Let's give Sandy, Ronda, Lindiwe, Wandile, Wendy, Kalai and the rest of the KAS dream team our appreciation and positive feedback for the latest edition of the Square Circle Ezine!  With our help and support it is hoped to produce a shorter, but more regular version to keep us in touch with events and inspire us to spread-the-word and get those squares arriving,  It was wonderful to read that KAS has also reached Nigeria and Zimabwe and even more areas in South Africa.


Please mention which stories you enjoyed and why - we need Sandy & Co to know that the global knitting community appreciate that they are at the 'coal face' of KAS and we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them.




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Thanks Kalai I have done that.

Sue, you can always read the ezine a few hours after it is posted here:  http://www.knit-a-square.com/Square_Circle-backissues.html  :)

Such a great observation Pam.  It is one of the miracles of this community.  You know I thought it would be easy to duplicate when I moved into the commercial world (silly thought!) but honestly, I so quickly discovered that if I wanted people to listen to me I needed to tell them the story of KAS.  People are utterly amazed by this story.  And about how it has changed and moved people all over the world in so many different ways.  That is the nature of a group working for a shared and owned cause I think.


In fact I just revisited a heartfelt blog I wrote about this. You may be interested:  The Very Beginning

Pam, thank you for what you wrote and your tremendous square effort! You read my mind - KAS really does spread love and support around the world. :o)

Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful feedback. Thank you x x x

I always find all of the ezine amazingly inspirational and wouldn't know how to choose a favourite bit! I don't mind how long or short it is or how often it appears because it always gives me a lift. There is so much negativity in the world and news today which depresses me, particularly all the stupidity that happens because things are or are not financially profitable, that it is wonderful to see how so many people are giving unconditionally of their time, effort, yarn and money to help improve the lives of these children. It restores my faith in human nature, which has been very valuable to me during what has been a very difficult year in my personal life.


Rob  :-)

Have just been re-reading the Ezine and looking at all the lovely pictures of the children.  Like others have said, it is so encouraging to see what a difference the work of KAS is making ... but it also makes us all so aware of the huge need for us to spread the word to others... I have a friend who said she is finding that knitting squares is helping her to cope with losing her husband and giving her a purpose again... I'm sure there are so many other stories like this one.  Lets spread the word again and again in 2012 so that we can help even more children. Thanks to you all there in South Africa and Australia for all your dedication and commitment to these little ones who ask for nothing but deserve everything!  Best wishes and love to you all.

It is so touching Grace to read how KAS impacts positively on the lives of those who are suffering and who find comfort in giving to those who suffer too.  Thank you for letting us know that.

Robert, you, me and I 'm sure many others too.  How wonderful that KAS can provide personal solace in difficult times.  Your contribution is greatly valued, thank you.

Ditto to everyone's comments.  I have just re-read the e-zine and was inspired from beginning to end by the commitment to helping the children.  I was especially touched by the school in the Caribbean.  These children have so little yet were willing to help others.

Thank you to all who contributed to the e-zine as well as those who have contributed squares.

"The state of Africa is a scar on the conscience of the world. But if the world as a community focused on it, we could heal it."  - Tony Blair, British Prime Minister, 2001


Dear LInda, such a wonderful supporter.  Thank you as always.  What a great quote from Tony Blair.  (PS I will be in touch soon!)

This is the first ezine I've read and I thought it was fascinating. Now that I know some of the stories about the people that we are knitting/crocheting for,  and that I've seen photos of the cute children wrapped up in their warm hats and blankets, I'm inspired to put more effort and time into knitting warm items for them. The story of 'Tommy' in particular touched my heart and I am very glad about the work that Hotel Hope is doing for all the children there. Great to see that the US Navy is helping out too; God really does use people from all over!



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