October 2013 marks the 5th anniversary of KAS. 

Let us raise our hooks and needles to 2 creative women who turned the desire to provide warmth and comfort to Orphaned and Vulnerable Children into a reality: 

Here’s to Ronda and Sandy !

Five years of giving children and their carers hope and dignity. . .

One square at a time

Click here to view a short video of Jamey receiving his blanket. 

The trickle soon became a river as more and more people from around the world  sent squares.

In 2013, Knit-a-Square was on the receiving side.

First, just when Ronda’s car gave up,

the KASvan was given to Knit-a-Square by G4S.  

Ronda’s little car had driven thousands of kilometres to deliver blankets to areas where few people travelled. 

Her faithful companion could now be retired.

These lovingly made squares sent by you, the knitters and crocheters translate into hundreds and, indeed, thousands of blankets.   

You've bought light and hope to thousands of carers and Gogos - the grandmothers who are responsible for their orphaned grandchildren

and to women who, with little support, set up the daycare centres to give the children a fighting chance at life.


In 5 years, Knit-a-Square has warmed close to 20,000 babies and children!


Please continue to send squares as we need thousands of blankets to bring comfort to the many, many children who have not been yet been reached.

Let's celebrate the 6th anniversary with thousands more children wrapped in warm blankets !


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Oooo Linda, You and Dave made me smile! Indeed Dave is right, I easily could have named it "Anniversary cake" :)))). I will make more of these in future, but the time it takes making one square is equal to at about 10 PJs, so...... :)

I know what you are saying Anneke !  We need lots and lots of squares so Ronda can have blankets stockpiled for the next S.A. winter.   I've also been working on PJs and they are quite relaxing to make :-)

Such a fantastic organisation.  Congratulations and Happy Anniversay.  All the volunteers deserve a huge pat on the back for all their hard work. 

Five squares for the fifth anniversary .... some made from the Chain Stitch Square pattern here on KAS, which has become my go-to pattern, one made from the Corner Stitch Diagonal Crochet Square, which I learned from other KASfolk, one traditional Granny Square, and one with a little Fair Isle knit pattern. 

Happy Anniversary, KAS ... and many more!

I love them all, but my favourite among them is the Fair Isle square. It takes me back to my far distant childhood when my mother would knit me lovely little Fair Isle jumpers.

Sharon, these are so lovely.  I'm with Valerie on this ... they're all gorgeous and your colors so cheerful.  But my fav would be the fair isle, too.  I admire your talent in making such a dainty pattern xo

Yep I'm also gob smacked by the Fair Isle square...wowsers.  I do however love the colors in general, how bright and lively for a child, they just exude cheer!

Beautiful colours and designs to celebrate KAS' anniversary !   Thanks Sharon.  The children will love these squares...especially the Fair Isle :-)

Zing zing zing !! fabulous colours and patterns, and a lovely idea to celebrate KAS's anniversary in this way.

So beautiful, all 5. Like Valerie I love the Faire Isle square very much, we don't see such ones often. Hope you like to make more of these. My Mam knitted a jumper for me with Faire Isle patterns in it when I was little, it was my favourite sweater, I loved to wear it :)

I made these squares last week and posted a photo in the UnChallenge but forgot to post here !

Here's my contribution in celebration of the 5th Anniversary:  

Square Circles :-)

October Unchallenge-Square Circles

Wow the black will really make these stand out !



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