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Just found a seller in China that has 100 plastic needles for $8.99 U.S and free shipping!


The Auction I bought them from is about to end, but I think they will likely relist, here is the vendor id:


I am having them shipped to me first though, I want to see what they look like and make sure  they are a reliable seller.  (They have good feedback and are rated as a Top Seller).


Will post again when my goodies arrive, which will probably take about 2/3 weeks, yay!


They also have straight and circular knitting needles, stitch markers, stitch holders, crochet hooks and more that might also be helpful depending on what you are able to source where you live.

That is the supplier I used before and I had them sent to KAS Soweto Club and they got them ok. I ordered another box to be sent. It is wonderful as it does not cost me any postage.

Wendy, check with Ronda about this seller.  I sent her 200 of their longer plastic needles

in August and they are fine according to Ronda.  It took 6 weeks for delivery but the shipment did finally arrive.  At about the four week mark, I wrote the dealer and inquired about the

lengthy delivery time and heard back immediately  so communication with the dealer is very good.    Please post as to how many plastic needles the sewers are needing now so we

will know what is required.  Ordering from this dealer is extremely simple with Paypal and

the dealer does not charge any shipping costs.   Does KAS need  200/500/1000?  What

number is actually needed?  Going through customs takes some time so plan on a 6

week delivery.

I just sent my second box of 100 and first  box took almost 6 weeks.I was told they use the needles to hold the squares together when they are sewing them with the medal needles so that would take several needles to hold each square together  to ease then in to match for each sewer.

Just an update on the plastic sewing needles.

I received my parcel of needles today (21 October).  Only took 12 days from the time I paid for them to arrive, very speedy!

They arrived in a small but sturdy cardboard box and were packed in bundles of 20 in zip lok plastic bags, which was then placed in a small organza bag and then wrapped in bubble wrap for protection.  I am very impressed!  I will definitely buy from this seller again.

I will be mailing the needles to SA with my next parcel, which should be going out on the 27th Oct.

Big thumbs up from me for this eBay seller!


Message from Emma Long

just found your project earlier by the wonder that is Google! on my first square and looking forward to making lots more :)

Message from Melissa Sechrist based in Pennsylvania


Hey there! I just found out about this organization a few days ago, but I'm really interested! I work with young adults with developmental disabilities, and a lot of them really enjoy knitting. Sometimes larger projects are daunting for them, however, so just an 8'' square is well within their abilities! I've already got a few of them interested, so I hope we can help out in the future!

Message from Kara Robar :

I finished one sweater, and one toque so far, along with almost 20 squares! My goal is to be able to send enough squares for 2 blankets, plus half a dozen toques and sweaters by June, along with my own projects. My 2011-2012 chairty @ {LBK Creations} is you! Hopefully I can get some more people onboard. I will be posting about you weekely in the hopes that more people will join me!


and LBK Creations :

This year (2011-2012), I'm crocheting and knitting for a charity, along with my own projects and presents. My chairty is Knit-a-square, which is a non-profit organization for children in Africa. Please go over to their page and read more, or visit their website at to find out how you can help. I'm making squares for blankets, toques and sweaters. Want to help but don't craft? They also accept things like teddy bears and books. I will be sending things out in June, so let me know if you want to help!

From Mary Kristel Lokken (resides in Italy) on Facebook -  Mary, of course, is regular contributor to the Forum with her lovely crochet work and designs.


Confession time - I seem to really like to make hats. Sometimes I pick up yarn and crochet hook and a hat comes out of my hands. So now I have about 25... Do you want them? Should I wait until it's winter again in SA to send them? :-)

I have unfortunately spent more time buying wool this winter than actually knitting due to unexpected loads of extra work and the usual family committments, so have various projects (vests and hats) waiting to be sewn up. I think that like Mary maybe it is best if I keep these until about December/January and seamail them in time for autumn in South Africa. (Along with the 30 pr. of sox and bedsox that i bought and never got around to posting. )I will of course continue to knit squares and send them seamail to Africa so that those who sew them together can continue. But think that maybe Rhonda may not have room in her home to stockpile multitudes of hats and vests that probably won't be needed for a while. What does everyone else think???

Dear Bev, It is my understanding that blanket distributions take place all year-round, and, Ronda and her team try to provide a hat with every blanket, therefore the hats are needed at all times.  Thank for your concern about Ronda's stockpiled living room!  Have answered Mary's question on Facebook.  However, it is good that you raised the issue as other members may be holding back for the same reason.  

From Jupsi Mabbott on KAS Facebook page : 
Just thought I'd put the idea up here, I've already emailed Kalai, my boyfriend and I are going to make a downloadable PDF kids book in time for Christmas 2011, centered around KAS' work/children, hopefully to be available via donation. I just wanted to see how many people would be interested. :) - Jypsi. x



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