This discussion will focus on KAS distributions made between July and September 2021.  This is the coldest part of the year in South Africa.

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How wonderful that these distributions are still being made, even if conditions are more difficult.   Thank you to everyone for taking the photos and videos.   It really is fun to see and hear the event.   

I can't help but add that I spotted two of my blankets in the last distributions, which is always such a thrill.  Thanks again.

Here are more photos from this distribution to Soweto on August 24.

From Athele:

Bringing colour and comfort to brighten the lives of these very economically disadvantaged children. One blanket, beanie, cuddly toy, pair of handwarmers, biscuit and an apple at a time.  Estelle McLeod and I are So grateful to all who contributed to make this KnitASquare distribution to 71 vulnerable children in Diepkloof, Soweto possible. Just in time for the last big freeze this weekend, before we can welcome Spring. Special thanks to Lister Nyembe who stretched his very precious resources to the maximum to bring these folk from his community together and for keeping us safe while we did our bit.

Blankets, squares and toys from the following contributors are pictured above: Wendy Hardy & Mum, Mili Kus, Heather Regenass, Sharon B., Cathy Riley, Joy Evans, Jayne Clifford, Judith Rose, Athele, Estelle, Vivienne, Melanie of the Misfits,

Marion Davies, Karen Gordon and many more.  Thank you for your support!

Sights from around this distribution.

So happy to know that my PJs are part of this distribution!

I enjoyed your Podcast episode, Joy. Really pleased you've seen some of your PJs in a blanket, and such a beautiful one.

I’m so happy that Kathy and I get to see the little elephant pillows we sewed in the hands of children.

2nd photo from the bottom, it looks like a couple of students have their soft toys tied on their backs using their blankets, like mothers would with babies? Or am I misinterpreting the photo??

So many beautiful blankets. I hope the children are warm at night with them.

You are exactly right Sadie.  Such a great way to carry beloved items and still have your hands free.

So the toys are precious to the older children too? 

Every time I see distribution photos, I wish I didn't need to work and could spend all my time making squares!!

More from Athele and this distribution:

Although KnitASquare’s primary aim is to reach the smallest and most vulnerable children in our impoverished communities, when we do distributions through folk who have targeted children in desperate situations we don’t discriminate against the bigger children. They are in many ways just as vulnerable and often the primary care givers themselves, coming as they do from single, incapacitated in one way or another parents or no parent households. Don’t be misled by the fact that these bigger children are clean and well presented in their uniforms. Often such homes have sacrificed a great deal for the uniforms which are generally on closer inspection ill fitting or threadbare. So grateful to everyone who made it possible for Estelle and me to warm this handful of children before the big freeze this weekend.

More blankets and squares from Ada Breeuwer, Sharon B, Clear Lake United Methodist Church, Marion Davies, Heather Regenass and the Misfits, Athele, Estelle, Cathy Riley, Wendy Hardy and her Mum and more.  There are so many fabulous color in this distribution!

Some beautiful blankets here, especially love the one in the second photo in the purples, greens and yellows, very eye catching. Gorgeous granny square ones as well.

I love to see children of any age in need, receiving a blanket. They deserve some love and care just as much as the little ones.

Tremendous - these children look happy...... and our crafting looks amazing x



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