Hi Everyone!  As we start the new year us Moderators have gotten our cyber brooms out and are now tidying up abit. Part of that is to start a new Furry Friends thread so the old thread can be moved over into the archives.  I will start with a photo or two and hope you will find time to continue on as we have done...rather merrily.  I did add two photos to the old thread that I think I will port over here, just to keep things going.   So....welcome to the new Furry Friends chat thread! Come one, come all.

 Here's Vincent helping my Brita Water Filter Pitcher to work right.


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 Yep, it's STILL UPSIDE DOWN.  Well here it is anyways.  This gives you a GREAT idea of how this year is going to go eh???? LOL!  If anyone wants to turn it around be my guest, I'm out of ideas, it's right side up in my CPU. :P (and even upside down you can see a small amount of my yarn stash on the right...a few skeins atop the large wooden chest holding some of my stash. There's a couple of stuffed animals sitting there too, needing to go to KAS.  There are boxes of yarn elsewhere that we moved out for Christmas decorations and so we'd have room to put the Christmas tree up!  That red yarn didn't make it into the December challenge so it's going into a sweater instead, for KAS.)

..... or for those of us in the northern hemisphere

Cute photo....either way :-)

Now that's just cheeky, Christine....LOL. northern hemisphere, indeed!!!

I turned my laptop upside down so of course it gave a faded version of the pic and then it disconnected my mobile broadband...but it was worth it. What was annoying is when I realised that had I scrolled down a little I would have found Christine's adjustment...but hey, I never take the easy way.  :))

Great photo, Jeanne....LOVE your puss cats.

 Anyone who says cats don't have emotions just needs to look at this cat's face. I do love firefighters, they are awesome!

And this dog expresses how I guess we all should try feeling in the bright New Year...my hair is long enough to do the flopping ears bit but I'm not sure I'll get that high off the ground!

Jeanne, thanks for starting this new discussion.  I love the title!

The old discussion Furry Companions had gotten so huge, that no one could possibly hope to read through it all.

I have closed Furry Companions to replies, and inserted a link to this discussion in the last post, so people will make the transition easily.

The old discussion can be left in place for a couple of weeks so people can see the last few postings, and then we can move it to Closed Discussions where it will always remain accessible to anyone wanting to read it.


I can't believe haw Vincent looks like my Looby-Loo.  will try to upload pic for you

You are right they are very similar indeed Ute.  Grey "Tuxedo" cats I guess.  I didn't want another Tuxedo cat (that is what cats with white underneath a solid color are called by some) after Princess passed on...she was black with white and we'd had her 15 years but along came Vincent, tiny, cute and determined to be adopted by me and he was grey and white instead of black and white so I relented.  He's a big purrball now. :)

Hi Pam.  Have you got the other 100 uses for a cat? One of ours likes to be a draft excluder and Candy likes to be settee queen on our three-seater and takes up two thirds.  I am sure other members must have cats like that!!  This is her being tidy and not sprawled as per usual.

Kitty is always into cupboards and drawers given the chance.  She is affectionately known as 'car park cat' by my husband, Monty, when she is naughty as that is where I rescued her from.  He likes to tell her she will go back when she misbehaves, but he is a big softie and would not follow through. All our cats are 'older' and rescued, usually 8 and above, as it is harder to home the oldies. We think we have had this batch about 4 years now but it feels like forever.  They soon worm their way into your heart.

I just LOVE a pic of a cat with its tongue  hanging out.  :))



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