I am delighted to host another  KAS monthly and there  is something for everyone in this month's topic,   Whatever your level of skill,  let your imagination run riot with your choice of yarn, stitch, colour, pattern, texture, motif, and design to create squares, beanie hats, hand warmers and toys, 


Here are just a few ideas to get your needles clicking, though members from the southern hemisphere will have their own interpretations of their gardens.  Be inspired by the colours of nature. Remember that Plain Janes are the foundation of KAS blankets and we would love to reflect a riot of colour in the garden with both self-coloured squares and picture squares.


Some ideas:

  • The obvious - flowers, plants, trees, lawns, leaves, soil, fruit & veg.
  • Garden visitors – birds, bees, butterflies, ladybirds, hedgehogs, caterpillars, – perhaps hold a teddy bears’ picnic.
  • Garden features - bird feeders, water features, sand pits, ponds, picnic tables, trellis, fences, paths, crazy paving, tubs, and window boxes.
  • Tools of the trade – spades, forks, wheelbarrows, watering can.

  • Be inspired by a selection of squares made this year by KAS members.

    Help to create a garden of delights to bring colour,       cheerfulness and warmth  into the children's lives.       

    I look forward to seeing your contributions on the Forum.


    To see all the photographs  from this month's theme, click 

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Beautiful Patricia, I love the spring colours. No, my colours are different apart from green. 

I see spring onions, lettuce + beetroot - a real beauty Patricia.   (what weight/how many cakes?)

You've obviously moved on from the flower garden to the vegetable garden after seeing Susan's friend's squares, Karen! This is Double Knitting, which I nearly always use. Cakes come in different sizes but I tell myself that 900gm should be OK for a C2C blanket and then tend to over-order as I'm always worried I'm not going to quite make it to the end. (By the way, I stay at the cheaper end of the market or buy when they're on offer!).

I added another paragraph but it seems to have disappeared. I said that I use more yarn for a C2C blanket than one in other stitches and also that I have no idea how much you'd need for a knitted blanket. Sorry not to be more help!

Perfect Spring colours in your blanket, Patricia. I love it. I’ve never used a yarn cake but have thought about making a huge one from all my leftovers using the magic knot, which I’ve seen online. I might have to buy one to see the lengths needed to do this so  that there is a good colour combination.

I first bought some yarn cakes last year, Marion, and initially I wasn't sure I liked having the creative process taken away from me. They have now grown on me and I find they are useful for the times when your brain is feeling a bit lazy! Your idea for a controlled yarn cake is a really good compromise. If you're planning to make a C2C blanket I'd suggest that you use shorter lengths of colour at the beginning and end to prevent that big build up of colour at the corners.

Love, love, LOVE the colours in this Spring blanket, Patricia.....just sooooo pretty.  :))

What a wonderful reflection of spring colours!  I am intrigued how you make your stunning blankets, Patricia - are they crochet diagonals?  You seem to make them so quickly.

Yes, Susan, these blankets are worked diagonally. Using yarn cakes is a bit of a shortcut as you don't have to do any planning or thinking - you just keep going!

Thanks, Patricia.  I wondered what a yarn cake was, though I did not know the name, I have used yarn like that and it creates such a lovely effect.  

I love the fresh lime green leaves of spring...another beautiful blanket Patricia. 

After six gloomy days of damp. drizz;y grey weather, we need some cheer - and these squares made me think of autumn berries - with an image from a rowan tree   near my home. 



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