This discussion will focus on KAS distributions made between October and December 2021.  Spring has arrived in South Africa, but the nights are still quite cold.  Remember these children do not have heat.

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Wandi went out for a distribution on October 19.  Here are some photos from this distribution.

I believe the first photo shows the blanket put together with some of my squares and with my monkeys in the centre. I hope they make the little girl smile!

So glad you were able to see these squares wrapped around a child.

I understand they are still having some very chilly nights in South Africa.

Thank you for these precious pictures X

Mandy ventures out to Diesploot on Saturday, October 23.  

Here is the first of many reports and photo grouping from this distribution of over 250 blankets and goodies.

It started with a phone call from Sidney on Wednesday, he had 280 children from his organization and a local soup kitchen needing blankets.

Estelle McLeod was as always a superstar to open the barn so we loaded the trailer with all we could manage 300 blankets a Knit a Square record Estelle tells me.

We headed off to Diepsloot with the Merc also fully loaded with beanies, toys and 5 adults to do the distribution. Rick Dallas from Gulf Capital visiting from Dubai came to help us along with Yolande Ainsworth Taylor, Ali McLeod, Natasha Samuriwo.

We were fortunate to have a gated area to park in with the 280 children waiting for us. Fortunate because news travelled fast and before long there was a throng of mothers and children trying to get in and be included in the distribution.

We were able to include a few extras having taken as many blankets as we could carry. In fact we gave out 302 blankets, it was windy and very busy! Despite the children being assured that we had blankets for all 280 they pressed closer and closer, nearly suffocating Yolande!!

The delight on their faces once they left with their spoils was so lovely to see, often they thought they were just getting their photo taken and would try to walk off without the blanket we had photographed them with!

There are so many photographs to post, will do them in batches gradually over the next week or so.

An amazing testament to the wonderful women who make this possible from all over the world, thank you all for you love and generosity that goes into knitting squares for us to give these little children blankets.

Oh I've got goosebumps reading this + enjoying the pictures.    It makes my day.   Thanks everyone ♥️♥️♥️

It's a two-way thing - we get so much pleasure back from reading reports like this. Thank you to all involved.

More photos from Mandy and this distribution.

The little children in the Diepsloot community who were given blankets, toys and beanies from Knit a Square, they were thrilled to get them, although often a little overwhelmed and only really started smiling once they had been wrapped in their blanket and ushered aside. I think they were a little scared of us as all in masked to keep within the Covid safety rules, so they can’t see us all smiling as we gave them out.

Here is a touching report from Athele on a small distribution she made near her home.

A very local little KnitASquare distribution, but one that really touched my heart and left me feeling so privileged on so many levels, not least of which that I labour with love for an organisation that gives me the means to give Something of comfort to vulnerable children when I see them. This little destitute family have taken up daily vigil on the busiest corner of my hood. For the past couple of months one can’t leave the area without passing them.
Yesterday on the way home from KnitASquare bluebird laden with goodies I could give them each a great big fluffy toy and blanket. We’re having a surprisingly chilly Spring so they were especially overjoyed.
The oldest and youngest girls have such a strong spirit and ready smile, their daily existence pains me. The little chap is very subdued and seems sad and kind of out of it. Mum speak hardly any English. But the big daughter seems really bright. I wish I knew the terrible tale that brought them to this corner begging for means to exist but I dare not ask since I don’t have the means to solve. All is had was warmth and comfort and colour. I hope it helps.
The big girl was bouncing the Teddy on her knee when I drove past.
Later when I drove past them again all the blankets but one and all the toys had been stashed away.
I’m sure it doesn’t help their need for food to look to comfy and with gorgeous toys in the arms. All so darned heartbreaking

Oh I'm weeping.    THIS is why we commit + do what we do.   Thank you for showing us ❤️

Living in a small English village, I can't imagine what it feels like to witness such poverty so close to home. Bless you, Athele.

Some pics from the distribution that Vivienne Molefe did in October at Safehouse, Sebokeng Zone 13.  This is about 60 KM from The Barn.
Blanket from Wendy in Australia.  She named it Rainbows and Unicorns.
Another blanket by Wendy called Sublime.



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