What a fantastic opportunity this is for our UK knitters.  The well known clothing chain, Jigsaw in the UK has partnered with KAS and knit-a-square for an autumn/winter square drive.  During that time UK knitters (and crocheters can bring their squares into any of the UK stores and they will send them to South Africa on your behalf. 

This initiative was bought about, because their head of marketing, Liz Sowden found knit-a-square online and was greatly touched by the work you are all doing. She thought it was the most perfect fit to launch with 'Wool Week 2011' in the UK and for the mothers who shop for their children and their own clothes in their stores.

Let's think about what other wonderful 'fits' exist out there in other countries to organise a similar opportunity.

Everyone wins, especially our children.   Look forward to your ideas everyone.


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Thanks Sandy. Very good news.

It's mentioned on their website


To find your nearest store




This is fantastic! I've signed the pledge to spread the news about wool. I'm so happy for our UK members who will be able to save money on shipping costs...and so knit more squares!

Hi Sandy,


What terrific Good news!  I have taken up the baton and have just finished typing up a letter here and printing the KAS flyer to send off to a chain store here in Australia.  I am enclosing a SASE for them to reply to me, will post again when I hear something.  Lets hope this will work out for Australian Knitters, I know I could knit and send more if I didn't have to be so careful of how much the postage will be, so I really hope this works.


Even if the store I am approaching can collect and send items for a short time each year I know it would be an enormous help to me at least, and hopefully other knitters.  It would also be a great way for KAS to get some more recognition and awareness too.


Fingers Crossed!



This is super! I posted the Jigsaw site on my facebook page and on twitter.


LOVE seeing the photo of children wearing hats I made on the Jigsaw website! :-)))))



I love your hats Mary. It is lovely to see the things you have made actually being used by the children. I have just recently dragged myself onto the KAS Facebook site and it was lovely to recongnise some of my things in the photographs there.

At last!  An organisation willing to promote the work of KAS in the UK - Jigsaw staff will be so pleased as they are going to meet some of the kindest/nicest people in the UK.  Let's hotfoot to their stores with squares and show them that the faith shown by Liz Snowden in KAS is totally and utterly justified!  Many of their stores are situated in John Lewis Department Stores.  Well done Jigsaw.


Thanks Jan B (see first comment on Page 1) for adding the url to click on for details.


Do we know whether we can send squares to a Jigsaw store as well?  I don't have one close to me (closest is 2 hours away) but it will still be a lot cheaper to send to them rather than SA.  Is there a particular store/address to send them to?
Cathy, I think they probably want them to be dropped off, but I have asked Liz to come in and chat to you all.  Or I will ask her the question.

Hi Sandy

i have just found out where my latest store is do we have to pack them as if we are sending as per ussual

i/e to Africa with address and everything

thanks lots of love

LIZ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Liz, we've been packing them into polythene bags and then carrier bags to take them to Jigsaw - the staff have been so helpful.  Don't worry about the address etc as they are going to be shipped by Kerry Teamwork on behalf of Jigsaw.

I suggest you give your nearest store a phone call. I called the Glasgow store and the girl I spoke to was great. She is quite happy for me to bring in completed blankets rather than just squares. The stores have done a great job of informing their staff about the project.


Thats brilliant news. I have squares ready to send but will now take them to the Jigsaw outlet in John Lewis next week.As I also send squares for my neighbours who knit for KAs this will be a big saving on postage. A b ig thank you to Jigsaw.




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