Into the new year with an eviction notice and a collapsed ceiling … NOT the way one imagines starting off, but we are looking on the bright side in any event !

On 20th December, while Peter and I were enjoying a relaxing holiday in the Cape with all our  immediate family members, Wendy received the news that we may need to vacate the office premises so kindly allowed to us, free of charge, by Robert.  Exactly a week later that possibility became an urgent reality and KAS needed to be “out” within a week !!

Of course, it was always going to happen, but deep down I think we turned a blind eye to the thought - as one does – and just hoped our tenuous tenure would continue for ever.  We have enjoyed every moment of being at 170 Grosvenor Road and are most grateful for the period of growth and confidence it brought to Knit-a-Square SA.

We now look forward to a new era.

At this moment, Knit-a-Square SA is “housed” in four different places … thanks to our amazing volunteers who leapt into the breech, press-ganged their families into helping and managed the enormous physical effort of removing KAS, lock, stock and barrel, from its lodgings and disperse it four ways !!  And they did it all without breathing a word to me, for fear of spoiling my relaxing holiday !  This is LOVE !!!! 

Wendy has gone away for a week’s well-deserved rest, and once she is back we will look for new solutions to the question of how to find suitable new premises for KAS SA in 2014.

In the meantime, I spent yesterday cleaning out the garage with the help of Oti’s nephews, Bheki and Prince, and we have made a fresh home for KAS there, for as long as is needed.

This is as good a time as any to explain that Peter and I arrived home on Saturday to a lounge without any ceilings … sometime before 20th December they apparently collapsed into the lounge, amazingly only causing real damage to one lamp and the central light fitting … aside from dirt and dust everywhere. 

We are so blessed to have Oti … as soon as she came back from her holiday in Zimbabwe (and the insurance assessors had been here) she got stuck into cleaning up and although we arrived home to some hazardous bits of steel hanging down and an ugly view of the insulating aerolite, we are able to use the lounge as normal !

And we have been able to use the erstwhile ceiling boards to “line” the floor of the garage, so as to protect our KAS items from dust and dirt … it’s an “ill wind” indeed …. !!


The lounge roof nows resides in our yard!

So, dear KASfriends  … all will be well, despite this series of mishaps ! 

As soon as our ceilings are repaired, we will set about relieving our mentors of their KASburdens by collecting and bringing them back to Fourways … and we are hopeful that opening days will re-commence, as normal, from Thursday 16th January. 

Post will be collected as usual … no problems there !

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and for your amazing, ongoing support in so many different ways … everyone here sends their best wishes to each of you for a


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How sad to have double bad news. Hope new premises can be found and home is back to normal soon:)

Prayers and good thoughts for you and your wonderful team, Ronda.  I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and when one door closes, another one opens.  I am sure that with God's help, the door that opens will be an even better one for KAS.

Also, it is such a blessing that there was no personal injury in the ceiling accident. Hugs to you all xo

Oh I'm sorry to hear the bad news Ronda. I must say I admire your consistent positive outlook though! God has blessed KAS richly in the past, he will provide another place for KAS to "live" in due time. Best of wishes and prayers for you and the team.

Ronda is a shining example of optimism, faith and love.  I agree with Eileen in that 'all things work together for good'.  Our thoughts and prayers will be with KAS while the issue of a home is rectified and we will continue to do what we do - make squares in the meantime.

Dear Ronda-Oh dear. We will all be visualising and praying for a new ceiling for you and then somewhere special for KAS. It will all get sorted, it always does. I hope your holiday was truly wonderful and restful too, you will deserve another one after this! Oti and friends so kind to just get on with what needed to be done.

Notwithstanding this start to the year, let us trust that there is a purpose to these happenings for the greater good.  With our combined efforts in South Africa and abroad, KAS will have a great year in 2014.  We thank the Almighty for showing us what we can achieve with our joint works. 

Oh my goodness Ronda.  All the best for a better start to February. .....and here is a big hug to keep you going {:>) xxx

I hope you will soon have your home all safe and secure again, my best wishes come to you

So glad to know that no one was hurt

I could not agree more with all comments My prayers are always with you and all the kas members

O dear, what a bad start of the new year. I really hope that the ceiling will be repaired soon. Luckily no one was hurt.

I hope KAS will find a new location soon. You were all so happy with the housing, a pity that this ended.

Love and big hugs . xoxoxo

WOW!  So lucky no one was home and was hurt. 

Keep the positive thoughts going! 



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