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Message from Laeta Smith (Maine USA) to her friends -  on the Kas Facebook page.


All you hook and needle folks out there lets give this a try.

Two new posts on the KAS Facebook page :

Rosemary Tricola - Minnesota USA : I joined Knit-a-square. If you knit or crochet, use your scrap yarn to create blankets for these kids--if you'd like.


Ruth Gritter DeMaat - Michigan USA : I just discovered your post. What a great project! I will tell my friends and gladly share some squares!

Message from Jypsi - Australia

I hope its ok, I added KAS to by full time employment as a 'full time knitter' so people will ask what that means, and I can therefore get them involved :)

Message from Sue Drury on KAS Facebook page :

An idea for the office!
We have a basket on a table in the Community House. In it is about 5 started squares, and a sign saying "Communal Knitting. Please sit and knit a bit"....and then some info about the squares and the children etc.
It is school holidays at the moment, so not many people through, but some have sat and knitted a few rows at lunch time. Hopefully it will take off properly next term, but others might like to try it too.

Glen Robert McKay wrote on KAS Facebook page : 

What a wonderful cause! The kids look great in their woolies ... and the colours are great. It warms the heart to see. Keep it happening ...

Message on Facebook from Gillian Peel - Rochdale UK

Today - Rochdale Unitarians bagged up 250+ squares to take to their nearest Jigsaw shop - and there are still more to come.

Gillian Peel

Message from Marisa Lynn Gibler - Idaho USA

Hi- my store is holding a K-A-S competition between the two local universities, and we hope to send a big box next month. Thank you for organizing such a wonderful charity!

Hi, Just having a look at this topic for the first time today and the note about the plastic sewing needles caught my attention.  It isn't just American contributors that can send these, I am in Australia and sent a dozen plastic sewing needles a couple of weeks ago.


They are a little harder to find here, but I got on the net and found a few suppliers that accept online orders and don't charge a fortune for delivery.


If any other Aussies are interested in this here is the site:  Needle Graphics:


or this is the specific page the needles are on:


They are $1.19 AU for a pack of 2 and I only paid $3.10 postage for 6 packs (i.e. 12 needles).  They are located in NSW.


I am also off to Canberra in about a week's time (large nearby town) and will see what I can find there too.  (I have not been able to find the plastic needles in my home town anywhere).


Hope this information might be useful to other Aussies!



Hi Wendy

I managed to get some from a Spotlight store, I don't know if you have them on the east coast. It was a while ago but I think I might have paid $2.99 for about 4 or 5. But got the best deal from my local wool cum fabric cum haberdashery store where I paid only $5 for about 27 needles (The lady there sells them loose. ) She kindly threw in a couple of extras when I told her what I wanted them for. Just have to get around to posting them when I send some knitting and socks...soon, (Seem to have been saying that for a while, but have been really busy with work and family. I just want to knit before summer comes!)

Hi Bev,


Yes there are Spotlight stores over this way, but I have a bit of a problem getting there.  The nearest one would probably be Queanbeyan (just outside of Canberra) and I don't have a car.  I can get to Queanbeyan by train, but apparently the Spotlight store there is not in the town centre but somewhere on the outskirts.  I would likely have to take a taxi out there from the train station which would probably be a bit expensive.  I think it works out better for me buying the ones I found online.


I am however going to Canberra soon and they have a Lincraft store in the centre of the town.  I am definitely planning on calling in there when I go, and am hoping they may also have some of the plastic sewing needles.  I will be bringing a big bunch back with me if they do!


You can order the plastic sewing needles online from china on E-Bay  and they will ship them free to S.A. They are a box of 100 for either $9.99 or $10.99 according to the length of the plastic needles. I sent a box and Ronda said they arrived . it took about 6 weeks for them to get there.

Hi Jan,


I tried eBay, but the only plastic needles I could find there cost $3 for 6 and they wanted $15 to ship 10 packs!


I will take another look though in case there might be some other vendors with more reasonable pricing.




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