Our first recipient of the Square Heart Award in 2014 is

Heather Mensah

from York, England

Heather has been a devoted member of Knit-a-Square since 2012. Her needlework is beautiful and abundant! She is committed to making a blanket's worth of squares each month. This was her gorgeous contribution for the September Education Challenge.

Heather created a jumper pattern specifically for the needs of our KASKids, Heather's Winter Warmer. It is featured in the KAS Pattern Book and in this month's challenge, Long Sleeved Garments.

This  gorgeous version was made in the colours of the South African Flag.

If my calculations are up-to-date, Heather has made 32 Winter Warmers and 20 cuddles in the last two years! This does not include all her other garments, squares and toys. Her output is astonishing! 

Knitting and crocheting for the children is more than enough, but Heather is also a lovely and supportive contributor here on the KAS Forum. Heather and her husband are the parents of three beautiful daughters. They run the York City Gospel Choir and have just welcomed a brand new member to their family, their precious granddaughter, Eowyn.

Heather's creative skills don't stop at fiber arts, she is a computer wiz too. She made this collage last year of her contributions for the year 2012.


This is what Heather wrote to accompany her photo:

In January 2012, I found the KAS website and began my KAS journey, producing 3 tiny 'Zanny' sweaters and 6 squares. However, this was so very addictive and I was staggered to realise just how much I have turned out this year! I have also learned to crochet and have 'met' many wonderful people through the forum who have given me endless support and encouragement. Thank you to all the KAS team - you are brilliant!

On the contrary Heather, it is you who are brilliant! Your dedication to the children of South Africa and the beauty of your work are an inspiration to us all!

Please accept this award

with our deepest thanks!

I invite you all to visit Heather's photo page to see all her beautiful creations.

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Heather was so devoted to providing squares and other goodies for the KAS children that when she moved house her production level didn't appear to suffer!  

Richly deserved, Heather - the sheer amount of work you complete for KAS always astounds me! x

So pleased that you have been awarded the Square Heart Heather; your output is phenomenal and inspiring and I am in awe of your new-found crochet skill.

Congratulations Heather!  You certainly deserve the Square Heart.  I'm never sure just how you mange to accomplish so much - my private theory is that you knit in your sleep.  Well done!

Congratulations Heather you are an inspiration to us all .

A well deserved honour Heather !   We are so glad you found KAS. Your work and creativity has inspired many of us. 

Wishing you and your family all the best for 2014.  Have a lovely time with your sweet granddaughter.

Congratulations on being the first awardee for 2014, Heather. You are soooo deserving of this award.

You have given so much to KAS with your pattern, your amazing body of work and your encouragement and support of others.  You are a STAR!!

You're amazing Heather! Congratulations on this award. You have produced very beautiful work, and plenty of it! Bravo!!
God bless you, and happy new year!!

CONGRATULATIONS, Heather!!  A wonderful way to start off the New Year.  A richly deserved award!  Your work has inspired us all.

Wow! I've just noticed this today and am absolutely overwhelmed! I've had to check three times to make sure I'm not imagining it! Thank you so very much. 

I feel very honoured indeed to receive this award in the midst of the hundreds of others who also deserve it. My husband has just read it all and is very proud - he says I should print it all off and frame it for posterity! 

Producing garments and squares for KAS gives me such pleasure and fulfillment and allows some time to relax in my very busy life. The other members of the forum bring such encouragement and joy - it's such a privilege to be a small part of the amazing KAS. 

Thank you again and God bless you all richly in this coming year. 

X X X X X X X 

Congratulations Heather! Your contributions and creativity are awe inspiring!

Congratulations Heather. Very worthy. I love the work you have done.





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