I taught myself to crochet about 15 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. My mother had crocheted a blanket for my sister, and I was so jealous! I wanted one for myself, but mom never picked up a hook after that one afghan. Well, here I am 25 years later, and I still haven't made myself that blanket. It is just so much more fun to make something for someone else. I am 34, a mother of 2 beautiful girls ages 14 and 9. My youngest is showing some interest in learning to crochet and knit, so keep your fingers crossed...maybe she will be able to help our cause someday soon!

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Hi Keli, funny how we never quite get round to making our own blankets. I have been able to knit since I was little - my mom taught me and did knit lots of sweaters and cardigans for me always. She still makes clothes regularly for my son and did him a couple of really beautiful baby shawls before he was born. At my request she also made him a lovely cot sized blanket in patchwork using up the left overs from his cardigans - this was before KAS so obviously I was destined to find my way here. Last August I asked her to help me learn to crochet so that I could make him a big afghan for his bed - then I was hooked. I have been crocheting for KAS for nearly a year, making baby blankets for friends babies and throw overs for family gifts. Bought myself some lovely yarn from a sale last september - cotton silk mix and it is still sitting in the bag waiting for me to use it. I keep nearly putting it into my KAS squares but remind myself that I really ought to do my own blanket some time so we'll see.
Happy stitching
Keli, welcome to the community. When I was 15, my French "sister" (from an exchange program) taught me to crochet. That was over three decades ago, and I still haven't made anything for myself either! Yet I have given numerous gifts over the years, blankets, garments, hats...The joy truly is in the giving. I think the KAS cause is now the one closest to my heart--every time I look at the photos of those orphans, I want to cuddle them up in blankets and bring them home with me!
I taught myself to crochet a couple of months ago! Now I make a sqare a day for KAS and even a couple of other things as well! The best thing about crocheting for charity is that whatever you make will be used, instead of ending up in the back of a closet! :)
Good for you, Dawson! A square a day is a big commitment. Before KAS, I made blankets, baby sweaters, dishcloths and stuffed toys, only picking up my crochet hook to make a gift for someone else (I've yet to make myself something). After KAS, I've been crocheting almost every day, since February 2009! If I miss a day, I go into withdrawal; if I have to shift my energy to a crocheted gift, I feel guilty. It's amazing how KAS can change your life! :o)
Yeah, I used to have a lot of free time. Now I have no free time at all. :) A square a day isn't really that bad, though, since it only takes me about an hour.
There's just one thing I don't get, though. I've heard people say that is it hard to even do 1 square every few days, yet it is no problem for me. Am I just a fast crocheter?
Well, some people have arthritis or carpal tunnel, others are knitters and knitting does take longer than crochet. It also depends on the weight of your yarn... the thinner the yarn, the more time it takes. :o)
Okay, thanks.
Well, for me, since I set a goal that pushes me a little bit, I don't feel as guilty if i have free time and i don't crochet as long as I reach the goal because the goal tells me I'm doing as much as i can without hurting myself. Maybe that might help?
For me it varies day to day and week to week. If I have a very busy week I sometimes do not make my personal goals, but then i usually set them too high. I am taking my knitting with me whenever possible. Today I went to Urgent Care for Pleurisy and cough(ouch!)and managed to get half a square knitted while waiting for the doctor! Try taking your work with you, you'll be amazed what you can get done! :)
Thanks for the tip.
Hello Keli
your message reminds me how I leaarnt to crochet I did it myself from books and isnt it exciting learning something new especially when you get it all right.
I learnt to Knit , my mother showed me when I was about 8 years old
and something you never forget.
lots of love LIZ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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