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Facebook message from Ronda :


Spring is sprung ... we are distributing lotsa warm items while it's still beautifully cool in SA, thanks to all our generous friends out there ! KAS weekly opening session starts in a half an hour so we will be singing your praises all day - hope your ears are burning already ! Love from the KAS team in Joeys xxxxx

Facebook message from Hatty Antink (my delightful niece) :


anyone going to Fallstan interested in helping out with a knitting workshop? its for a brilliant cause and will be great fun!!


[Hatty is going to do face-painting to raise funds and awareness for KAS at a music festival next week - am very proud of her as life hasn't been easy for her the past 5 years, and she's still only a teenager!]

KAS announcement on Facebook :


Liz Snowden of Jigsaw UK Clothing shops & Kerry Teamwork transportation have been nominated for the KAS Square Heart Award for being willing to receive squares from KAS members in the UK and ship them to South Africa (until the busy Christmas period).

From: Sue Chapep
You might be happy to hear that the staff (including males) at Brisbane's National Relay Service are churning out squares, beanies, jackets and jumpers... and even toys! :-) I believe the first batch is almost ready to go! :-)
[Apologies, placed this report in KAS Event News by mistake, but having mentioned to Facebook members it was going to be on that discussion page - have had to leave it, but this is where it should have been!]

From Sue Drury on Facebook :


I haven't counted the people I've spoken to about this , but I still sit there alone on Thursdays and knit. The stitching group has finally gone into the newsletter for next term. Despite this squares, beanies and jumpers have been coming in and we now have a display cabinet filling up fast. On a bus trip people knitted squares, and on another I was asked what I was knitting and from this my Miniature group offered their annual raffle proceeds to pay our postage this year. Planning on sending a large parcel in mid November. Members are also knitting squares.I will count them all and add them to the tally when we post them.

From Kara Robar on Facebook:


I have 8 squares out of my 60 or so finished and I started on Wednesday! I'll be done in no time and on to making little pullovers and hats!

Kind offer posted by Affinity Yarns, Cambridge UK


We'd like to support all the Knit-A-Square knitters. To help with the cost of knitting yarn we've allocated a discount code just for you. Get £5 worth of yarn for free (off an order of £25) by using the code KAS2011 at the checkout. Keep up the great square knitting!

Sorry should have put their website address up.  Affinity have a showroom in Cambridge, but you need to visit by appointment.  There is quite a range yarns, accessories etc on the website

(see earlier post above)

Gillian from Rochdale posted this on FB earlier : very much like the word 'hundreds' and answered her question.


I have, thanks to many friends and colleagues, a large number of squares to send (well in the hundreds and growing!!) I am planning to take them in to a Jigsaw store soon but wonder how to pack them - does anyone know - I would be grateful to hear how other people have used the Jigsaw offer.

Posted by Sue Drury on Facebook.

Here's the photo I promised of the knitting so far...cabinet not included ;)


Alisaa Voeller posted this message on Facebook

Just found this website and love the idea! Can't wait to get started! Great cause!!!

Jana Benitez posted on Facebook :

I love Lamb's Pride Bulky. It makes such thick, warm hats in no time. AND it's made right here in Nebraska, so I'm supporting Local economy. :D



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