As many of you have no doubt already noticed, a discussion has sprung up regarding an appropriate January Challenge.  At this time of year it was thought that Colors of Hope, as in stashbusting your oddments of yarn, would not only produce a square, hat or sweater that would give Hope to a child but also hope to us--that we'd clear out our yarn stashes a little bit!  :D


Along with that, another Moderator (Dawne) suggested "New Pattern, New Year" for any of you wanting something interesting to start the New Year off with.  I suggest any new patterns we are trying be listed here so others can try too, knitting or crocheting.  Sounds good?  And if anyone wants to try weaving that also produces warm squares.  A small plastic table loom, cheaply bought in a child's craft section produces potholders and squares which when woven in yarn will be quite warm and welcome. So long as they are about 8 inches it's all for the good of the children. :)


I'm still plowing through my bright coral pink yarn, which is certainly a color of Hope, but I am doing a hat right now with vertical stripes of leftover yarn bits between the pink, so it will definitely be eye-catching when it's done, but also warm...remember Africa's winter will soon be upon them.  As many of us warm up, they cool down so now is not too early to start making something thick and lovely for the dear children.  I keep looking at the smiling child in the purple and lavender hat atop this page, that kind of smile can keep me crocheting through a lot of snowy nights. :)

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Oh you wonderful women (and men of course).  Such a pleasure to return from a time away and find you all beavering away producing beautiful garments in an atmosphere of camaraderie and collaboration.  Thank you.  Equally fabulous to know that soon the produce of your efforts will be warming and comforting a child somewhere in SA. 

This is a lovely challenge to start the year with.  There were no challenges on the Calendar this year as we found out last year that there was a certain organic nature to the way they evolved and in the spirit of KAS and its community, it is far better that you are able to come up with ideas and put them forward as the months go by, or you are inspired by something.  KAS belongs to us all as do the challenges.

Having said that, we will be asking for a big push for the pilot KAS G4S prison project.  We understand the inmates involved in the pilot project have the capacity to sew up to 100 blankets a week. 

Wishing you all a wonderful 2011.  This is our third year.  How exciting is that. 




Hi Sandy! Welcome back!!! Wonderful to see your smiling face.

Great news about the prison project. Wow - that will get a lot of squares made into blankets! So much love in those blankets with hand from all over the world working on them... really amazing! And they are soooo beautiful. I am always so impressed when I see photos of the deliveries.


Hmmm, and there I was wondering what I was going to do with all the chunky yarn Linda Maltby just shared with me. Silly me!!!


(of course it would be used for KAS but now I know specifically where to point it!)

100 blankets a week.... the mind boggles.  I am so pleased.


The opposite of destruction is creation/creativity.  I love that the prisoners will have an opportunity to help create something rather than be part of tearing something down.  I think this act of service to others will play a role in their rehabilitation.  

I've been making a square using this pattern:

Snowflake Square

If you use worsted weight yarn (or two strands of DK) and a 5mm crochet hook it comes out as an 8 inch square.  Great for using up scraps of yarn and if it's done with thick yarn will be very cosy.


I'm also making a blanket for myself out of the same pattern but using DK and a 4mm hook to get 6 inch squares.

What a beautifully elegant design!   And it looks warm!
Oh WOW, what a gorgeous square pattern.  It's prettier than anything I've seen in my crochet mags in quite awhile.  What a beauty!  Thanks for sharing it. :D
Glad you like it!  I've also been making a 'circle in a square' type using front post double crochet for the circle bit.  I adapted it from another pattern.  When I have time I'll write up the pattern and post it x


If the pattern you end up with is your own creation I'd love for you to send me a PM and I'll give you my email.  I can format it as a Featured Member Pattern, hold onto it for a month or so and release it as a gift to the KAS members everywhere.


Recently Mary gave us a crochet square and it was shared on All For Orphans.

Well all you crocheters what beautiful squares! Will stick with my preferred choice of knitting though and am getting about a square a day done at the moment (soft chunky and 6mms). I know I've seen it somewhere on the site but but roughly how many squares do the ladies need per blanket--is it 27 for 9 x 3? I'm doing the same stitch in the same wool but different colours. 2011 is the year in which I will master putting photos on the site so ONE DAY will be able to show you.

Hi Anne,

Great that you are doing about a square a day.  Soft chunky is wonderful to work with.

The blanket size is 7 x 5 (or 35 squares).

Looking forward to a photo when you are finished !

thanks for that Linda...... the aim is to send a pack of squares for a whole blanket rather than random numbers which I sent in October(though still don't know if that's arrived yet...). Happy stitching!



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