I can't seem to get anyone around me excited about KAS.

I was at a country fair on the weekend. One of the buildings was Commercial Exhibits. I strolled in to kill some time while I was waiting for my husband and son and the first booth I saw was selling knitted scarf kits. I got to talking to the guy behind the table about the difference between knitting and crochet. I waited for an opportune moment to mention KAS. His reply: "That's the one where you send over squares and they make them into blankets." I was thrilled that he had heard of KAS but then floored that he had no interest in joining the cause.

It seems that everyone I talk to about it, whether they're a knitter, crocheter or non-crafty type, is blase about it. I can feel my eyes light up whenever I talk about it, explain what I've made and how it's being put to good use but no one seems to bite.

Is it just me?

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no it isn't. last week, I was at knit group and working on a Go-Over. As normal, we each asked others what their projects were. The general response to me was that I was doing a good thing. I asked if they would do the odd square over following two weeks, and I'd mail with my items. Or for donations of yarn that I would make up.
''Oh, I've got too much to do for my own family.''
''Not sure when I next be at a group meeting''
''My yarn all spoken for''
and other such replies.
I wasn't asking for any financial contribution, and willing to do collecting and packaging.
No one could be bothered to knit 2 rows a day for 2 weeks, nor spare a bit of yarn.
Comparing that evening, it works out one person willing to help KAS,and ten not. Most likely the same ratio you found, Andrea.
But Hey!!! we belong to a great group and they don't. we get good feelings every e-zine seeing what has been delivered.
what they got?
Hey Andrea,
Nope it's not just you....
I have had the same thing happen... I get so pumped when I start explaining and then
BOOM.. I crash when I get those responses.
I know in my area there is a large contingent of folks doing something similar for Mexico.
I also know (although I still find it hard to believe) that a lot of people still have issues about AIDS and Africa and sending any aid at all.
It actually happened with one of my best friends. Told her all about KAS, as she is forever donating and helping numerous people and causes.
She just went cold.
Finally a couple weeks later we talked about it, and both of those reasons came forward.
Then my neighbors said something very similar.
The good news....
I didn't press , just made my points, and when they would ask "o Karen what are you up to "
Always mentioned it !
Well I just got a HUGE box of yarn from a lady back east that my friend had contacted .
And one of my neighbors left some yarn on my doorstep.
I think we just stay enthusiastic about our effort and some folks will join and others for whatever reason , wont.... but you never know... it may sink in after they have said no...
So Just keep smiling and being your sweet self and "they will come" ; )
Like you say Karen...this can happen all over, and even in church groups...we are collecting bags in church for Christmas for the orphanages in Hataii...well the gal and I who were doing it together, were so excited about it...and we couldn;t even get any one to make an announcemnet about it...but you know what...you know this sentence isn;t even in the Bible...and I hope I don;t step on any ones toes....but God works in Mysterious ways.....no verse or chapter....we gathered a lot of gallon size ziploc bags any way...and people are so generous...one gal dropped in 24 beautiful wash cloths from Costco ....she had several bags of things ...tooth paste, brushes, hard candy..she had asked if I would put it into the baggies, and I said, I would love too...while she was buying the candy in the gro store, she also on accident left her jalepeno peppers in the bag too...when I found them I right away put them in my fridge, and in a little while she will come and get them...so what I am trying to say...don;t any one get discoouraged..just keep knitting away...We are all such good friends, lets keep it that way!!!
Thank you Enid, Karen and Gayle. I feel a lot better about this. I seem to be reading more and more about others being able to recruit help and it just hasn't been happening for me.

As I said in the title of this discussion, I don't understand, especially how people would not want to help defenseless children or how they could possibly have issues with AIDS. Each to their own, I suppose. But at least I have you guys!

Thanks again... :o)
YES indeed , we have each other !
And you know Andrea , all we can do is plant the seed...
We may not get to see it grow...but my bet is ..we plant enough
More then less will take !!
Don't let it get you down.
Well I haven't been able to recruit stitchers either but I have been very lucky with donated yarn. My mom and sister (both knitters) gave me a bag of left overs and then bought a few balls each to get me started. A friend of my mom (Roberta) gave her a bag for me, and one from a friend of hers too. My mom called me this morning. Roberta has given her another big bag - she says sorry that it is mostly blue this time!!. Roberta promised she will look in her attic when she gets a chance cause she has more there. And another women who goes to the same social club as them all saw robertas thank you card, asked what it was all about and has promised to bring some for me next week. very generous people and I haven't even met them. I now just have the pressure of using up all of the yarn.
Stash busting month? - stash collecting month more like.
I wish to apologize for the gripey content of my deleted post below. I had a 3 week arthritis flare up which is a reason for my grouchiness but not a good excuse. I get vexed that others' don't "catch the vision" but there are many needs in this world, many peoples needing help and we all help in whatever ways speak to us personally. I'm glad to be a member of this Forum and I agree with Anne that if we just keep speaking to others we'll find those meant to join us. :)
I went to a funeral the other day...about 6 months ago or so...and this was the mans motto...and I have this typed out and taped to my pc...so I look at it every time I get on my computor..heres how it goes:


And when I heard that...I took it for my motto also...
For got to say...Andrea do not take it personal...There are a lot of gals that love what you do, and I am one of them...
Love that motto Gayle !!
Covers it all, doesn't it
Thank you for sharing it !!
I too love that motto Gayle and remind myself that my best on a "not so good" health day might equal somebody else's immense gifts. The widow's mite and all that. Each of us working together builds the immensity of KAS. It's such a big effort fueled by such lovely simple things as squares. Gotta love that!
Andrea - my advice would be to just keep telling people about KAS. I too experience the ‘glazed over eyes’ and the “I am too busy” comments..... and yet I continue to be amazed at how many people DO jump into this project. I have now received hundreds of donated squares from people who heard about KAS from someone I told. One senior has done 127 squares, another 75, another 32... another 25, and several others smaller bunches of 8-10. and they plan to keep on knitting for us

Yesterday there was a knock at my door and my pastor’s wife handed me two very large bags that came from one of the hockey moms on her son’s team. I have no idea who this person is or how she heard about us. In one bag there were 107 gorgeous 5" hexagonal granny squares in 4 earthy shades from cream to dark brown., In the other, a large quantity of matching yarn - balls and balls of it.

Must admit, I heaved a bit of a sigh when I thought about squaring off all the hexagons. Then it hit me - there are enough squares and extra wool to make two very interesting GO-OVERS. Now all I have to do is figure how to crochet the little triangles to even out the top row where I will attach them to a yoke. Whoever made these used worsted weight with a small hook, so there are no big holes and they are dense and snuggly.

I think the best advice we can follow is what Karen said in another thread - If you throw enough mud at the wall, some of it will stick.



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