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From the Facebook page of Mama Ntombi :

The needs are great, but we can change the world one smiling child at a time - like we are doing with Sabelo. The MNCP Team visited his school yesterday where we talked to the School Principal and his Class Teacher. We were so saddened to see that his shoes were too small for him, his pants was too big and being held together with a cloth belt, his shirt was three sizes too big for him. With the Principal's permission, we took him to our offices based at the Church, gave him a good bath and found some new pjs that we dressed him in. We then gave him a hearty breakfast, and made him a packed lunch for school. We then took him to the shop and purchase a complete set of school uniforms for him and then took him back to school. The immediate transformation in this child's life is so wonderful to see. We will continue to monitor Sabelo's progress and give him all the encouragement and practical support. Through your support and prayers MNCP is changing the world - one smiling child at a time!

An amazing transformation...I can only imagine the boost given to his self esteem to know that there is someone who cares enough about him to provide for him in this way.

Here are some pics from the Mama Ntombi Community Projects taken last week :

From the Facebook page of Mama Ntombi :

Trinelle celebrated her 5th birthday with the orphaned and vulnerable children at Jika Joe and Mattisons. Thank you Trinelle for providing a wonderful treat for 300 children.

From Mama Ntombi's Facebook page :

The first blade of grass being cleared at our new building site at Ezinketeni

This has been Gogo Ngema's dream and prayer coming true. She would like to see the Community Centre being built whilst she is still alive.

Pastor Chris explaining to Gogo Ngema what is planned for this site.

It looked like the rains were going to stop the work but thank God that He allowed us to compete the task of clearing and levelling these site.

Curious onlookers! The children were fascinated by this big "tractor".

Land cleared - mission accomplished

MNCP Board Members Chris Parasuraman (left) and Pastor Chris Pilley (right)

Read this story of one of the many children that need rescuing.  This is from the Facebook page of Mama Ntombi Community Projects : Just this morning we are intervening in the life of little 9-year old Olwethu Shezi. We found her yesterday at our Wayside Sunday School in such a state of neglect. She came to Sunday School for the first time yesterday. We thank God that one of our Sunday School children invited her to come. Joyce Dlamini, who is one of our volunteer community care workers, brought her to our offices this morning, gave her a good bath and dressed her in some clothes that I found in our store room. 

I discovered, through Joyce, that Olwethu’s mother was a prostitute. When Olwethu was just one month old her mother abandoned her in the street with a note declaring that she wasn’t able to care for her child. Olwethu was rescued by the Social Workers and placed in a home. Someone told Olwethu’s father where his child was and he went to Social Services and was able to take her away to live with him and his mother. She was two months old then. Olwethu was enrolled at school when she was 6 years old but her mother then came and abducted her when she was 7 years old and took her to live with her in town. Her mother was a drunk and could not really care for her. Olwethu has only done Grade 1. Her mother sent out to beg in the streets and if she did not bring sufficient money home her mother used to beat her up. Someone informed Social Services again about her situation and she was once again taken to a home. Two years ago her father managed to get her back to live with him and her granny together with two other children born to Olwethu’s mother, even though they are not his children. It is believed that Olwethu’s mother is dead because there has not been any contact with her since 2010, but nobody is able to verify this.

Olwethu and her two siblings don’t have birth certificates. This is something that we need to rectify so that we can get them to apply for Child Support Grant. Her father is not working and their situation at home is really desperate. The Grandmother is sick and is not coping with caring for the children. Joyce says that there is no food in their home, no beds or even mattresses on the floor to sleep on. This child was covered in a dirty rag to keep her warm. 

Olwethu wants to be a Teacher. I have given her a colouring book and crayons and she is happy colouring in a picture of Joseph in his coat of many colours. I believe that God has great plans for her. We will support her all we can through the Lord’s help and your support and prayers. God is amazing and we give Him all the glory! It is such a privilege and honour to be His instruments of love and blessing in this needy world. 

Thank you for your heart of compassion for those who are destitute – especially the children…..

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” Mother Teresa

A further message for KAS from Mama Ntombi was on the photograph with the blanket : 

Blanket knitted by our dear friends at Knit-A-Square. Thank you so much! We are able to bless children like Olwethu through your kindness and generosity. 

Here are the photos of Olwethu, through the journey at Mama Ntombi, and finally, with the help of Knit-a-Square!  

A lovely message from the KAS Facebook page from Jacqui Grieve :

I want to thank all you wonderful people around the world who support this worthy charity. I am involved in a Catholic charity in Johannesburg and we support very poor families in a shanty town called Diepsloot. Because of your kindness I am going there today armed with loads of items. And when winter arrives, I will be able to give every single one of our families warm blankets and beanies. Bless all of you.

Another message from Jacqui Grieve on the KAS Facebook page :

Today, our Catholic charity group took one of your beautiful crocheted blankets to the knitting society we have started in Diepsloot, Johannesburg. With the wool kindly sent in by some of you, these ladies are going to copy the style of this blanket, and hopefully we will be able to help them sell them! After all, if you create work for a mother, you feed a whole family! Thanks again to all you wonderful people.

Pam, I received this message from Mama Ntombi's Community Projects and she asked me to pass this on and I'm not sure if it should go under the photo of Olwethu as well, over on the photos page: Mama Ntombi's Community Projects wrote: "Thank you for your prayers for Olwethu. This is what is needed most of all – for the Lord to intervene in her life. She has been through so much trauma in her young life. We trust the Lord for restoration and for His grace and favour to rest upon her. She is such an amazing little lady. Even though this was the first time she had come into contact with us, she was so confident. She sat there colouring in and singing and singing and singing. She has such a beautiful voice. The Lord has got great plans for this child. We will give her and her family all the love and support. We will start the process of making application for Birth Certificates for her and her two siblings so that they can apply for the Government Child Support Grant, currently R290 per child. Joyce will be going to the school this week to look at enrolling Olwethu in school for next year. Although she is 9 years old, she has only done Grade One because her mother removed her from school to start begging on the streets. We will also look at teaching them to start a vegetable garden. We would be pleased if you could pass on this request to other KAS friends to be praying for Olwethu and her family. Thank you for your love and caring support, most especially your prayers. God bless you!"

From the Mama Ntombi Facebook page: 

Dolls made from wooden pegs all the way from Germany by Sabrina Ebert and her Mother for the children at the various community settlements that Mama Ntombi help support.

Some recent pics from Mama Ntombi :

A tender moment on Sunday.

Olwethu is progressing through Mama Ntombi's one-child-at-a-time approach.

Olwethu receives a 'take-home' goodie bag from Pastor Chris Pillay

Sabelo and his family have been 'adopted' by a lady called Lisa - remember him in his school uniform?

Apples and sandwiches this Sunday.

Children receive soup packets to take home.

Children looking after their siblings.

From the Facebook page of The Stitch Witches :

And the WINNER of our Teddy Bear Competition is..... Sandy Pio She knitted 60 teddies and will received a yarn voucher to the value of R250.00 from "The Woolshop" in the Fountains Mall. We received over 320 teddies. A huge THANK YOU to everybody who supported us. The teddies will be handed out today at the Jbay Recycling Project and we should see lots of photos by tomorrow.



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