Let's give Sandy, Ronda, Lindiwe, Wandile, Wendy, Kalai and the rest of the KAS dream team our appreciation and positive feedback for the latest edition of the Square Circle Ezine!  With our help and support it is hoped to produce a shorter, but more regular version to keep us in touch with events and inspire us to spread-the-word and get those squares arriving,  It was wonderful to read that KAS has also reached Nigeria and Zimabwe and even more areas in South Africa.


Please mention which stories you enjoyed and why - we need Sandy & Co to know that the global knitting community appreciate that they are at the 'coal face' of KAS and we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them.




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Yes, another tear-jerker!  But so full of inspiration.  Thanks Andrea for sharing the impact KAS has made to your life, it demonstrates that the ripples created by KAS go further than any of us can imagine.

The photos say so much more and it was good to read the development of Hotel Hope.  It would also be wonderful if a much needed team can be created at the Cape to share some of the load.  The story of the feeding station where gates had to be closed on 30 people & children was almost too much to bear.  Glad that they will be first in the next feeding session.

Thanks Sandy, I know how hard you are working and finding time to put this wonderful ezine together must have meant you were burning the mid-night oil.


Thank you Pam.  You are as always insightful.   Yes some quantity of midnight oil, but like you, as I absorbed each compelling story, there simply wasn't a choice!  You all just had to know every little bit of it.  Ronda is such a great story teller.  The hardest part is leaving out stories, because time just could not allow. 

Fantastic Ezine!  Which bits did I find better than others?? Cannot answer that one. As Pam has said, so inspirational. I certainly enjoyed reading about all the work everybody is doing in South Africa and how much time people give simply because they see the need and how our own contributions, however small, can have such an enormous impact and how it is spreading.

Hopefully after March I can contribute a piece on 'Yours Live' 2012 along with some photos.

I would simply like to say heartfelt thanks to everybody who, in whatever way, makes a contribution to this great cause.

We CAN make a difference!

Carol, so pleased that we could acknowledge your UK groups contribution.  These KasCreche contributions have really made a huge difference to keeping things happening in SA. Thank you so much.

I'm sure I speak for all of us when saying it was our pleasure to help  :)

Where do I start?  If I ever find my enthusiasm waning just a little (it hasn't yet) the one place I know I will find renewed motivation is the ezine archive.  How could anyone not be moved by the stories of the children, the creches and the distributions?  I was thrilled to learn about the creche that the UK group has sponsored; I was moved to tears by the description of the food distribution in Tshepo and inspired by the pictures and captions of Hotel Hope.  The articles written by contributors from around the world really sum up the benefit and pleasure we all get from our involvement in KAS - a wonderful innovation and one that I hope will continue.  


I never cease to be amazed by the energy and commitment displayed by Ronda and her fabulous team of volunteers in South Africa.  It's extraordinary to learn that, despite the lack of funding, KAS continues to expand and spread its influence beyond the borders of South Africa, seeking out children in need of warmth and comfort.   In this fast moving world where time always seems to be at a premium, Sandy, Ronda, Lindiwe, Wandile, Wendy, Kalai and many others give so generously of their own precious time to make all this happen.  Without them, there would be no KAS and many children would still be cold.  Their actions and devotion deserve our support.

Elaine has just summed up my feelings exactly. I thought I probably was not alone in sometimes feeling a little less committed than I should but the answer has always been the same - I needed an ezine. They never fail to fire me up and this one is no exception. The pictures are wonderful as always and I totally agree with everything that Elaine has put so well. Thank you all for your time, energy, love and inspiration.

Christine, as one of our best ever supporters I cannot tell you how happy that the commitment to get that ezine done and sent, has re-fired you!  Yay!  We need you and many thousand others like you!  You have been truly remarkable, thank you on behalf of all those babies that are warm because of your generosity.

Elaine, I am so DELIGHTED that you read the ezine archives.  I too revisit them and am always blown away by what has been achieved.  But most importantly, I have to say without YOU ALL, there would be no KAS.  We are as one really!  Thank you for your kindness.

Well, I don't know about a shorter ezine - what a wonderful lot of news and pictures.  It is amazing that KAS has done so much in a relatively short time - and the enthusiasm and support generated is heartwarming.  Like Andrea I find that KAS has changed my life and the life of others in so many ways.  I now get given a huge range of clothing and toys which are passed on to charities and a women's refuge here if they are unsuitable or too expensive to post to SA.  A local knitter told me this week that KAS was her lifeline - she is confined to the house looking after a disabled husband and said she would go mad without having KAS to give her a purpose and I know many of my knitters feel they are valued and have a purpose in life because of KAS.  It was a thrill to see my Border Angels mentioned in the ezine - because I can circulate it all to them and it will just add to that feeling of being needed and appreciated.  So KAS does so much more than even all the good it does in SA - it spreads love and support around the world.  A million thanks to Sandy and all in Australia and all the family and helpers in SA who have started this wonderful knitting family - the good you all do is immeasurable and has made a difference to so many lives worldwide.

I am busy packing up another big load of squares coming via Jigsaw with the help of Pam Antink and her brother.  All of my contacts have been beavering away to take advantage of the wonderful offer and it is so exciting to see all the squares. 1700 have gone via Jigsaw so far and another 1,000+ will be on their way mid December.

Love to you all

Its lovely to read everyone's feedback but as usual I have been directed back t o subscribe to the ezine. I really can't find how to do that. HELP !!!

Sue are you trying to subscribe? Sorry if that's a stupid question but I couldn't work out exactly what you meant? Anyway, if that's what you're trying to do, here is the link: http://www.knit-a-square.com/knittingforcharity-ezine.html

All you have to do is enter your email ddress in the little box on the right hand side and your name and you're away.

Let me know if you need more help x x x



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