At the end of July Estelle put out this post to Karen Gordon...

Karen I remember opening a box of approximately 50 pairs of hand warmers from you.  If you have any more small balls of yarn we’d love some hand warmers from our star knitter….we have suddenly run out of them.


Several of us jumped on board and said we would like to help out, too.

Please join us with the challenge to



The Barn is currently out of hand-warmers and our volunteers are making distributions without them.

With the current issues with post arriving to The Barn we need to restock our supply of hand-warmers. 

Every year KAS tries to distribute 5,000 blankets to children. These need hand-warmers to go with them.    

Included in this introduction are some hand-warmers that have been posted by member since Estelle's request. 

We are adding them to our total. 


Let's color in our hands to reach 500 pairs of HAND-WARMERS made for the children.

TOTAL - 500+

Thank you everyone...WE DID IT!

Way to Go Team KAS!

You can post a photo or just let us know how

many you will be posting to South Africa.  

KAS PatternBook Links for Hand-warmers



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Love your colors, Karen.   I think some of the boys would be happy to wear these, even though we tend to think of them as "girl colors"

After knitting all day Sunday, I have 1 more pair to contribute.

Like the others said, its amazing how many have been made in such a short time!

Another 4 pairs for me. I love these, the green is actually much brighter than it looks. I also love that you can use up even very small bits of yarn to add some colourful stripes.

Total now: 412 (Including Sadie's pair)

Hello and Happy Sunday (a lovely sunny Sunday here in Brittany).   If I can get the picture to upload, you will see another 14 pairs of handwarmers.  I'm making more .......  I too love stripes but not sewing in the ends and if you knit two handwarmers at a time, to make sure both are the same, it gets complicated to have four/six/eight balls of wool to control !   It does make a change from knitting squares though.

These will take the Total now to 426


Excellent Jill, really lovely knitting!   I love this kind of project - a bit of personal pressure makes a sweet feeling of satisfaction when it all works out ✔️✔️

A beautiful collection of stripes!   Glad you figured out how to control all the different yarns, because they look GREAT!

I totally agree! Stripes are such fun to knit - until it comes to sewing in the ends!!

One more stripy pair from me done over this weekend.

Love this shade of green!  I found the best way to control multiple balls of wool is to thread a piece of plastic straw through at the beginning.  It prevents the strands from tangling.

I challenged myself to knit a pair of hand-warmers for every day of September.  Thankfully I managed.  30 pairs of hand-warmers on the way . 

Wow Wilma - That IS dedication.   Brilliant.   I make the count now 457 .....

Thanks Jill.  Done with lots of love for this wonderful project.  

Fantastic Wilma these will be really appreciated by the children.     They look so beautifully made and are so colourful.   Kudos in accomplishing your personal challenge too,  you must be chuffed with yourself ✔️.



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