Hi, my  name is Jeni. i am 36 years old and have knitted most of my life but really don't enjoy it. I learnt to crochet in August 2009 and I am now truly addicted. I mainly stich to granny squares but many family blankets and KAS squares later, I am happy that it works for me. I also invested in a cheap set of plastic hat looms which I find really easy to use and they make a pleasant change from making squares.

I have a 3 year old son called Harrison who means the world to me and was the recipient of my first ever crochet. The good this is that he loves is and tells me it is 'soooo warm'. Very reasuring since so much of my effors now get sent to Soweto for some very need children.

I have started this blog mainly to share with my friends some of my crochet projects with are not 'strictly KAS' and so that I don't bog down the photos pages with extras. I hope you like them.


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This was a blanket that I made for my 15 year old niece. To be honest, she misses her shawl that she had as a baby and wanted a 'big girl' type replacement. It just shows how much our children in Soweto really need their cozy blankets to cuddle up with too.

This one is huge, for her bed, uses some really fancy but tricky yarns and apparently spends much of its time being wrapped round her as a bath robe/wrap around the house. well at least she loves it and uses it. Makes the time and effort worth while.
Jeni I don't think I've seen a better application of the term "teen's blanket". I mean look at the funky fun fur in it and the sparkles. You nailed it girl. No wonder she loves it, it screams "teen" at me, lol. You must have had fun making it, there's so many different yarn changes in it. Definitely a winner. Wow, I wonder if I'll ever get called to do something like that? Well if I do I know where to come for inspiration. Bravo! Did you have to buy all the yarns specially or was this partly a stash buster too? I love the double row of fun fur, the teal inside the white on the lower right square. Totally teen. :)
I made these 'lapghan sized' baby blankets to sell as fund raisers for a charity sky dive that I am doing in May this year. I have more money to raise still so hopefully I might manage. These are quite easy to make up and very satisfying. They were greatly appreciated in the very cold weather we had here in the UK recently.
Forgot about this one. It is a rainbow blanket I made as a gift for the the grand daughter of a woman called Rebecca who has been very generous in donating lots of her yarn stash to me and getting some of her friends to do the same. Thanks Rebecca for your support.
Your blankets are really beautiful Jeni. I keep dabbling in crochet but as I can knit without thinking or looking I find it very relaxing to just keep on at the squares - everything else takes more concentration! Any chance of you saving pics in a smaller file format as they take a long time to load - that said they are worth waiting for!!
When is the sky dive - good luck.
Hi Pam, a bit like you with knitting, I can granny in my sleep so find that is my relaxation. Sky dive is in May so I will keep you all posted and show pics when I am done.
Photos, I will try to find out about smaller format but to be honest I just do it as it come off the camera so it might take me some time. I will try though honest.
Thanks for the lovely comments though I do feel a bit of a fraud since I have only been crocheting since last August.
Fraud? AS IF. Doesn't matter when one starts, what matters is what one does from then on. 'nuff said. ;)
Pam my Mum was like that, she could knit without looking at it. I haven't gotten that knack yet in knitting or in crochet, but I think it's one handy talent to have!
For some reason I am greatly taken by the green lemon one but they are all adorable. Way to go. And pardon me, you said charity SKY DIVE? You are taking the leap? If so, BRAVO. How long does it take, in hours, to make one of these? They're so pretty.
Yes, I am Sky Diving at the end of May. Tandem so I will be strapped to a pro.

Baby blanket - about 40 inches square - 8-10 hours I think but I usually do a bit at a time between doing a few more squares for KAS. I don't like to stick too closely to the very pastel shades favoured in the UK for baby blankets so I usually throw in a bit of something brighter to make them a little more interesting. I am not a fan of the washed out look.
Sky dive tommorrow. Starting to get a little nervous. hadn't really though about it until now as I had been busy with uni exams this week. I had one this morning too but now that the exams are done for another term I can worry about the insanity of jumping out of a plane now instead. Yipee : {
Be thinking of you tomorrow doing your sky-dive. Presumably this is a charity jump? You're very brave but I understand it feels wonderful afterwards - don't think I'll ever find out now. Enjoy it!



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