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Two more comments from Facebook by caring individuals - the questions have been answered directly on FB, but just good to know that there are ever caring people joining our quest.

From Liz Clements :
Before I whip out some squares...I was wondering if there are any colors that are off limits. I would not want to offend another culture! Thanks.


From Sherry A Clawson
I found a very simple hat pattern so I'm making hats to add to my stack of squares (hoping to send off my 1st package next week). 

Since I'm using acrylic yarn, is it okay to wash the hats so they're softer for the kids?

New Group in Melbourne - Cast Offs!  Message from Tracey Small.
This is a our inaugural meeting held on 18 October 2011 in Melbourne where the "cast offs' grouped to knit squares!

From Keri - in Transit Sewing parties.  Keri.....In Transit: Sewing Parties!

Love this. Sewing blankets at 10,000 Homes.

From Angelic Gems - raising cash for KAS.

Here's PandoraAngelBear (she's my little helper) posing for our brand new table with the new range of Archangel Gabriel charms, 50p of which will be going to the Knit-A-Square charity.

Message from LBK Creations :

Made with Bernat Big Value discontinued yarn that I found in my mom's shed from long ago. I wish there was a similar colour! It's just so beautiful. These squares are for Knit-a-square donation.


Facebook have recently changed the settings on the KAS Facebook page.   The topmost story can appear to be several days old, but in fact other people have posted since, but for some reason the Facebook system no longer displays in date order - which really is the most rational method, but they seem to believe they know best!   To ensure you read the most recent posts please click on 'Everyone (Most recent)'  It is located just under the photos at the top of the page.

More from LBK Creations :

 Another toque for Knit-a-square made with Oceans Super Saver. I love that wool! Come and check out my page. I'll be doing a giveaway when I reach 50 likes!

Facebook : Love this. Sewing blankets at 10,000 Homes

Below are some of the comments from Facebook members :
Natasia Labiskagnie :  Excellent guys, just love what you are doing!!! My squares almost done and in the post!!
Mary Kristel Lokken : So inspiring!
Rosy Benitez Drake : Keri thank you form sharing - I can't wait to it to knitters next Saturday when we meet again! We will be shipping some squares soon! Blessings
B-Arbeiten : wonderful!
Laura Bridges Pereira : My students are sewing away here in CT. The start was slow, teaching them all at once but some of them are really great knitters now. Can't wait to send some squares.
Ronda Lowrie : Two Rolling Hills parcels waiting here in Jhb for delivery to White River - Kacy and I are already onto it !! KAS supporters and contributors - you are AMAZING !!!

Thanks Pam for sharing this.   Wonderful to see the boys sewing and modelling the blankets.

Facebook message from Chris Williams :

I am thrilled to find a group knitting for a charity who needs it and will appreciate the effort!

Lists from September 1 to October 6 are up everyone!
Message from Laura Porter Kolarik : Wow - that is really motivating! I'm on it!

From Janet Callow :


I took 40 squares to Jigsaw Stratford-on-Avon on Tuesday 18th October, but don't know how to record the fact on the tally. Must say the shop assistant was very thrilled with my donation and made all the right noises to encourage me to continue.


(We have added Janet's total to the Squillion Tally)



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