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Please check out a couple of new photos that Wendy has put on Facebook and the Forum photos tab - they are delightful and you may even recognise some of your own efforts being worn!

A message from Ronda Lowrie :

Nearly quarter of a million squares received ... keep it up all you fabulous contributors out there ... we love you !! All the KAS SA team.

From Doona Henson, Australia

150 squares coming your way next week from the Sydney Knatter group! Knitting and nattering - wonderful combination.


[Christine Johnson (UK) has come up with a collective noun for a group meeting of knitters - a KNATTER ! ]


PS How about adopting Peggy Hyland's family friend- Ralph the Ram, as our mascot - go to photo tab to see this handsome devil.


Today I was fortunate to meet and volunteer with the Knit-a-square group in South Africa. It was awesome to see all of the donated squares from around the world. I felt the love! Thank you to everyone for helping with a wonderful cause!
From Annette Nanneman Widmer

Reply from Sandy to a comment on Facebook.

Knit-a-square wrote "Hi Jypsi. We have put in a major proposal to Spotlight for funding. While they were interested, I think the muscle of the bigger charities meant at the time we were not successful. However, with fundraising, persistence wins the day. I think we will have to wait until Save the Children has finished their current program which I understand is around October this year before applying again. We have also put in over 30 proposals to every major wool supplier in Australia and all the educational suppliers (with relation to KasKids - the schools program). In each case, we have been declined as our beneficiaries are in South Africa. We will not give up though, although at the moment we are not able to apply the time to this work that we used to. I do have a meeting next week with someone who has a contact in the department of Human Services in relationship to KasElders. We are sure that one day lots of doors will open! Thank you for keeping this top of mind for everyone. Just got to keep on trying. Sandy" 

Jessica Vassallo, shared the following yarn info USA :
Yesterday I picked up some great wool for my squares that others may be interested in- BIG W's (in Vic - not sure about the other states) are clearing knitting kits called "Mary had a little Lamb", "Three little pigs" and "Ugly Ducking" , each kit has two 50 g balls in vibrant colours. The packs are down from $10 to $1. 100 grams for $1 isn't too bad at all. Knits up really well (I used double knit as its 5 ply).
See the difference that direct action makes to the coalface groups who work so very hard to improve the lives of the children.  God Bless Oasis!
This is such a sweet video of Evelyn and Peter from Oasis. They were very happy with our donation of beanies, sweaters, KAScuddles, squares and needles. Love it!
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From Zanny Blew reported on FB a KAS Knitting Event supported by Daylesford Community Fellowship :


Today Gary Neuman (teddy bear and square knitter from Church) held a knit-along outside the local supermarket. We raised over $200 by selling donated wool - 6 100gm balls for $5 - and the teddy bears for $5 ea. We also met more knitters/crocheters enthusiastic about becoming part of the knit-a-square charity. We are to be interviewed by the local newspaper on Monday who were present taking photos.


Early in the day - but the knitters were at work and behind them all the teddy bears for sale at $5 each and many packets of 6 balls of 100gm brightly coloured wool for $5. We were wonderfully supported by the Daylesford Community Fellowship with Pastor Glenn doing a great KAS PR job.


Gary knits a square a day for the KAS charity - as does Zanny!

Message from Laura Bridges Pereira : Hi knit-a-square! My students at Chase Collegiate Middle School will be knitting all this semester.


Also : A few days ago our 2000th Facebook member joined, now up to 2023!


From Julie Syvertson Schmidt : Some of our nursing home residents crocheted 4 squares for you last week. And they are working on more!


From Phyllis Danko : This summer, our library Knit-Wits (Grades 3-5) knit squares. We used a KAS idea, putting a sets of needles by the adult check-out with a square we started. People stopped and added a row! Next thing we knew teens were coming in with their squares and adults joined in too. This summer program was awesome. End of the month, our package is off to South Africa with 50+ squares!!


Facebook Message from Sarah Lowe :


I will hopefully be getting the knitting club at my school to do this. Just heard about it and I'm excited to do this!

Facebook comment from Alina Bradford :


Love this idea. I'm going to spread the word and get to work!

Facebook comment from Catherine Nash :


Was asked to begin knitting for KAS 3 wks ago. I finished my 65th square this evening and I pulled another 20 skeins of colorful soft yarns out of my 3 room yarn stash ti keep me busy the next few weeks!!! I've also been busy recruiting knitters on my facebook page as well as my local yarn stores. Gotta love it and ya gotta live it!!! Happy knitting all!!!



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