Recently, there have been several questions and some discussion about the cost of mailing our squares to South Africa, in some of the Groups, particularly the US and the UK.

It often comes as a bit of a shock to newer members, when they send off those first few parcels, how expensive it can be to mail them.

We do regard the postage cost, as well as the squares we produce, as part of our commitment to KAS. However, there are ways to reduce these costs, and sometimes even offset them.

This discussion is for you to share your ideas and discoveries.

Many of our KASfolk send vast quantities of squares, gathered from several knitters, and have found ways of fundraising to pay for this.

Other KASfolk simply produce a lot themselves, but have found ways to keep these costs as low as possible.

If you have not already read it, I would encourage you to read the International Postage discussion. It is updated at the first of each year and includes as much postal information as we have been able to gather from countries around the world


In general, you will find that is less expensive to save up your squares until you have a considerable number and mail one larger parcel rather than sending off just a few squares at a time. Check the details for your country.

All parcels from the US travel airmail. From the UK, Canada, and Australia we are able to send them by surface mail which, although it takes 6-10 weeks, is half the price. Since parcels are arriving in a constant flow in South Africa, the extra time it takes is not significant enough to warrant the cost of airmail from these countries.

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Yes, I was thinking that Anne. If you hold on to your squares for a while Ann you could send three times as many for less than double the cost for instance, as Elaine shows and save on packing materials.

Gee thanks Wendy for those tips on sending off our squares etc. I shall speak to my local post office about the seamail! I've always sent airmail which is sooo expensive, but probably in my head I need to get the squares etc to Sth Africa as quick as possible. That's a mindset, that's all. I get so excited when I've got things to send. Shall have to settle down to seamail and more of it maybe. Thanks again.

I have used boxes because the UK rate says that it has to be no more than a set size...... I wonder if I could wrap in a bin bag after making them into the right size instead........... I don't want to fall foul of the post office!!!

I put my squares into a polythene bag and then suck the air out with the vacuum (I used to sit on them) then tape up the bag quickly. I then put them into a black/ grey postage plastic bag and tape it up securely. I seem to get away with the size, but can never get up to 2kg as it would be too big. Hope this helps.

Interesting idea........ I might try that.

Kudos to us all for being creative in more ways than our crafting. I too use the small parcel rates from Canada. In addition we also have a total "cm" we can't go over to use this rate. I have found that the brown paper bag from my favourite take-away chinese restaurant fits the bill perfectly so I don't have to worry about this aspect. I put the squares into smaller plastic bags and fit as much into the brown bag without going over the 2 kg limit. This is the most economical way to send the squares. The number of squares depends on how thick they are. We also have a flex rate for under 1kg and 1.5 kg. In future I'll be using slip-ins like pencils to get closer to the limit when I can't fit in another square to make up the 2 kg.

I also belong to the local CWL (Catholic Women's League) and we hold an annual christmas bazaar and raffle. The funds raised go to many local charities. A year ago I introduced Kascare to them and asked for support in the form of squares and postage. Although I am the major contributor to the squares and pay for some parcels myself, the CWL will pay for parcels too and these I indicate on my info slips. It's a great compromise because otherwise I wouldn't be able to send as many parcels. At the moment I am able to send an average of 50-60 squares a month.

Thanks Anne for posting this !   It will be very helpful for everyone.  Hopefully we will hear from all the countries involved in sending parcels :-)

I think its quite good to tell loads of people about KAS! I tend to crochet in public so its easy to start a conversation. My friends have occasionally slipped me tenners for postage. I have also asked for donations of yarn for my birthday last year which was very successful. I got a huge huge bag worth which meant I could spend money on postage instead. 

Mary, those are both very good ideas. Lots of people who don't or won't make squares are very happy to help out by donating postage or yarn.  Their contributions make it possible for people like you to make even more.

wenalso have to remember it doesn't matter if you send   just 1 square or 100 squares each one counts and for the person sending just one square he/she gets as much pleasure out of it as the person sending 100 squares its knowing that ur square or squares goes towards a blanket to keep a child warm and that is the best feeling in the world knowing your helping someone

I was posting a parcel the other day and a lady asked who pays the postage on this knitting you do I replied I do... she suggested I approach the local Rotary club to help with postage costs and donations of wool....

That's an excellent suggestion, Mandi. Perhaps if you speak with them, you might point out what Rotary and the Stitch Witches are accomplishing in J Bay.  Support for KAS is not a new thing for some Rotary chapters.  Who knows, you might even inspire a group of Rotary wives to join you in your knitting and if the wives are onboard... the husbands will follow!



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