One and All.
I hope you all have your needles and hooks at the ready for a bumper year........and  that you received some delightful yarns that you are just itching to create with. 
I went shopping with some yarn gift vouchers I received....I don't imagine you can guess what colour was top of my list....haha
I am excited to start the New Year off with the theme...
Who doesn't love dogs/puppies? cats and kitties??
SEPTEMBER 2015 THEME - Puppy plus four  CelestialDog  March - A is for Apple
From creatures indigenous to our own country, wherever that may be.........
July 2021 Theme - Around the World  
 or those from a country we have visited.......
Safari Through Africa  A Safari Through Africa
 From the exotic to the everyday.
February 2016 - Celebrate Africa  BigBoyLion
HappyFroggy  PinkBird
From the tallest giraffe to the tiniest ant....
(where's the ant?... I hear you say...well he is tiny...haha)
and everything in between.
 NOVEMBER 2014 THEME - BUGS, SLUGS AND HUGS  NOVEMBER 2014 THEME - BUGS, SLUGS AND HUGS  November 2013 Challenge - Toys and Games and Teddy Bears
CHICKENS..( or in Australia, CHOOKS)  Unshorn Sheep
November. Two Colour Challenge.  October. Waiting to be Chosen.  
October 2021 Theme ~ Waiting To Be Chosen  November 2020 Theme - Happy faces
If picture squares are not your thing, please consider creating pjs (plain coloured squares) or striped or half 'n' half squares in colours representative of your favourite (or least favourite) creatures.
Thumbnail  Moss & Rib Squares Aug 2012
January - The Longest Time - 1 pattern - 4 different squares  
(lion, canary and zebra)
Last, but by no means least.....
Our CoM (colour of the month) for January is the most gorgeous, most delightful, most fantastic colour....
 Scientifically, there are around 29,000 different pink shades currently known to man.
Here's just a few.....
Happy Crafting in the New Year. xo

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Oh Chris, your seagull story reminds me of one of my own that I won't bore you with.  I will, however, just mention that seagull poop on a child's back sticks like glue ... even with buckets of beach water and and a beach full of sand for scrubbing ... haha ... xo

We have seagulls nesting every year on the roof of the doctors bungalow next door. When the chicks are very small the adults are so protective of them that they screech loudly at us as we walk down the drive and occasionally try to dive bomb us if we’re in the back garden!  They also wait until the window cleaner has been to poop on the windows! I remember when the grandkids were small we were watching the sea lion display at the Welsh Mountain Zoo and a seagull pooped all over my black blazer, they thought it was hilarious.

This makes me feel quite glad I live 40 miles inland from the coast, Marion!

How wonderful to have sponsorship for the blanket and then to be given free rein to design such a beautiful creation.  The child that gets this blanket will be very lucky indeed!

Thank you, Claire.

What a wonderful experience to lighten a lengthy journey, Chris. Nature at its sweetest.  :))

This is a special blanket Patricia…so many of our children have never seen the sea and what a lovely story of Chris’s to tell them about the seagull. 

This is a stunning blanket, Patricia, in gorgeous colours and patterns.

Goodness, I guess I'm losing it over here!  I know I saw your incredible blanket, Patricia ... I even commented on it ... at least I thought I did.  I'm just going back over all the creations so far this month and am absolutely loving this one.  Your colour combination is amazing and your design is stunning.  Your cousin must be thrilled with what you've done ... xo  

I think we all got a bit carried away with the seagulls, Gloria!

That is such a lovely blanket - well done!!!

A pink owl on a pink square, I think it fits this month’s theme and colour of the month….



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