Furry, feathered and fishy friends, 2015 version....your pets and funny photos and tails (tales)

Greetings everyone!  We're starting off 2015 with a new version of our pets discussion thread.  Anything can be put on here that you find amusing about animals in general or your pets in particular.  I am starting off with a photo of The Lickasaurus, Katie, our rescue puppy we found in the USA on a visit to a shelter there where my daughter worked at the time.  She still loves to bark at people walking on the other side of the street but doesn't clue in that anyone is at the back door until our cats start growling and go see who it is!  She's adorable but not the sharpest tool in the shed.

This is my lap cat/therapy cat/watchdog cat, Vincent, being attacked by a Christmas bow...that'll teach him to go among the presents!  So feel free to share what you wish and celebrate our furry, fishy and feathered friends. My aunt and uncle in Devon UK used to have a Mynah(?) bird, anyways it imitated the gurgling of the sink and the screech of car brakes as they stopped at the corner outside their house. :)

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I do like sheep.  Remember the vastly overfleeced Shaun the sheep? Here's a best guestimate, given about 70% of a fleece makes it into yarn according to Woolmark. And apparently rams give more fleece than ewes. 

sheep graph

That's a real eye opener, look how many children are warmed with only one sheep. Yes I know we use acrylic but all the same I feel grateful for sheep. I suppose I should, coming from NZ, as it is said that we have more sheep than people here!

Yes, I've heard that about New Zealand, which is on my bucket list as a country I would love to visit.

I used to think all wool yarn was scratchy and itchy then discovered from a sheep farm down east that it's the processing of the wool fibers that snaps them off and makes them stick us. They process their wool differently and it's very soft and non scratchy.   I find the acrylic wool yarn blends are very nice too, a compromise I can live with.  

One of my daughters got me some locally spun and dyed wool hanks and I must say they are very soft indeed.  I think they don't use the harsh chemicals that the big yarn companies do.

Ah back to silliness again:

He doesn't look any too pleased either ! Imagine cleaning them off him!

Oh I'd rather not!  It would take, I think a damp towel and a good supply of bandaids!  Yikes!

Just because it's the middle of winter for some of us...granted it warmed up to -17C yesterday after a weekend of -45 windchills.  I thought a pic of a happy puppy called Chewie might be appropriate. 

He has the sweetest smile !

For our Family Day holiday in our town yesterday there were many events in the snow covered field down by the lake. These snowmobilers are typical of the many blasting across the lake. After them I am showing one of the dog sled teams. There were two giving rides to people.  On Sunday the horse team was out...dogs and horses don't generally mix so separate days.  I went and had hot chocolate, there was a fire pit, log sawing competition, snow sculpting, children's snow fort (huge with plastic pipe lined tunnels) and an ice fishing derby and much more, even kite flying.

This was not on the lake but same team at a school yard, I wanted to show the sled. Burton Penner will take you for dog sled excursions, he also races. The two dog teams on the lake were running 9 dogs per team.

Here's the horse sleigh...taken last year. 

This is the other team, yes on the lake.  The team above are Percherons and these are Belgians.

The dogs LOVE pulling...they were so excited at the lake yesterday that when the mushers stopped them to let people unload and load up fresh customers (it was free) the dogs were jumping up and down in place and barking with excitement.  As you can see here in this local photo from a race, the dogs are loving it!  They are working dogs and bred to run.  They are quite happy at it.

Borealis Dog Sled Adventures' Burton Penner assists Open Roads student Daniel Legros lifting sled dog 'Nokomis' back into his cubby for the trip home after giving rides at the school. (The students were also taught how to guide the dogs, proper dog and pet care too.)

This is a typical dog sled truck...they are very comfy in their straw bedded cubicles...it's not unusual to see one of the local trucks in the grocery store parking lot, sometimes with dogs sometimes empty.

Thanks for these photos. We see none of these things here and it lovely to see what goes on in other places and climates.

You're welcome Sue. There were indoor activities all over town for the saner members of the public, LOL.  



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