In February we like to think of ways to show our loved ones that we care.

The most common way to show our affection is with a hug

And a heart


Our children in South Africa deserve a big hug and a wonderful way to give one is by making a square. 

Each child receives 35 hugs when a blanket is wrapped around their shoulders.


This month we will be sending our blanket hugs with extra love.

We will be adding hearts!

Here are patterns that you might like to try !

Or perhaps you will create your own heart square.  

[Link to knit heart pattern]              [Link to crochet heart pattern]


Not into hearts?

 Why not make one of your beautiful Plain Jane squares in the traditional February colours of pink, red and white.


 We may not be there to give each child a personal hug

But we can send the next best thing...a blanket hug.

Where to add your squares:

  1. This discussion-with photo [add to last comment]
  2. The photo page -[see menu tab above]
  3. KAS Reaches Great Heights-with photo [click here]
  4. 2014 Tally- [click here]


The February Photo Album 1 is available here.  

The February Photo Album 2 is available here.

Anne has added the Pinterest album here

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, Laurie Fortier is unable to host this challenge.  I am delighted to be hosting in her place.  

While checking the charity shop I found these cute little fellows....just right for the February challenge.  They even come with their own hearts :-)  

Linda, What a BIG heart you have!    This will be a wonderful challenge, and we hope to keep you busy will lots of warm-hearted squares.   Here are some of my stash-busting and heart squares to start you off .

Just like people, hearts come in all shapes and sizes, colors and textures.  Some are knit and some are crochet.

(As usual, colors are actually prettier than they appear.)

(something strange happened with this post .... it is supposed to appear after Linda's welcome.)

Here is my cuddle :) I didn't plan it, but it seemed perfect for the challenge! (I admit I did finish it a few days ago though lol).


And here is a close up of the heart:


I liked the pattern, if any of you want to try it here's the link:


Thanks Linda for hosting!!! (I'm off to post this in January :)

Oh and thanks to Gloria, Valerie, Christine, Brenda, and anyone else who made a cuddle recently. It made me want to too! :)

February 2014 Challenge

My first heart for the month...used a knitting chart to create the heart. Stitching looks a little wonky here and there 'cos it got a little squished in the bottom of my knitting bag these past few days....Well that's my story and I'm stickin' to

My first heart <3  

The square behind the heart is thanks to Gloria.[it is a brighter pink but with cameras...]  I found my double ended crochet hook and tried the Cro-knit stitch.  It is great with a thinner yarn that wouldn't work with a regular crochet hook.  I think I'm 'hooked' on this stitch :-)

Ta Da!  Here is my 1st contribution to this month's theme.  I must admit I started it a while ago though, wanted to have it finished to add to the discussion as soon as possible.  I have incorporated all the colours (red, white and pink) as well as the hearts theme all into 1 blanket. I really enjoyed doing this one, it was a lot of fun.

I will enclose a photo of it when I mail it so that it can hopefully be sewn up as shown. (This is my 22nd Complete Blanket).

I wish my puffy heart was as neat as Linda's, but, alas it is lopsided.   I counted, and ripped back and counted again, and it always looked a little off.  I used a different pattern than the one here ... should have used the tried and true KAS pattern, but was stymied by my lack of internet access, so used one already in my stack.  Still, I think it counts for this month, and it has a few plain squares to support it.

It is only Feb. 2nd and already there are some gorgeous hearts around - in all sense of the word. My contriubtion -  some sugary concoctions in pink and red.

Another one for the february challenge.

Here are two squares, one with a heart. The grayish green is actually a pretty pastel mint shade. For some reason if you hold the camera too close it turns gray, so that's why it's sort of a tiny pic.










The blue one is a first for me, I don't usually get that "wild" (lol), and the green one seemed a little thin, so I thought I might as well add a heart. I have limited yarn colors, because I'm almost out except for white (more on the way). I have blue and yellow too, but they're occupied with a Zanny T currently (you'll see that soon) :)).


I hope I'm not hogging space but-

I was packing a package for kas, and.... well, I couldn't resist! lol



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