I can't seem to get anyone around me excited about KAS.

I was at a country fair on the weekend. One of the buildings was Commercial Exhibits. I strolled in to kill some time while I was waiting for my husband and son and the first booth I saw was selling knitted scarf kits. I got to talking to the guy behind the table about the difference between knitting and crochet. I waited for an opportune moment to mention KAS. His reply: "That's the one where you send over squares and they make them into blankets." I was thrilled that he had heard of KAS but then floored that he had no interest in joining the cause.

It seems that everyone I talk to about it, whether they're a knitter, crocheter or non-crafty type, is blase about it. I can feel my eyes light up whenever I talk about it, explain what I've made and how it's being put to good use but no one seems to bite.

Is it just me?

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I am sure we will all look forward to seeing your hexagonal go-overs when they have been made. As the mud sticks, it is amazing how creative our KAS community become.
Absolutely I'm going to be interested to see this new Go-Over too. My thought on triangles to fill in for the neck...what about just crocheting along, using sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc and by varying the stitch lengths like that you will fill in the "gaps" while you crochet the neck edge? Hope that made sense! I would be floored by such a wonderful gift Anne. I think the pastor's wife was inspired to drop them off to you. Somebody "upstairs" has been watching and saying, "You know, that Anne is a real firecracker. If we inspire a few people to drop stuff off to her she'll be sure to get them to where they are needed." Don't laugh, I'd wager money on that one! God doesn't like waste anymore than we do and some of his children are shivering and here we all are, trying to stay out of mischief (most of the time) and isn't it just amaaaazing what "falls into our laps"? So totally cool you are able to make that hockey mom's gift so valued. It would be neat if you could snap a pic of the completed work and give a copy to the pastor's wife and she could pass it on to that lady. I bet she'd be thrilled to bits!
Some people just keep on giving. My dad delivered the lasted bag of yarn to me from a friend of my mom, who I have never met. Apparently the friend mentioned to Christine and Christine will give my mom a bag of yarn next week! Who's Christine? All these lovely and generous people are just coming out of the woodwork.
I told my mom I would stop buying yarn and save my money for postage for now until the supplies of yarn run dry. She told me that if that happened, she would just mention it again to her friend Roberta and leave it to her to do the cheer leading for more supplies. How lucky am I. My next batch of squares will contain fluffy pale blue and greens - 6 ball all with labels still on. Angels come in all shapes and guises.
So cool to read this HM. It's my first morning smile! You might have indeed opened the floodgates by saying you're just going to save up for postage. Many people buy yarn for projects or plans and never use them and then don't know what to do with it afterwards. As the lucky recipient of this network your mum seems to be setting up, lol, I think this will be a string of "mini-Christmases" for you, you never know what you're going to get next, one surprise after another. :)
Too true Jeanne. Bag one had several large balls of soft, chunky, pink/mixed yarn just perfect for me to try out my hat looms. Roberta (the donnor) was intending to knit herself a jacket, didn't like it and ripped out the bit she had started. It is now turning into a range of assorted sized hats. I will post pictures when i have done a few more.
for a while, every time my dad came home from work he brought a small gift of yarn with him. turns out he had told everybody at his work what i was doing and what KAS was about, so they all went home and raided their closets for me.
oh wow, way cool! We should walk up and down the streets calling, "Turn out your closets! Turn out your closets for KAS!" heh heh heh
Andrea just keep telling people - I can't believe how this word of mouth thing works - but oh, it does. A few months ago, a friend told a friend about this project and within a few weeks I received 12 squares made by a 90 year old lady, Gwynneth, who used to attend our church, but now lives many miles away with her daughter. I wrote her a thank you note, but have not heard any more until yesterday, when my friend called to say she had been up to see Gwynneth this week - and bless her heart, she has continued knitting all this time and handed my friend a bag of squares . As Helen put it .".. not six squares, or ten squares, Anne... she has sent 140 !!!". Not bad for two days intake - 107 from the hockey mom and 140 from Gwynneth...... Find the right people with big hearts and they will make squares... I am amazed
word of mouth works brilliantly - I have got a lot of my yarn by word or mouth, where a relative of mine or Jim's shows up with a bag and says "this is for your project," and I am sure that i haven't told them about the project in the first place.

Andrea, remember at the KASOTG when a woman showed up with a big bag of yarn and said "I knew you would be here so I brought this for you!" and neither of us had any clue who she was or how she found out about us?
Wow. Anne. Just wow!
I think the thing is that you can say "I knit for AIDS orphans," and they say "that's good!" but the kids are so far away that it doesn't have any impact on them. If you can show them a photo or a copy of the e-zine, or take them to the web page, it becomes a little closer to home and may have more impact. I have also experienced the distracted, 'oh, that's lovely, well done... now what were we talking about?" and in that case you can't really push it any further than that, they aren't interested.

there are so many knitting charities out there that maybe the person has the 'you hear of one you've heard of all of them,' mentality, so I try to explain that the children are usually orphaned by AIDS and have the virus themselves and that many of them are under 10 years old I make sure to say that South Africa is really cold at night because its right down the bottom of the continent, because most people think of africa as being a hot place with big game animals wandering through all the time. I say that in giving a child who has the HIV/AIDS virus a blanket means that they can save the energy that they were using to stay warm shivering and use it to help stay healthy instead. And mention the abandoned babies to anyone who has children, saying that there are mothers as young as 14 who are leaving their babies in the hospital or on the roadside in a box because they have no other option.

if you can show them photos of the children or bring up the last e-zine, it really helps. photos make it suddenly all real. I have got people to knit a few squares when I showed them an e-zine, it means so much more to see a picture of a real child in a real situation than it does to hear about them hypothetically.
That was my technique. I made thank you cards for those who donated which included pics from the ezines, they showed them to everyone.



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