What a fantastic opportunity this is for our UK knitters.  The well known clothing chain, Jigsaw in the UK has partnered with KAS and knit-a-square for an autumn/winter square drive.  During that time UK knitters (and crocheters can bring their squares into any of the UK stores and they will send them to South Africa on your behalf. 

This initiative was bought about, because their head of marketing, Liz Sowden found knit-a-square online and was greatly touched by the work you are all doing. She thought it was the most perfect fit to launch with 'Wool Week 2011' in the UK and for the mothers who shop for their children and their own clothes in their stores.

Let's think about what other wonderful 'fits' exist out there in other countries to organise a similar opportunity.

Everyone wins, especially our children.   Look forward to your ideas everyone.


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Deborah, may I help with postage?

Hello everyone,

Lovely to meet you, albeit virtually! I am so pleased to be working with you all to help more and more of these children. I admire your knitting skills, not being a knitter myself (though I used to crochet like a demon!) - we are going to organise knitting lessons at our head office as lots of our staff are keen to start knitting squares.

I have had a quick look through some of your questions and so just wanted to answer where I can. Firstly, there isn't a limit to the number of squares you can bring into store. If it got so that we didn't have room for the Jigsaw clothes we are selling we might have to rethink that but hopefully not! We tied the launch in with Wool Week but I anticipate our Knit-a-Square collaboration will continue until at least Christmas, so you needn't rush too much. Our warehouse team will pick up the squares from each store and then we will send in bulk to South Africa with our lovely freight company, Kerry Teamwork, who are kindly donating the transportation.

I do need to point out that unfortunately John Lewis concessions won't be able to accept the squares. The reason is that our delivery team are unable to deliver and pick up directly; it is all done through a centralised John Lewis warehouse system. I will look at whether we can find some way of accepting the squares by post but please bear with me as I need to see how manageable the quantities are coming into stores initially. Can I also suggest another solution, that perhaps you could post to a member who IS near a Jigsaw store and they could bring your and theirs in at the same time?

For those of you in or near London, we are having some of our owner's sheep come up from Wiltshire to our King's Road store on Monday/Tuesday and then Kensington High St store Weds/Thurs so please do come and meet them if you have time! That said, we are not being precious about whether the squares are pure wool or not, whatever you normally work with is fine.

Thanks to all and let me know if you have further questions and I'll do my best to check in on here regularly and get back to you.

All the best,



Lovely to hear from you Liz and I think you answered all my questions. It's great news that this will probably go on until Christmas at least which will give those of us who don't live near a store time to make other arrangements. The UK group have recorded sending over 10,000 squares so far this year so you could find you have a mini avalanche on your hands.

Thank you so much for making this possible - it's wonderful to have support from an organisation.

Liz - thanks for all the information. Just a couple more questions. A lot of us also knit garments and teddies etc. for the children. Would these be acceptable, or does the offer just apply to squares? Also many of us put "slip-ins" in our parcels -very small. light gifts. Again, would this be allowed? Finally, do the squares have to be parcelled up, as usual, or brought to the store unwrapped? Sorry about all the questions, but you'll find we are very keen on KAS, and want to make the most of this wonderful offer. I am in Scarborough and the nearest Jigsaw store appears to be in York, which I can no longer visit, so sending of parcels would be such a help, as we run a publishing company from our house, and have a contract with Parcelforce. Many thanks to your company for your generosity.
Wonderful to meet you Liz and a huge thank you from all of us KASers in the UK. 
I live near a Jigsaw store, in the south-east. Is anyone on the Sussex coasts, or near Redhill/Reigate unable to get to a Jigsaw shop? I cannot take loads of squares being posted to me, sorry, but I might be able to pick up in the above areas, or arrange to take in a few squares posted to my home.

Oh my goodness! This just gives us in the UK the opportunity to take this challenge to a whole new level. What an answer to prayer. Many, many thanks to Jigsaw, and to Liz Sowden in particular.

In response to your suggestion that other countries get on board, I have written to a US company, Charming Shoppes, which is the parent company of retail brands Lane Bryant®Fashion Bug®, and Catherines®, and operates over 2,100 retail specialty stores across 48 states. 



I sent links to the KAS sites and to Jigsaw's announcement, and asked for their participation. I suggested that their demographic (mostly plus size women) would be interested.  Hope it pans out!

Even if they won't pay shipping, the publicity would be awesome! Let me think abut other chains to contact.

OOOH! How about local yarn stores, and chains like Jo-Ann's and Michaels?

Fingers crossed for postage help in the US !
I was just putting a big box together but I may hold off for a little while more now. It's not so much paying the postage on this end that hurts, it's trying to convince the postal service not to put a dollar amount on it so KAS doesn't have to pay duty on the other end. I hope a US company will follow Jigsaw's wonderful example. I've been googling, trying to find companies active in both locations that might have a regular shipping process they use to help.
I forgot to say "Thank you Liz, for posting on the forum and answering our questions."

Thank you so much Liz and Jigsaw.  I am not very near to a store - 68 miles, but if I could fill my car it would still be worth driving there rather than post to SA.  Am just off to Cardiff for a weekend of drama workshops but next week will give this some thought.  How very exciting - and just the good fairy we have been hoping for to give us some help with the squares.

Thank you, thank you!!!!



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