Diepsloot Teaching session!

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News from Mama Ntombi :

Solomon is still making sacrifices by getting up so early in order to prepare the breakfast for the kids who start arriving from 6.30am! He really is a hero!

Thanks also to JAM South Africa!

News from Mama Ntombi :

Whilst in the short-term MNCP provides food and clothes to the destitute community we work with, at the same time we encourage sustainable projects such as home gardens that would provide nutritious food for households. This is Gogo Dlamini's garden at the back of her home where she planted cabbages, carrots, spinach, pumpkin, mealies and chillies.

News from Mama Ntombi :

The MNCP Team are delighted that Fiona and Mairi Matheson have offered to assist in helping two families at Ezinketheni.

Nzuzo turned 6 on 15th February 2015 but he is unable to go to school because he does not have a birth certificate. He is orphaned and is under the care of Mrs. Nokuthula Mazibuko who found him wandering around lost, lonely and hungry when he was 3 years old. 

Winnie is the second child that we are assisting. She is also orphaned and living with 76 year old Granny Zuma who has been caring for her since she was a child. Granny Zuma has leprosy and suffered a stroke, but despite this she has a beautiful garden and a spotlessly tidy home. 

Due to MNCP's representation the School has agreed to enroll Nzuzo but have given us three months to get his Birth Certificate. This will enable us to also assist His Gran to apply for the Child Support Grant and later convert it to the Foster Care Grant.

Similarly, a Birth Certificate for Winnie will allow her Grandmother to apply for the Foster Care Grant.


Solomon, Fiona & Mairi Matheson with Mrs. Nokuthula Mazibuko

The MNCP Educational Support Team give up two days to teach English at the Umsilinga Primary School. Thank you Katherine, Robyn, Solomon and Phila for your dedication and commitment to assisting the Learners in every way possible. Thank you for making the lessons so interactive, interesting and fun!

This part-photograph along with the comment was posted on Facebook today!

Comment : I've just been to the Johannesburg Mail HUB to go look for my parcel I have been waiting for, for 2 months since it arrived in SA.
There was no staff on duty, ok maybe two that wasn't really willing to help and nobody stopped me from walking into the Hub to go look for my parcel myself......this is what I saw when I walked in!!!!!! No wonder no one gets anything! Some people have been waiting since 8AM till 15:00 when I arrived without service. The staff is swearing one another and giving the clients grief telling them they are not going to go look for their parcel! It is absolute mayhem !!!!! I think I might wait another 6 months before getting my parcel...

Here are some pics of the class of Grade 3 : They're so adorable and cute! There were 58 children in class!! Thanks to Katherine our wonderful Teacher and the support Team - Robyn, Mikaela, Rita and Solomon.

The train goes from Oslo to Bergen - one of the most beautiful routes in the world!



Strikketoget har forlatt Oslo S, og alle pinnene peker mot Bergen. Vi ønsker de ferske strikke-entusiastene lykke til! Nå "legger vi opp" på Drammen stasjon, og Maria Skappel bidrar med gode tips!



Translation :

Knit train has left the Oslo S , and all the pins pointing towards Bergen. We wish the fresh knitting enthusiasts luck! Now " we put up " on Drammen Station, Maria Skappel contributes great tips !

From Mama Ntombi : To many of us we eat cake at last once or twice a week- or more often, but to these destitute children it is such a treat. Even the licking the cream off the box was such a delight. We wish you could have been with us to see the happy smiles on the faces of the children. They said the cake was so delicious and it felt like more but unfortunately there was nothing left for seconds as there were 170 kids! We even had a few Gogos who were with us and who also enjoyed the cake. The attached photos speak for themselves.
The Cake was donated by Charmaine Charles after a prestigious High Tea. Thank you Charmaine!

Sihle was really struggling with his eyesight and was not coping well at school. Thanks to Spec Savers he was given spectacles to correct his vision problems at no cost. We also bought him a new set of school uniforms and shoes and saw an immedate transformation in this child. Here are some before and after pics.

Ronda reported on her Facebook page on the 23rd : 

Waiting in the KasVan in Soweto for police escort into area where young pregnant woman was hijacked and murdered yesterday in front of her 7 year old ... Knit-a-Square is not for sissies !!!

Brazil - As Fiandeiras are still going strong :

Makeover season has begun! Today, a group from Oslo Kristne Senter in Norway ventured to Orange Farm to start work at Sizenzele ECD centre.

Thanks JAM Norway for making a difference!


One of the walls painted - what an amazing sight!

DAY 4 Where are we going, and, will you lead the way!

Is this the way?

The new 'school'

The Gogos celebrate !

Some of the JAM Norway Team

The new kitchen



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