As many of you have no doubt already noticed, a discussion has sprung up regarding an appropriate January Challenge.  At this time of year it was thought that Colors of Hope, as in stashbusting your oddments of yarn, would not only produce a square, hat or sweater that would give Hope to a child but also hope to us--that we'd clear out our yarn stashes a little bit!  :D


Along with that, another Moderator (Dawne) suggested "New Pattern, New Year" for any of you wanting something interesting to start the New Year off with.  I suggest any new patterns we are trying be listed here so others can try too, knitting or crocheting.  Sounds good?  And if anyone wants to try weaving that also produces warm squares.  A small plastic table loom, cheaply bought in a child's craft section produces potholders and squares which when woven in yarn will be quite warm and welcome. So long as they are about 8 inches it's all for the good of the children. :)


I'm still plowing through my bright coral pink yarn, which is certainly a color of Hope, but I am doing a hat right now with vertical stripes of leftover yarn bits between the pink, so it will definitely be eye-catching when it's done, but also warm...remember Africa's winter will soon be upon them.  As many of us warm up, they cool down so now is not too early to start making something thick and lovely for the dear children.  I keep looking at the smiling child in the purple and lavender hat atop this page, that kind of smile can keep me crocheting through a lot of snowy nights. :)

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hi anne i am going to start with chunky yarn and 6mm needles for squares as well .how many stitches would you cast on to make an 8 inch square gillian x
Hi Gillian, 27 stitches gives me an 8" square with the james brett marble chunky but don't be surprised if you need more (or fewer) stitches as everyone's tension is so different, and it varies according to which wool you use. Not all chunky is the same and double knitting varies tremendously too I find! Hope it works!
I'm afraid Anne's right - I need 30 stitches with Picasso chunky on 6mm needles and I don't think I knit tightly. The only reliable way with a yarn that's new to you is to knit the square diagonally and stop when the side is 8".
And the other thing Christine, different stitches produce a different size square even if the wool, needles and number of stitches are the same. I'm currently using a k3, p3 stitch I saw in "knitting for peace" on the prayer shawls. It makes a solid and FLAT square. Carol Playford put a photo up using the same stitch.
I really like that stitch. About two years ago I made an alpaca scarf using that pattern and making it got me back into knitting after many years. If you change colours every two rows it gives a very interesting effect.
Remember girls, use a tape measure.:)  Whatever works!  And if the square isn't precisely 8 inches, it can still be used...even a 7 inch will stretch in a pinch, but strive for a size from 7.5" to 9".
I normally use aran weight yarn and with simple garter stitch and 5mm needles, I have 35 stitches.
I love this square.  Wish I could crochet better.  It's really lovely.
Ah yes Dawne but there's some gorgeous knit patterns out there for squares.  I like the "seed stitch" myself. I've got a scarf knitted by my late mum in that pattern and it's very warm.  It's almost like little cross stitches.

My Mother who has dementia knits "scarfs".  On my last visit to her I collected several of these and have started to sew them into a blanket.  (Saw Laurie's idea).  I'm using the overall dimensions of a KAS blanket.

Before her dementia she used to knit for a charity in Newcastle, so she loves the idea of her "scarfs" going to South Africa.

Also it's great therapy for her especially as we lost my Father to Alzheimer's in August.

I'm currently knitting a 32" jumper in bright pink, orange and lavender using the Oxfam pattern, but I'm intending to add longer sleeves.  I just love the challenge of adapting a pattern.

Happy New Year everyone.


How wonderful that you can get your mom to contribute too. I'm sure her scarf strips will make perfect blankets.


Hi Barbara


How wonderful that your Mum can help as well as do something that she enjoys and is therapeutic. I'm sorry to hear about your father.


i hope you have a wonderful 2011 x x x



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