In July, Alice Latha reached out to Knit a Square to provide warmth to the children in Free State.  We had a marvelous distribution there in the Monontsha Village with songs and a hike  up the hill.  

Read all about it Here.

Then we had a Celebration Distribution with Mabel dressed in her beautiful colors, in August.  LINK

In September, Mabel returned to the area to start up a KAS satellite group for sewing blankets together to warm children in the surrounding area.  Please remember this is over 300 km away from our KAS Barn.


We are now going to report all the marvelous things that are happening with this group here in one page.  Please follow along on this amazing journey...

One week after Mabel instructed the adults how to sew blankets, school children were introduced to the project.  Here is Alice's report:

We are glad one of the schools in Free State is assisting us to join squares for free. The Principal take this as an education to kids so that they can learn to work hard . The school has lot of vulnerable kids, disabled and orphans who attend classes there. Others don't even have school shoes nor uniform. At least they will sew the blankets for their own benefit. When they are done with blankets we will donate to them. Thanks to Knit-a-Square team, May God bless your hard work.

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Alice helped with a distribution through a church on September 22.  Here are some very touching photos and a message from Alice and the Reverend.

This is the message from the Rev. of the Church, we donated blankets to their physically challenged children yesterday

Dear Knit-a-square

Thank you so much. I'm so touched to see children cry when they receive your donations. The way we have poor society other kids sleep without any blankets. As the church we do offering and we cook for such kids on weekends. They know that they get food at church on Saturdays and Sundays. We really want to appreciate the help you did for our community. A giving hand will be blessed. May God bless you even more. Attach here photos we took as church during your offering.

Kind Regards

From Church Council

This last photo makes a powerful impact.  Alice writes:

I'm so touched by this photo. May God bless every knitters who's part of KAS around the world. Tears of Joy

This child is crying because he received a blanket from you, Knit-a-Square. He is from the poorest family. Please note that you touched other kid's life in a special way. May God bless.

Once again, Alice was on the go, distributing warmth to children in small towns, Koppies, in Free State, on October 5.

She posts: Thank you so much for touching Free State kid's lives in different way. May God bless.

Thank you for this heart-warming and emotive account.   The pictures are fabulous as they really show the effort and care which goes into every stage of our giving process, and why we do it.    It's made my day.... I'm off to knit some more.....


Here are the latest photos from our Free State Satellite Groups.  They recently made a distribution to the Ekurhuleni School for the Deaf, and our Mabel was on hand for this distribution.

Our newest group of grannies/gogos at a workshop in the Free State area, learning all about sewing up a KAS blanket.

Thank you ladies for all your help in spreading warmth to the children of South Africa.

From November 11, a note from Alice:

Through your support we managed to reach few of areas of kids who are in need around Free state. You guys (knitters) truly make difference for our community and we are extremely grateful!. Please see the new deign that gogos did on your work as part of creativity. We don't have any squares at this moment as we only receive one pack monthly from Ms Mable. To keep our self busy we did this blankets.

Gosh I'm impressed with the colours + how neat things look ✅

On November 17, Alice writes:

Good evening, we had a meeting with Mabel today and she is willing to help Free State Forum by giving us the squares that are faulty. Then as Free state team we can dismantle them and re-use the wool to design the blankets for our community. I will keep on sending photos when we are done please post them on Forum maybe, we will get someone to donate to us as Free State team. Will send you photos of grannys and Mabel for today. At least the team was so happy to get something to do for our community who's in need.

May God keep on blessing the knitters around the world.

Good news is Mabel promised to give us 200 blankets for Free State before Decemberso that we can try to cover the most cold areas like Bethlehem, Petrus styn, Lindley and Harrismith. I will share photos of distributions with you. So that people who donated can see the impact they did to our community.

Great to see + read about folk helping out here.

Distribution from November 24 near Lindley about 230 KM away from the KAS Barn in Randburg.  Mable and her husband drove the KAS Van to deliver 200 blankets.

From Alice:

I woke up today with tears of Joy in my eyes. I thank God for KAS team and all the knitters around the would. Guys you can never know how many lives you've touched, so just know it's far more than you think. The Free State kids has received the Love that they never received before. On behalf of every child in Free State province South Africa I would like to say Thank you so much may God bless all of you and please know that you have made our province better place. Will keep on sending photos of events when we received anything from Mabel.

Lindley is a small town situated on the banks of the Vals River in the eastern region of the Free State province of South Africa. This area has lot of informal settlements which lot of people from that area are disadvantaged. The area, does not have even hospital they travel to Bethlehem(160km) for basic needs.There are many children who travel long distances with bare feet to school to access education. Your blankets, beanies and gloves will assist them during winter as the area has low temperatures.

This is Alice surround by very happy children.

Alice resting just a little bit in the KAS van.

Our precious Mabel and our dependable KAS van.

For those who are disabled this is the means of transport they access. They even struggle to get in and out of this bus because of wheelchairs.

Two amazing ladies making a difference in the lives of others in the Free State Province.

Thank you so much for this account.   Alice you wrote so beautifully it made me weep.   Heart-warming souls for sure ❤️



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