You will notice that some of the photos have the children's faces covered or blurred. We are trying to comply with the wishes of the creches to keep the children's identities safe.  Thank you for understanding.

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On May 5, Bongi was able to make a small distribution of the KAS package; blanket, hand-warmers, beanie and a small soft cuddly toy.

Thank you Bongi for sharing these photos with us.

Bongi is one of our volunteers in The Barn and she is Leanne's driver.

Awww, look how they're staring at and cuddling their toys.  Thank you, Bongi, for sharing our love with these precious little ones ... xo

Great news and pictures,  thank you X

From Athele:

That’s the ten care bundles from KnitASquare for the ten new orphans of Kambazuma, and their kind courier - Lucky (the dude on the right) who came and collected them from me and will get them to Harare in Zimbabwe, at no charge 🤩🥰 So so kind of him, since space in their vehicle means money. On their way to you Tanja Komen. Thank you SO MUCH for handling it from here. Looking forward to seeing the pics, when you’ve been able to get out to the Centre and give them to the children, with our love.'

Over the weekend of May 8 & 9 Mandy was schedule to do a distribution, but she ended up with an injury.  KAS was blessed by friends willing to take on the task.  Here is her report and photos, with more photos to come.

Thank you Mandy, Julia and Gail!

Middleburg is about 180 KM from The Barn.

(Some faces are blurred for privacy)

I was all ready to head to an Orphanage in Middleburg when OOPs I had an accident and was unable to travel. Thanks heavens for great friends who took it on without me. The transport was all arranged to get blankets, beanies, toys and hand warmers from all the wonderful Knit-a-Square community around the world for 104 children who live in one of the coldest places in South Africa. You can see the delight on the little faces, children who have lived without parents and toys for their entire lives. Age didn’t matter, they were all as pleased as punch to have us reach out them. Julia Kane-Berman and Gail Kane-Berman were wonderful in all the assistance they gave, organizing the event and making sure that every child was looked after. Great to know, having just had a cold snap that these children will be comforted with gorgeous, beautifully crafted blankets. I just love the community that Knit a Square creates, the knitters, donors, sewers, square sorters and then those others who leap into to fray to offer their help to make this all work. Truly an international community. Thanks to all. More photos to follow.

Blanket by Chris Chiplen

Granny Squares from the Misfits in SA

Pink Squares from Jayne Clifford. 

Bright yellow blanket feature the year squares from Ada Breeuwer.

Squares from Patricia Underwood

Squares from Jill Lea

Mosaic squares from Gill Galo

Golden blanket squares from Cathy Riley

White and blue blanket by Sunel Botes

Another one of Sunel's amazing creations

I assume you're being modest, Amy, but the original caption to that blanket said Squares by AMY and Patricia! Always wonderful to see distribution photos.

I was bless to see 2 blankets and many squares of mine in this distribution.  Happy dance and feet for sure.  Your squares were the perfect compliment to the blocks I made.

First time I've seen one of my blankets wrapped round a child - happy dance happening here!!

So happy for you Lesley...more pictures coming...

That's brilliant, Lesley - an amazing feeling!

As promised...more photos.

All the orphans were delighted with their gorgeous blankets, beanies handwarmers and toys from Knit-a-square. Difficult to maintain order amongst the excitement I hear!

Detailed photos of Chris' blanket

Blankets all stacked and waiting for new owners

Grannies from Cathy Riley

The star is from Croatia and on a very thick square.  Athele sewed this blanket together.

Blanket from Sunel Botes

Oh my goodness YES the children in these photographs do look jubilant, and why not I say??    Just look at all the colour, warmth and comfort on display!    A sure joy to behold, thank you X



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