Hi K-A-S Friends.

Many of us have enjoyed a good chuckle or interesting moment in the Share a Yarn and Furry Friends discussions, haven't we?
Being the continually evolving community that we are; as of this moment, these two discussions shall become one.
Welcome to FUNNY and FANTASTIC!
Please feel free to share a pic, a funny story or maybe a link to a video about...... anything.
 We'd love to know what puts a 'smile on your dial' and a 'song in your heart'.

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I can swear and affirm that this is NOT my house ... there are empty spaces on those shelves!


How true!!!

Well, I never get the whole blanket done, but I have been known to have to apologise with being late with or for something, 'cos I said to myself, 'just one more row', which became a few!!!!

Just received an email from a friend 

"Whilst in Margate last week I took the kids to the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery. There were lots of textile exhibits , but one in particular reminded me of you , so I took a photo for you. I imagine this what your front room looks like after you have knitted a blanket !  Not quite sure how that is art ! I just wanted to sit and unknot it all !!!!  "
Not sure what she is saying about my knitting, but perhaps a friend worth keeping if she likes unknotting yarn !
All I could think, when I saw this picture what a waste of yarn  :))

Oh that would be hours of fun Sharon...... Unknotting and doing Russian joins. :) New balls of wool. :)

It's a blanket in disguise! I would love to have a go at sorting this out!

I wouldn't call that art. Any if the squares or blankets featured on the forum would be classed as art :)

Don't worry ladies if anyone catches you with messy balls of yarn and squares or UFO's just tell them its an installation !


I was once given a very large amount of yarn, mainly wound into ball or in skeins. As it smelled very musty, I put it into a pillow case tied the opening and washed it. Unfortunately the pillowcase came untied and I had a machine ful of "spaghett"i. My husband told me to throw it out, but I hate to admit defeat, so I spent many very long evenings sorting everything out. I got it all sorted.

If I'd seen your photo before, Sharon, Iwould have put it on E-Bay to sell as an artist's expression of the world today and sold it fo a small fortune!!!!!

I tend to agree with you, a waste of yarn.  At least leave an explanatory note with it so I know what the heck the artist was thinking?  I read a book on the artist Picasso once.  At least now I understand 3 of his paintings, lol.

My daughter visited our National Gallery in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and got glared at by security guards for laughing at some art installations. (like the big empty room with a huge bungee cord strung diagonally across it...this was the art work!)  I still remember the fancy "chairs from found objects" competition going on at an art gallery in the UK and a construction worker saw them, felt he could do as well and knocked together a chair from found objects in the rubbish tip out back and won the competition. The judges said his chair was very comfy to sit in! 

I think an art exhibition would be wasted on me....I like a nice portrait or landscape....anything that requires interpretation or has 'hidden meanings' is wasted on me.....lol.



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