares at the mo so not much to take but that'll be great for our school to know for the future.
Anne, the Chester branch is at 17-19 Bridge Street, CH1 1NG  tel.01244 351 528.  I'm the other Pam!  Have a good day out.
Do pop in if you get the chance Anne - they were so excited to hear from us  - I got the feeling that they haven't had any squares yet although they know about us and are so keen to be involved.
Yes, the Jigsaw staff in Brighton have been great to me both times. They were a bit surprised to see me the first time, because they only put the leaflets out a few hours before...they couldn't work out how I managed to knit five squares in two hours!



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