1939 - 2020

Through her POETRY


Through her concern for her KAS FRIENDS


Through her SENSE OF FUN




Through her CRAFTING


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 I'd like to congratulate you on this fabulous tribute to Anne.   What an amazing, interesting, passionate, fun and caring woman she was.    I was really drawn to the humour in her declaration of her absolute adoration of Neil Diamond in one of her last posts.   A treasure of a lady for sure ❤️X

Thank you, Karen.  Yes, Anne was an absolute treasure!! 

Several of Anne's dear friends were instrumental in putting this memorial together.  One of them, our dear Andrea, created that beautiful video of Anne's work with her 'beloved' Neil singing in the background.  Isn't it beautiful!  I know our Anne would be pleased :)) ... xo

I'm the other KAS member who worked with Anne to develop the KASCuddle.  We had such a wonderful relationship, and I am devastated to learn of her passing.  I have been ill myself since last August with two major surgeries and two long stays in rehabilitation hospitals.  I have not been active with KAS for awhile and do not know the circumstances of her passing, but I do have such wonderful memories of working with her from Texas to Canada.  When we hatched the idea of the KASCuddle to Ronda and Sandy, they immediately gave the go-ahead and I worked up the knit version while Anne did the crochet version.  At first we rounded the bottoms like finishing a hat but soon realized the babies needed kick room so we went back to the needles and squared off the bottoms.  When we presented the versions on Square Circle Forum, I found with the knitted version that many members did not know how to use the required circular needle, as the pattern required a cast-on of about 80 stitches.  So a knit-a-long ensued and we were off and running.  Although the KASCuddle is not now among the most needed items with KAS, many members enjoy making them still and sending them, and Anne and I often expressed delight that we could come up with an idea that warmed the babies.  She was such a joy, so practical yet whimsical, and such fun to work with.  Thank you for this lovely tribute.  In the time I knew her, she immensely brightened my life.  RIP, my sweet friend.

My dear Helen, thank you for sharing this story of the KASCuddle with us!   You've added an extra special touch here.  Each of us have unique and wonderful memories of Anne's time with us on the Square Circle Forum.  She will be remembered for the joy she gave us, as well as the treasures she gave the children.

I am very sorry to hear you've been unwell.  I hope you are doing better now and are keeping safe ... xo

Lovely to see your name Helen.  So sorry that you have been unwell, and very much hope that you are fully recovered.  It was a happy memory, the KasCuddle.  Thank you x

When I joined the KAS forum in 2013, I had already been making and sending blankets for more than a year to Ronda for the children. I had little confidence, and felt that as a I didn’t read patterns and couldn’t make ‘fancy’ squares, that I had little to offer the forum, and so was a very reluctant contributor. Anne new this and quietly guided and encouraged me, and made me realise that Plain Janes were invaluable in helping to keep vulnerable children warm. She once commented “To me there is absolutely nothing more beautiful than a plain jane blanket”.

Over time, as we got to know each other, I realised that we were kindred spirits, we became friends and have regularly been in touch. For nearly five years my sister has had cancer and is currently receiving end of life care. Anne has supported me with her ‘listening ear’, her understanding, her kindness and her genuine empathy..... I will miss her greatly.

We were both very much looking forward to finally meeting up during my proposed visit to Canada this year; Anne new that I was looking forward more to meeting up with her, than I was to visiting Niagara Falls! 

I am so pleased that we have this tribute to Anne, a truly remarkable, caring woman. 

Chris, thank you for sharing another lovely memory of Anne.  I loved the poem she wrote about our Plain Jane squares.

Thank you, too, for your help in putting together this tribute to our dear friend ... xo

Can someone kindly share with me when Anne died and whether she had been ill for any length of time?

Dear Helen, I've sent you an email ... xo

I received it, Gloria.  Thank you so very much.  xxoo

Thank you Gloria and Andrea for preparing this tribute to Anne.  Without her presence on the KAS Forum, I think that the early KAS years would have been vastly different, might I say even duller.  I never met Anne face to face, however I spent many hours talking to her via Skype. I can hear her raucous laughter resonating in my ear.  When I was preparing to send my first parcel to SA, I wrote to Anne as I saw from her Forum presence that she was very experienced.  She had a wealth of ideas on fundraising, on inspirational ideas for Forum topics and crocheting.  She even had a bout of cancer in the early KAS years and came back more dedicated than ever.

I would like to extend my sincere condolences to her family and to other KAS members who worked closely with Anne.  

Wonderful memories, indeed, Mili.  Thank you ... xo



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