This discussion will focus on KAS distributions made between July and September 2021.  This is the coldest part of the year in South Africa.

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Kate Ballenden, from Food Circles 108, distributed these blankets on behalf of KAS at the Sophiatown Paychological Center in Bertrams Johannesburg. 

Thank you Kate as we know that temperatures are reaching 0C.

Great that these children will be a bit warmer at night now - it must be very hard knowing how great the need is and having to watch out for the violence as well as the Covid-19.  We know you ae all doing everything you can.  Please stay safe.

There is turmoil in South Africa in mid July.  Ronda has found a gentleman named Paul that is willing to deliver blankets to those in needs.  He loads up his truck with KAS goodies and Ronda prepares soup and sandwiches for distribution.  This is not the normal way that KAS distributes blankets.  Current nighttime temperatures are near -4C or 25F.  There are children that desperately need KAS blankets.  Here are some photos and notes from these distributions.

Ronda collected 21 blankets, beanies and scarves from the KASbarn on Tuesday, July 20, and then made soup and sandwiches, with a devotional page inserted in each parcel, for KAS Outreach. Our amazing Paul, his girlfriend Raquel and friend Rocky did a great job last night in Alexandra Township. As you can see from Paul’s videos we included bread rolls, biscuits and sugar. We loved Solomon and the dear old man with his sarmies. We appreciate everything you are doing Paul, you’re a STAR.

These blankets were made by Ana.

thank god for people like Paul and Rhonda! 

Another night with Paul.

It is good that the blankets are being distributed.  Nice to see that the dog came along to help - and I hope Paul stays safe while doing this.

A distribution made by Wandi at Leratong Daycare Center.

Good to see that some distributions are still taking place despite the Covid restrictions. So many people in need.

Thanks ,Wandi, for the lovely photos of your distribution. It’s always great to see the children wrapped up nice and warm in their blankets. I see a square from Chris in the last picture 

Vivienne and Themba loaded up the KAS Van with 70 blankets, beanies, hand-warmers and more this morning, then headed off to the Mmabana Day Care School in Soweto.

Thank you for all these touching photos of the children.

VERY happy looking children in these pictures.     Thank you for taking time to show us ♥️

Athele and Ronda loaded up the KAS Van on August 24 to distribute 71 KAS packages to children in Soweto.  Our trusty KAS drive, Themba got them there safely on their bean bag thrones, well they rode in the back and had to have someplace sit in the back of the van.

Right off the bat, they were greeted with song and dance.

Then the distribution of glorious blankets began.

Sloth from Marion Davies.

Squares from Cath Riley for two blankets.

Blanket from Wendy Hardy.

Our precious Themba fitting a beanie.  Estelle helping with a warm blanket made by Sharon B.

Toy from Judith Rose, and the blanket is made from squares from Clear Lake United Methodist Church.

Blanket sewn together by Liz Gyldenhuis.

Blanket sewn together by Athele.

Blanket made by the Misfits...thank you Heather Regenass.

Another blanket created by Heather.

Blanket from Linda Maltby.

Blanket sewn together by Athele.

Waiting patiently to receive a blanket.

Just look at all those amazing colors!

The trusty KAS Van is so dependable in making much need deliveries.

Thank you all for making this distribution possible.



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